I’ve been an Alliance player from the start, bc I thought all Horde players were assholes for killing me all the time when I was trying to lvl. Now that I have a blood elf lvled up to the max, I can say that Alliance players are even bigger assholes :)

-Syn: I play both factions and I would also argue that Alliance is made up of more assholes, marginally. They don’t even kill you, they just go out of their way to ruin your day.

Legend Of Korra MMORPG!

hey folks! i got big news! we’re proud to announce that a Game we’re designing will be most biggest news ever for PC. the game is in concept stages.

Reviews from friends:
“A vast and vibrant world is yours to explore in the latest installment of Legend of Korra” ~ Jake

“One of the biggest and most vibrant games ever for the PC.” ~ Sammy

Cinematic Scene:
[Player] looks to the stars, dreams of exploring the world, to become a Bender. who will you be, a hero or villain? (a choice you make will affect the world around you)

Player arrives at Republic City, he/she will begin to explore the city until a trouble unexpectedly happens. a gang of benders is terrorizing innocents, threatening to destroy their business.

Choice =
Hero: Player step up to them, telling them to leave these people alone, one of gang members snicker then punches player in the stomach for playing “hero” player gets up and turn the gang member who punched player around, player punches that member in face pretty hard.

rest of the gang members gangs up on player, allowing innocents to flee. player is down and taking beating. suddenly the gang members are thrown up in air by earthbending.

as they hit the ground, they are immediately held in place by earth. player is still unconscious but you hear voices of the benders who came to your rescue. (the cinematic scene part during this) Avatar Korra and the team check on player, takes him/her to Air Temple island.

you wake up as Avatar Korra is looking down at player. says, “hey, you okay? you took good beating by these guys. don’t worry about them. they’re been arrested.” player sits up and groans in pain, rubbing his/her neck. Avatar Korra says, “that was very brave thing you did for them, nobody could have done that the way you did. they’re grateful for your help.” you jump up then groan in pain as you fall to your knees. Korra says, “take it easy, you just woke up. you need to rest. Katara tended to your injuries.” Korra helps you back into bed then you rest in for night to recover.

this is small information of what’s in the new game.

Logo: Made by Cassandra Saturn
Platform: PC
SP Mode: Single-Player/CO-OP of three for SP. open world exploration, jobs, side jobs, quests, side quests, homes to own.
Multiplayer Mode: Online, 64 players in open world exploration, missions. Cooperative play is included for those want to work together to complete missions and more.
Vehicles: ground, air, sea are available to own.
Release Date: unknown.

Any Questions? please post your questions to our ask page here. thank you.
~ Cassandra

Black Desert Online is having a special offer atm, so ya’ll might wanna check it out if you couldn’t afford it before here.

They’ve made their Starter Package available again, at a cool $9.99, and even have gifting options for those who’d like to get a friend in on the fun, and be rewarded themselves for their kindness.

I actually had an idea for a minimalist MMO where the main focus is exploration and user-generated communities.

Your player character is A tiny little pixel person.

The main gameplay elements is done using little robotic helpers called Botas. The Botas are kinda like Pokemon. They’re mostly how you interact with the world, how you fight monsters, how you gather resources, build stuff, and explore.

The players can either craft their own Botas, or buy them from in-game shops and other characters. Some Botas are very expensive, and require a lot of resources and a lot of player cooperation to craft.

The game world is made out of lots of hexagons where the players can build their houses and store their loot. The different hexagons are of different terrains, contain different resources and give different advantages to the players who use them.

Each hexagon can be either available, free, or claimed.

Free hexagons are ones no player or group can own.
Available hexagons are hexagons nobody claimed yet
And claimed hexagons are hexagons somebody planted an ownership flag on.

Once you plant an ownership flag in a hexagon, you own it.

In order to maintain ownership, you must pay a tax (in in-game money) every so often.

But there’re different levels of ownership. Level 2 ownership is more expensive, but it gives you special perks.

You get to decide which other players can plant their Level 1 ownership flags in your territory, and 80% of their ownership payments go to you instead of the game bank.

Similarly, there’re Level 3 and 4 and beyond, each of them cost more but can cover all of the levels underneath it.

This is so things like towns and cities and nations can form with their own hierarchies of who owns what.

However, individuals can only own Levels 1 and 2. In order to own higher levels, you need to form Entities.

Entities are like corporations or alliances of players that can include or exclude players, and own properties. Entities cost in-game currency to form, but it’s a 1-time payment.

Entities are the companies, city councils, governments and nations of the in-game world. Thus, they can’t own property like players, and can only have Level 2 and up ownership flags.

Of course, defending your flag is up to you. Hostile players can attack you and remove your flag by force. That’s how conflicts form.

One Player’s Nine-Year Journey to Open a Locked, Secret Door | VICE | United States
It took someone nine years to unlock a long-hidden secret. But once they did, that player disappeared and took the answers with them.

In the online MMO Tibia, there’s a door with a simple message: “You see a gate of expertise for level 999. Only the worthy may pass.” This week, a player named Kharsek passed through that door. It took him nine years to build up enough experience to hit level 999. But once he passed through the door, Kharsek disappeared, and took the secrets with him.

This mysterious door has been one of Tibia’s more reclusive secrets since it was added into the game in 2005. For a long time, the developers told me, there was nothing behind the door. It was a joke shared with the community, an amusing “what if?” meant to remain unsolved.

On a secret.