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You Heard Me. Take. It. Off. (Lafayette x Reader)


I figured I would do this one before the others because I tend to write better with Lafayette, and my past few imagines have not been as good as they should be. (And my Jefferson smut is my most popular imagine, you sickos ;) full on smut this time. This is the first time I’ve ever written a sex scene. Please don’t hurt me.

My dearest (Y/N),

     My deepest apologies for being called into action at such an unfortunate time the last day we saw each other. I was in such a rush I did not even have the chance to kiss you goodbye. I would like to make this up to you, my love. Please meet me at my office today at 4pm, sharp. Dress accordingly. I eagerly await your arrival.

                                                                           Fondly Yours,


Frowning at the letter that had been slipped under your door early this morning, you wondered what he meant by “dress accordingly”. You had slipped on a scarlet dress and quickly hurried down to his office. You knew he didn’t want you to be late. Lafayette hated waiting. 

“Miss (Y/N)?” the receptionist called out.

You stood up at the calling of your name.


“Sir Lafayette is ready for you.”

You thanked the receptionist, and hurried down the hall towards his office. You saw the large double doors in sight. Approaching them, you took a deep breath in. Were you ready for this? Is this what you wanted?

You exhaled. Yes, yes it was.

You knocked three times on the large, white doors. You were ready.

“Come in!” a familiar french voice sang.  

You pushed the door open, revealing the elegant room inside. Lafayette’s office was a large room, big enough to be a venue, complete with marble floors, an expensive-looking main desk, large windows that stretched up to the ceiling, and a long meeting table sitting in the middle of it all. Not that you expected anything less.

“(Y/N!), my sweet,” Lafayette started as he approached you, grabbing your hand and kissing your knuckles. “How have you been?”

“Wonderful,” you responded, eyeing his getup. A navy coat over a white shirt and white pants with brown boots. His wild hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail. Sure, he looked the same as any other revolutionary, but something about Lafayette was undeniably sexy. Whether it was his confidence, his voice, his accent, or his body, you didn’t know. But you began to experience the feeling of lust you felt when you first laid eyes on him.

“And how are you?”

“Ah, business has actually been pretty stressful lately, it has been taking a toll on me.” He smiled before continuing on.

“But I feel much better now that I found myself a little kitten to play with.” he flirted, gently caressing your cheek with his hand. He ran his thumb along your lip, and you kissed it in response. He smirked.

“I want to play…” you confessed, looking innocently up at him and blushing.

Oui, bon chaton,” he breathed, dipping down to softly kiss you. His lips were soft and warm.

He then stood up.

“Pardon me for a moment,” he said as he walked over the the double doors, pulling them shut. He reached into his coat pocket and brandished a small key, sticking it into the door and twisting it. You heard the lock slide into place. No going back now.

He strutted back over to you, then began to back you up onto his desk.

“Now you’re mine,” he whispered, sending a shiver down your spine and slightly turning you on.

To your surprise, he didn’t kiss you or touch you. Instead, he took a few steps back.

“Remove your dress.” he commanded.

You gave him a strange look.

“Marquis, we’re in a public office. Wouldn’t you rather go someplace a little more priv-”

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.” he reinforced.

You hesitantly obliged, reaching behind your back to undo the zipper, and removing your arms from the sleeves as you slid the dress off. 

You now stood before him in a matching set of white lace underwear.

“Ah, you want to impress me, no?” he smiled as he ran his hand along the lace of your underwear.

“I know what you want, kitten.” he purred. “You need only ask for it.”

You responded by wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him passionately. He seized the opportunity to reach his hands behind your back and skillfully unclasp your bra, and sliding it off you. He bent down, hooked his arms around your legs, then gently lifted you onto the desk, before cramming his tongue into your mouth. You swirled your tongue with his, fighting for dominance. He suddenly parted his lips from yours, and stuck two of his fingers in your mouth. You sucked on them passionately, never breaking eye contact with him. He grinned as he them removed them from your mouth, and pressed them to the cloth middle of your panties. He them rubbed them along the cloth, up and down, successfully stimulating you. You grabbed your panties, and began sliding them down your legs, with Lafayette’s help.

