Guild Wars 2 Introduces Daredevil, the Thief Specialization -
The latest Guild Wars 2 specialization has been revealed. The Thief is a staff wielding daredevil who leaps around the action in melee range.

It’s official: Guild Wars 2 have revealed the Daredevil as the Thief’s elite specialization!


New history article: In 2001, Electronic Arts launched Majestic, an ambitious conspiracy theory alternate reality game that anyone could play, 15 minutes at a time, as an alternative to the other MMOs that demanded a huge time commitment. It had smart ideas and reflected the changing world of digital information. But it was rejected by the typical fans of high-profile games, ignored by its target audience, probably expensive to run, and suspended almost immediately after its release because of the September 11 attacks. What a fascinating failure.


Intended as a personalized ongoing event for adult audiences that didn’t enjoy gaming’s typical epic-sized power fantasies, Majestic might have heralded a new direction for the entire medium had it succeeded. Instead, it imploded almost immediately. The game cratered despite launching at a time primed for an evolution in cross-media entertainment, and although no one has attempted anything in its scope again for good reason, many ideas it tackled have become almost fundamental in digital media.

Majestic is not responsible for that. Its developers saw a future of online participatory storytelling, but this game was not its starting point for a litany of reasons. The world wasn’t ready for Majestic, but Majestic wasn’t ready to take on the world either.


Dragomon Hunter is an epic blend of Pokemon and Monster Hunter, in which you set out to defeat and tame every single Dragomon in the games large and diverse world.

As you progress through Dragomon Hunter’s world you’ll fight monsters, level up, collect valuable materials and craft powerful equipment and weaponry.  Characters have three different skill trees, allowing you to unlock different attacks and abilities. Players can experiment with different builds as much as they like, as it’s easy and free to reset skill points and stat points.

Equipment and stats are all fine and well, but to successfully defeat different Dragomon, players must observe their behaviour and look for weaknesses before taking them on. The fast, fluid combat offers great feedback and makes battling enemies a blast. Once they’re defeated you can tame them and even use every single one of them as a mount - all 100+ different Dragomon, including air and sea creatures.

The vibrant world of Dragomon Hunter is a joy to explore, packed full of beautiful scenery and varied wildlife to defeat and tame. Can you tame ‘em all?

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This literally made me lol.

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