Hey, Taylor!

This is Sona ( outofthe1989woods ), Elise ( wildest-dreams1989 ), and Cate ( iwrotedownoursong1989 ). We have been friends and swifties  since we were 8. We hope you like our costumes and posters! We will be seeing you on August 15th in Santa Clara (the day before Sona’s 16th birthday!!!). 

We decided to create jackets with home-made patches representing different swift things! Some of our patches include; the bad blood emoji, pegacorns, a polaroid camera, and koi fish. Our shirts are a collage of our favorite moments from the 1989 era, including your paintings, your favorite emojis, social networks, and the New York City skyline. 

Our posters are Lichtenstein influenced, complete with lots and lots of glitter. 

We will be sitting in section 103, row 26, seats 1-3 at the Levi’s Stadium concert on August 15th. 

See you then, 

Sona, Cate, & Elise

While I’m on this not-entirely-explicable Sardonyx kick, I’m sure this has probably been pointed out before but none of her four eyes are actually on her face, they’re all on her glasses.

So what happens when she takes off the glasses? Of course there’s no hard and fast rule for fusions or anything, but if that fifth eye she “should“ have had is anywhere, I like to think it’s actually what’s behind the shades.



 “Mm?” Her head then turned at the feel of her right hand being held and tugged. Lower lip jutted out in confusion, Robin parted her mouth for a question.

 However, only a silent gasp slithered through once Chrom pressed the back of her hand to his lips.

 “I love you…” Eyes fluttered shut, he pressed another kiss; and another, and another. “Promise me you won’t leave me…” Her hand slowly traced upwards across his face, nuzzling his nose before sliding up to his forehead. Both his hands held her right hand, thumbs softly brushing the slightly callous skin of her palm.

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