His fingers then returned, slowly sliding them up and down over the skin before rubbing circles over your clit. You arched you back in pleasure and moaned. He continued this, picking up the pace as you gasped and moaned, waves of pleasure washing over you. You felt yourself become wetter as he then slowed down his pace, leaving you wanting more. He then removed his fingers, admiring how sticky they were, before shoving them into your mouth again. You sucked on them once more, bobbing your head up and down. Once he believed they were clean enough, he lead the two of his fingers play with your clit a bit more, before he slipped them inside you. You gasped at the sensation, then moaned as he began pumping his fingers in and out of you.

You began to lower your back onto the desk as he continued.

In and out, in and out.

You melted into his hands.

In  and out, in and out.

He then suddenly removed his fingers from you, causing you to whimper at the sudden loss of stimulation. You then stopped when you realized he was unbuttoning his pants, undoing his zipper, and taking out his-

There was a sharp knock at the door.

You both looked over at it, both mortified and confused.

“Who is it?” Lafayette finally called out.

“General Washington.” the voice called back. “Please, this is an important matter, can I speak with you right away?”

“Yes, Sir! One moment please,” Lafayette yelled back, currently kicking your discarded clothes under the desk.

You looked at him, panicked and unaware of what to do.

“The desk,” he whispered. “Get under the desk!”

You hopped off the desk, ran to Lafayette’s chair, and slid into the space beneath it. Luckily, the desk had slabs of wood on the other three sides, making you well hidden from Washington. You listened as Lafayette buttoned his pants up and made his way over to the door.

They greeted each other, then began talking to each other. You were too far away to hear what about. Your body froze as you heard footsteps approaching the desk. 

“I think I have it filed here.” Lafayette explained. Lafayette quickly sat down at the desk, blocking you from Washington and framing you with his legs. He opened a drawer, and picked up a manilla folder.

“This may be it, sir,”

“Thank you, Lafayette.” you heard Washington’s voice on the other side of the table.

All went silent as Washington reviewed the papers. You looked up at Marquis, seeing his legs and his quite obvious boner. You smirked out of pride. Then an idea popped into your head.

You schooched a bit closer to Lafayette before carefully undoing his buttons and zipper. Sure enough, his boner sprung out. You gently removed it from his underwear, before giving the head a light lick. You felt him shiver. Washington continued reading the paper, completely oblivious as you sucked on the tip of Lafayette’s shaft, as he grew harder yet. He was obviously trying to stifle a moan. 

“So, Lafayette, would you make any adjustments to these?” Washington suddenly asked.

In one swift movement, you took his entire shaft in your mouth and began bobbing your head up and down.

“A…..aaaahhhhh would not, no” Lafayette tried to respond.

“Should Hamilton proofread these?”

You ran your tongue up the underside of his length.

“mmm-mmm–mmmmmm aybe….”

“Are you okay, Lafayette?” George asked, concerned.

“Actually I feel a bit sick,” Lafayette lied, trying to explain the moans.

“Ah, I see. I’ll be going then.”

You vigorously sucked as Lafayette bid farewell and wished Washington luck. Once he was in the clear, he looked down at you, still happily sucking.

“You just can’t help yourself, can you?” he joked, grabbing a fistful of your hair and pushing himself into your mouth, taking over the rhythm. You swallowed around him and let him throat fuck you as he rolled his head back in ecstasy, beads of sweat forming on his brow.

His breathing hitched.

“I’m gonna…cum.” he breathed. 

You tore away from him, before standing up, sitting on his lap, and pushing his length into you. You both moaned and you ground your hips together, pushing into each other. His hands traveled down to your ass and grabbed it while you rode him, while you sucked tenderly on his neck. You felt an oncoming orgasm, and blissfully rode it out as you rolled your hips along his. He could not take it anymore, and finished inside of you, letting out a deep groan as he did. You then leaned into him and tenderly kissed his lips, as he kissed back. That was the best sex either of you had ever had.


