“L-l-lemme lay this out for you all b-because you don’t seem to be getting it. All this ‘heartless’ talk? I-iii-it’s superstitious bullshit. You know wh-what ha-AAHH-ppens when someone ‘loses their heart’? They fucking die, and since Mmmo-OORR-ty here clearly isn’t dead, I think it’s safe to say there’s some logical, reasonable scientific explanation for this all–which also means there’s a scientific way to fix it, alright?

“Aa-and jesus, Jerry, would you stop flinching at the sight of your own son? As long as he has this collar on, h-he–he won’t attempt the scientific equivalent o-of sucking out your soul. He’s–he’s basically a dumb puppy with this thing on, so relax.”

~Rick and Morty from Dimension 997-QR

(Yay new AUs!)

  • baby: m-m mmmo.... mmm
  • mom: mommy? are you trying to say mommy?
  • baby: mmmmost people think that during bilbos journey with all the dwarves that gandalf or thorin cared most about him when in fact every single time he went missing bofur was the one to ask where bilbo went, and when bofur went missing bilbo was the only one to ask where he went. people seem to forget how much bofur cared about bilbo and his well being
  • mom: holy shit