Reasons I love Reach
  • you’re on a human colony so even tiny doors!!!!
  • brODSTs that are super helpful
  • competent marines
  • elevator music
  • you get to fly with gunny buck!
  • clumsy people tripping over you
  • FEELS (you all can burn with me)
  • cool easter eggs. like, you get to fly a phantom!
  • secret chiefo
  • it actually kind of feels like you’re a spartan
  • A+++++ characters
  • assassinations
  • even the guys have nice butts
  • watching the planet get glassed :)))))
  • i saw a corvette do a u-turn, then kick on the glassing beam i shit you not
  • NPCs getting grumpy when you bump into them
  • kat/carter flirting madly
  • six???? offering to give emile, jorge’s rival, his tags?????? like for real
  • emile
  • the shotgun reloading animation ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • six’s firefight voice (the female’s laugh, man)
  • rad armor abilities (drop shield, anyone?)
  • cool looking armor
  • the color scheme/art style

reach, man. I could go on about it for days

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