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leia organa or leia skywalker?

i remember when i was a little girl i always wanted to call her leia skywalker and i couldn’t understand why she was organa and not skywalker…but that was when i was like 7 hahaha 


to me she’s both…she’s anakin’s daughter so she’s a skywalker but she was raised by the organas, they’re her family so she’s also a organa too. unlike her brother, she was named by another surname and she lived with it for many years and she still does (even in the eu she is leia organa solo), she didnt want to adopt the skywalker surname bc probably she reminds it to darth vader, her father. in the eu anakin’s ghost appears to leia, and he tries to talk with her but leia says that she doesnt want to see him anymore….but probably she wanted to keep organa bc that was the name of the family that loved and raised her for almost 19 years???

but also let’s remember that even padmé didnt adopt the skywalker surname when she got married with anakin (ok they had to keep it in secret) lmao

what do u think about this guys?.

a vague list of nebulous projects that may or may not ever happen, but which i can’t get out of my head


  • giveaway fic with andraste & shartan for thegeminisage (i stg i am going to get this done & you can’t talk me out of it)
  • hurt/comfort where hawke steps on one of those bear traps in a cave
  • hawke & fenris get married; later they have a wedding at skyhold
  • exceedingly domestic fluffy hawke & fenris sleepy fic set late act 3
  • another chapter of georgette-heyer-inspired regency fic?
  • hurt/comfort where either hawke or fenris are briefly controlled by a blood mage & have to fight each other (only problem is jade already did it and did it better)

short/medium-length (10k-40k)

  • sequel to on waking with fenris readjusting to real life, hawke readjusting to fenris, leda adjusting to throwing knives
  • continued work on hawke’s journal (definitely due for an update)
  • extremely iffy kmeme fill with very specific hurt/comfort
  • further vignettes/longer scenes from pretend married telepathic secret spy au (100% domestic cheese; carver runs a gym, bethany is in social science research, leandra is livid with hawke for sudden marriage but also desperately trying to welcome fenris into the family, it’s awkward and great)
  • mermaid au where fenris is a fishman and hawke makes deals with witches

long (40k+)

  • royalty au where fenris is the guard-captain come to get hawke to marry prince sebastian (only problem is i really just want to write the very beginning and end and none of the middle) (i have those bits pretty much finalized in my head already) (also all the hawkes are alive)
  • dragon age de bergerac
  • twist on an old kmeme prompt where act 3 fenris tries to get his pre-ritual memories back but loses his post-ritual memories in the process, & everyone has to help him get them back (only problem is pretty similar to current project in tone, & again i only want to write the beginning and end)
  • hawke who screws everything up dies in the final battle with meredith and is thrown to an alt universe mid-act-1 where the twins made it out and older hawke didn’t, tries to fix her mistakes the second time around

zero guarantees, but any super-strong preferences?

I made a coke cake for my brother’s birthday. I actually used Pepsi for the batter because I’m not a Coke fan and I didn’t want extra Coke around.

I added a cup and a half of soda to a box cake mix (vanilla) and baked it at 350 for 30 min. Then I iced it in white and wrote in red. But it’s more pink because I couldn’t get it any darker…