♡ Angry Luke Smut w/ Visuals (Request) ♡

A/N: ITS HERE!!! iya this was an anon request for an angry luke smut w/ visuals, so yea, wasn’t sure how to go about this but i hope y’all like it (sigh, i feel like everybody needs angry luke sex tbh)

warnings: ofc smut, nsfw images so if ur not into that then keep scrollin’, lots of dirty talk n rough sex here ok ok 

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lana del rey could write a song like, “my jerk actor husband let satan rape me in my sleeeee hee hee heep 🎶 i spend my days in a frightened daaaze 🎵 in my beautiful bright white renovated victorian apartmeeenttt 🎶 la la la la renovated victorian apartment mmmmmhm yeah *falsetto* satan is my baby daddy” and tbh i would just be like omg yes girl me too!!!

kronosaquarii-deactivated201701  asked:

I'd like to see more of him and Mituna before his accident. I mean I have the feeling Mituna was a douche with Cronus but after things changed between these two. Of course I admire Cronus a lot even if he dresses like a greaser. Also I love your blog! The best blog ever about Cronus!

boy oh boy these two sure are the bestest of friends. 

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THE 2Ps ON 4/20
  • 2P!America: ayyyee China hook me up with some of that pot yo
  • 2P!England: Don't do drugs, kids! They are bad for you and you will D I E
  • 2P!France: eh whatever *switches out cigarette for a blunt*
  • 2P!Russia: only stupid people do drugs.
  • 2P!Italy: heh, just for today~ *pulls out a fancy device made for smoking marijuana*
  • 2P!Germany: *high a'f* bLAAAAZE ITTTT
  • 2P!Japan: I never thought watching you kill your brain would be so amusing.
  • 2P!Canada: *casually taking hits from Allen's joint*
  • 2P!Romano: Nuh-uh honey I'm keepin' it classy mmmmmHm
  • 2P!Austria: Oho yes I am so hiGH...... oFF liFE
  • 2P!Prussia: No thank you.......

Leliana: “I still remember when you were fluffy.”

Mordred: ??? “Fluffy?”

Leliana: “Mmmmmhm.”


The greatest trick the Devil has ever pulled was making y'all believe me when I said Mordred was always edgy. THAT was the fluffy Sten had to believe was going to save Ferelden and all the world from the Blight.

12 Days of Sanvers Christmas, Day 3

Day 1 | Day 2

Alex Danvers was not one to turn down a challenge.

Even when the challenge came in the form of a very romantic date idea from her very romantic girlfriend.

“I didn’t even know National City had an ice skating rink,” was the first thing she’d spluttered when Maggie had asked her off hand if she’d like to go skating with her on Holiday Music Night.

The second thing she’d said had been “I’d love to go, babe,” because she knew by now that Maggie’s off-handed way of asking things often meant that something was really, really important to her and she was embarrassed, or scared, or scarred, into assuming that the other person would find it stupid.

And she was happy to go, happy to learn why ice skating was so important to Maggie; happy just that Maggie wanted to do things with her, still in awe that Maggie liked her enough to want to do things with her. Date her. Kiss her. Ice skate… with her.

Which led to the challenge.

Because Alex Danvers had never been ice skating.

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askiceboundlopunny  asked:

Okay at first I came for a fire bun. Because I love a good lopunny. Then I learned about said bun and thought "Ooo! This is gonna be interesting" The writing is good too! So ye. Is good blog and I stayed for good blog. The mod is also a great dude too! :]

((But the real question is? What’s gonna happen if Tsubayuki, Linda and Blayz become like the next PowerPuff Girls or Totally Spies? Then what? or even the Next We Bear Bears! WILL IT BE INTERESTING THEN ORMIN?! HM?!

Nah You know I”m just messin with ya! You’re a great dude too my man! Just.. try not to laugh yourself into a concussion again okay? Winkey Face~♥

Ps: Mmmmmhm~~~♥ Want some Popsicles?))