after party - Ian (nsfw)

Request: Ian eats you out and someone catches you in the act.


He roughly pushes you onto the bed and you fall on the soft mattress with an ‘oomph’. Ian does not let you rest, as he climbs on top of you, pinning your arms above your head and kissing you desperately on the lips or wherever he wanted to. You both feel this way, filled with tension and need, unfulfilled. You craved his touch after so long of suppressing the desire. Well, it wasn’t that long, to be honest—the whole five hours of the party has been enough though. You couldn’t resist his longing gaze, his suggestive tone and lingering touches…It has been too much.

You both knew what needed to be done.

Sneaking away from the main group, you go upstairs, into Max’s own bedroom. You don’t care about anything else as you’re kissing fervently, hitting walls on the way and making a lot of suspicious noise, clinging onto each other’s clothes in desperation. Wanting to just shred the intruding fabrics that were in your way and get straight into skin on skin contact. You both don’t care any longer about the consequences. The only thing that matters is the intense attraction between the two of you, the hunger that consumed you. You had to let it out—it was too much pressure. You wanted Ian more than anything…

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“Mmnngh, Eugene,” Rapunzel whimpered. Usually, they were so careful! But he’d gotten a little carried away this time, and she could feel the sharp (but somehow delightful) prickle of pain as a bruise sprouted under his lips.

Once he released, a devilish if slightly sheepish grin in place, she gently prodded the spot. “I’m going to have to wear a scarf tomorrow, aren’t I?”

Dark Fate Yuma Dark 04 Translation

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-Scene: Castle Bedroom-

Yuma: Ahh, hell. I’m bored… …

Hey, you got any way we can kill time?

Yui: I haven’t had time to think about it… …

Yuma: Agh… …so booored… ..

*Yuma Leans Up Against Yui*

Yui: (Why’s he leaning against me!?)

Yu, Yuma-kun! You’re a bit close… …!

Yuma: Because there ain’t nothing to do. I’ll just use you to kill time.

*Yuma Starts Touching Yui*

Yui: Agh… …! I-It hurts!

Yuma: You’re a bit hard, but you’ll make due for a cushion… …

Yui: If you lean on me like that, I’ll get crushed… …!

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Dark Fate Yuma Maniac 02 Translation

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-Scene: Village Streets-

Yui: (As a thank you to Merz-san for letting us stay, we’re out doing his shopping for him… …)

(But I don’t know this area very well, which makes shopping a real challenge… …)

Hey,  Yuma-kun. Did we get everything Merz-san asked for?

Yuma: Yeah. C’mon, let’s hurry back.

It’s as hot as hell out here… …

Yui: Alright… …

Ah, how about we buy some ice cream!

Yuma: Do you got money for that?

Yui: Merz-san gave me some money to use.

Yuma: Really? Well, wanna get some then?

Yui: Yeah! Uhh, what kind should we get?

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teotheyordle  asked:

Teo hobbles into the room, both hands held on the small of his back. "Mmnngh, Ewan, do you know anything about, uh, back pain?"

“Eh? Well, of course. Travelling around has proven to extend my knowledge of healing.” Curious to as to how Teo was injured, he beckoned for the yordle to come over. “Is it around here?” he asked, as he lightly pressed the small of the Teo’s back. “What happened? Do you know how it started?”


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