i want a bullet journal so bad. nothing makes me feel better than pretty notes and organization featuring doodles bye

Fandom Ambient Noise Videos

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Okay I’m getting a little miffed about this

Stop shoving your headcanons down people’s throats! Just because you have a headcanon that is widely accepted by a fandom, that does not give you any right to start coming up to people with differing fandoms and saying it is wrong. Back up and reevaluate what’s important here. Your headcanon isn’t any more or less canon just because the fandom agrees with it.


Assassin’s Creed III Appreciation Month!  ❤  → Week 1

Favourite Overall Character


it’s fanart that got me reading @arcanebarrage’s Hang The Fool, so it’s fanart i’ll produce for it. they’re real scratchy but anyway, we got the obligatory title drop scene but mccree suffering from ptsd hurts me a lot so i had to draw that obviously hah a