The dorm room was quiet.  Too quiet, so much so that the only interruptions seemed to be the husky breathing of the blond boy, and the gentle gasps of the Irish lad.  

“More,” one said.

“Are you sure?” the other replied.

“Please.”  And Jim Moriarty never begged.

The darkness concealed them, hiding them.  Sebastian’s hands played delicately like a harpist over the contours of James’ frame.  Touching delicate dips in skin, riding along the bones of his sides, exploring in ways that sent shivers down James’ spine.

“We… we can’t tell anyone,” Jim managed, his voice uneven.  A sharp gasp from James told Sebastian that, in the darkness, he’d found what he was looking for.

“I know,” Moran whispered, his lips finding the crook of James’ neck.  Suckling there, he drew a bruise to the surface of Jim’s skin and earned a second gasp from the plump lips of the Astronomy and Physics major.

Sebastian was the captain of the rugby team - and, according to his mates and family - a lady’s man.  But hidden in the darkness of his dorm, he belonged to a small, pale boy from Dublin.

“More?” Sebastian asked.

“Please.”  And Jim Moriarty never begged.

ronanlyncx  asked:

okay 1. congrats on 1k you so deserve it!!! and 2. i was wondering if you could write the part in tkm when neil gets taken by his father's people in andrew's pov ???

short answer: MMMYES PLEASE!!!

long answer: i have homework due in my spanish grammar and conversational spanish classes tomorrow. and i have to correct a test i maybe got a 74 on for a better grade, so i can’t right now. but BET i will omg. i have so much to write prompt wise and i have a 10-15 page paper due at the end of april i haven’t even started. someone murder me (i’m jk last semester i wrote a 13 page paper the day before, night before, and day it was due i am GOOD under pressure. read that as a hopeless stressed out mess but capable as hell and good at BSing. the paper was on LGBTQ+ representation in ya literature for my communication theory class; specifically in the raven cycle. my professor told me i could rewrite it and publish it in the school journal, i said i’d rather die than look at that paper again for at least five months. missed opportunities /sigh/)

i will put it on my list and i swear to you i will write it. if you want to bug me about it until i do i don’t mind at all.