i do not get why people lump all the “antagonists” into slytherin beCAUSE HONESTLY NAH

alright loook

we got peri-snot, who’s obviously a lil fuckin ravenclaw. shes analytical, intelligent,a lil bit weird, and a rambler/know-it-all. like, slytherin??? no, that’s for driven, self-reliant, and ambitious people tbh. peri-not a real self reliant person 2 me. nah, ravenclaw are lil shits, shes a lil shit, she a ravenclaw

then jaspurr, who, without a goddamn-doubt-in-my-mind, is a hardcore fuckin gryffindor. shes blunt, shes brave, and she’s unafraid to act on instinct/change of mind. like, how much more gryffindor can you get?? 4 real, slytherin?? nah, nah, theyre subtle. theyre perfectionists. theyre wise and quick to think. u try to tag subtle on jasper and i will have a bone to pick w/ u

and lapis. sorta antagonist, sorta not, w/e, who cares. but she is total slytherin. and i s2g anyone pin me w/ “but she not evil!”, slytherin aint evil.  she is manipulative, she is subtle, she is ambitious and self-reliant, she is driven, she’s prepared and realistic and she is unafraid of ur shit. she a gr8 slytherin

i aint doin YD/BD, cause honestly we havent seen enough of them yet. but nah. at least 2 of our original antags aint slytherin. naaahhhhh