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Time And Relative Demension In Space

“Brilliant! Fantastic! Molto bene! Great big universe packed into my brain. You know you could fix that Chameleon circuit if you just tried hotwiring it into the fragment-links and superseding the binary— binary— binary— binary— binary— binary” ~ Doctor-Donna

indie rock experimental psychedelic rock progressive jazz

Alright. Finally done! Will upload it to the website’s main jscript viewer later tonight, after i catch some of that rare Seattle sun. 

As a head’s up, next two months" stuff will be non-sequential, partially in a shameless bid for more hits, and partially to give me time to get together something much more substantial for the fall. stay tuned!

placeholder for this month’s story. closing in on finishing the colors…

The theme this month is Hunter:Prey .

One a day, Hunter:Prey .

Day 1: Like a lot of these characters, I think this guy could read either way, and like most of them, I have my own personal ideas of their platonic functions. lemme know your impressions tho, i’m curious:)

…as  a heads’ up, I’m thinking of doing a story based on a few of the more popular ones from this months project come late fall, so message me or like or whatever.