You zippered the back of your dress, cleaned yourself up, and tried to learn how to walk again. 

“Well, I suppose this is goodbye,” you told Lafayette, who was reorganizing the papers on his desk.

“No, you will always come back, amour. Come kiss me goodbye.”

You giggled as he walked towards you, and pressed a loving kiss to his lips. Those lips. You would never tire of those lips.

“That’s a very bold statement to make.” you said as he finished kissing you.

He raised his eyebrows. 


“That I will always come back. Aren’t you worried that I’ll fall in love with someone else and stop seeing you?”

He chuckled.

Non, a kitten always finds her way back home.” 

Yang: Gosh, why does everything always involve someone storming off from the group?!
Weiss: I have an opinion on that.
Ruby: Yeah, I bet you do.
Weiss: Shut up Ruby!
Ruby: Weiss!
Weiss: Ruby!
Ruby: Mmm!
Weiss: Mmmmmm!
Yang: Sometimes, I wonder if you two aren’t mad at each other, and you just think it’s funny when we get worried.

London Loves A Speeding Heart

A Chris x Ella Oneshot.

Summary: Premieres were never honestly easy for either of them but at the end of one premiere, Chris and Ella get to know one another better and realize that maybe such events aren’t that bad after all.

Warnings: Fluff. Lots of gifs (I apologize in advance).

Note: Hiiiiii!!!! Sorry this has been coming forever but i had midterms and i was super busy. Hopefully this is good and as always comments are well appreciated :)

I apologize in advance for the vast amount of dialogues in this one. I wanted to reveal more about Ella since you guys know very little about her.

Also, if you have any requests or ideas, please please send them in.

  Requests are Open!!!! 

I’d love you for it :)

Originally posted by discovergreatbritain

I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect. And it’s these things I’d believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn’t all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything.”  (F. Scott Fitzgerald)

Ella’s P.O.V

God bless Catherine de’ Medici for making high heeled shoes mainstream. If she hadn’t worn high heels back in 1533 for her wedding, then these beautiful little shits wouldn’t be so prevalent - and Ella wouldn’t have sore, bruised feet. She hates heels. Vehemently hates heels. And the sad thing is she usually has to wear them: at premieres and red carpets and press conferences and interviews and galas and parties and and and. She wants to just remove her shoes and feel the earth beneath her feet. She wanted to hold his hand and hear his voice and just be. But sadly, her life had different plans. And so here she was: at the London premiere after-party for Civil War, surrounded by hordes of celebrities and journalists and just everyone. And this was exactly why she couldn’t go see Chris because no one here knew about them. No one knew their secret and, in reality, she reveled in the thought that she had something that was completely, purely hers. Theirs. No trashy comments or judgements or anything tainted their relationship and she loved that. But the press tour had been long and lengthy and all Ella wanted now was Chris and to go back to her normal life here in London.

“… is so fucking cool!” Sebastian’s voice says next to her, “Like, have you seen that shot? Man it’s…” and his voice tunes out once again. Ella sighs inwardly. He’s been talking about this movie he saw yesterday for an hour now. Renner, standing opposite her, starts talking to Elizabeth about some politics shit that she frankly couldn’t care less about.

“Whatcha think ‘bout that Francis? You two cool?” Mackie questions.

“Who’s cool?”

“You an’ Chris.”

“Mackie, we’re always cool. Why?”

“The boy is starin’ at you like a hawk that’s why…”

Turning around Ella caught Chris’ eye and looked away. “I’m sure he was admiring Romanian Adonis here.” She nodded towards Sebastian. The group laughed and Ella thought this was the best moment to excuse herself, seeing as they were all so distracted.

“Uh, excuse me, I need to go find… go… somewhere for a moment”

She’d barely taken a step when she heard Renner say “You going for some fondue?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know Renner.”

Damn Renner.

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