A group of teenage girls in school uniforms giggle as they share crepes topped with candy and chocolate sauce and oozing hazelnut Nutella. It’s a Saturday afternoon and the girls are at the new Nutella shop in Jerusalem’s Shuafat Palestinian refugee camp.

The scene is rare in this densely populated and impoverished urban camp. The potholed street outside the café is tense and crowded, as a group of little Palestinian schoolboys fight alongside zigzagging traffic.

But inside the shop, it’s bright and quiet. The décor is an ode to Nutella, with a localized twist. The walls are adorned with large photos of the café’s special hazelnut crepes and waffles, while a chocolate fountain bubbles by the counter, alongside a passage from the Quran. There’s also a picture of a headless woman in an “I love Nutella” tank top carrying an Arabic sign reading “If Nutella was a man, I’d marry it.”

Shuafat’s Nutella shop in Jerusalem is the latest in a series of similarly named cafés that have also popped up in the Israeli-occupied West Bank over the last two years. With unemployment and poverty widespread and a political malaise afflicting everyday life, these cafés provide female and family friendly spaces where people can enjoy and access a globalized craze that’s seemingly normal — unlike much else around them.

In Jerusalem And West Bank, Nutella Cafes Offer A Sweet Refuge

Photos: Miriam Berger for NPR


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