Brrrr. It’s thirty degrees out this morning. But I guess it’s no Hercules or Snowmaggedon. And since the gym ain’t coming to me, I guess I should get out there and start this year off like I promised myself I would.

Yesterday was the first day of Operation Stop Eating Like It’s Your Last Meal. So of course we have the world’s most fabulous brunch buffet/retirement party for one of my favorite co-workers. I was sad to see her leave, so I had to drown my sorrows in amaretto fruit dip. Hey, I ate fruit! Besides, it’s rude not to eat at a big work celebration right?! Particularly when the nice folks in my office went to the trouble of making gluten free AND regular pancakes. Jeesh.

I got home early, so Finn and I decided to walk to the library. As we stepped off the porch my neighbor says, “Hey, do you guys like cheese? I have a whole bunch of Cougar Gold cheese. It’s delicious, but we’ll never eat it all.”  So Finn says to me, “I ate a carrot last night for a snack, mom. We have no food in the house. Take the cheese!”

So who can pass up free street cheese? Certainly not me. It was a rich, white cheddar. I tried a little bit of it, and it was amazing. But it was cheese after all, and cheese doesn’t have to try very hard to be amazing. It’s like the Ryan Gosling of foods.

So TODAY! Today is the day for the real start.

Scott got up early to get ready for a wedding show that he’ll be at all day. I started reading in bed, and he walks in with a plate of eggs. “Want some eggs? They have just a little bit of cheese.” I give him a bit of a side eye, and he says, “Oh yeah, no more food in bed. And the cheese. I forgot. I can take them back.”

Hold it right there, mister. I told Scott that when life presents you an awesome free brunch spread, free (gourmet!) street cheese, and a husband who brings you breakfast in bed you don’t turn up your nose. That’s just bad karma. Now gimme those eggs.

After all, It’s all about portion control. And I did a very nice job of controlling my portions both yesterday and today, if I do say so myself.

So now I’m off to get back into my gym routine. And my goal is to cut out cheese, but I’m not making any promises.

Because when life gives you free street cheese, you your husband’s gotta make cheesy scrambled eggs.