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If Bleach characters and The Simpsons characters met...

As requested by kawaiikyoichigo. :)

Let’s say that Bleach characters encountered the characters from another, very different animated show - namely, the Simpsons! What would those conversations be like?

1. Smithers and Telsa

Smithers: I feel that you and I share certain - lifestyle choices.

Tesla: What

Smithers: We have both found ourselves possessing certain unavoidable feelings for men of power who may or may not ignore and abuse us.

Smithers: Let us share a hug.



2. Mr. Burns and Szayel

Mr. Burns: So let me get this straight. You have created a renewable energy source by eating your employees?

Szayel: Uh sure you could put it like that.

Szyael: I build ‘em, I eat 'em. It all works out.

Mr. Burns: Smithers! Let us put 'edible employees’ onto the next meeting’s agenda!

Smithers: Wonderful idea sir.

3. Homer and Nemu

Nemu: Hi. I’m looking for toxic sludge. I heard there’s some in this power plant. Can you point me in the right direction?

Homer’s Brain: She seems a little young to be asking about toxic sludge.

Homer’s Brain: But then Lisa is young she always asks for the right things.

Homer’s Brain: And this girl is older so she must be smarter than Lisa!

Homer’s Brain: You should tell her!

Homer: Toxic sludge, first door on your right.

Nemu: Thanks.

Homer’s Brain: You deserve a donut.

Homer: Mmmm…..donut….

4. Maggie and Chad

Maggie: [pacifier noises]


Maggie: [pacifier noises]


Maggie: [offers pacifier to Chad]

Chad: I knew we were bonding.

5. Sideshow Bob and Gin

Gin: Look man, I get it. Living for revenge? I am all about that.

Sideshow Bob: How nice for you.

Gin: And I am a fan of creepy. Creepy is good.

Sideshow Bob: Are you implying that I am - creepy?

Gin: All I’m saying is that stalking and trying to murder a small child is just - it’s too far.

Gin: You are a bad person.

Sideshow Bob:

Sideshow Bob: Luckily I don’t listen to men who refuse to open their eyes.

6. Ned Flanders and Unohana

Ned: Howdy there, neighborino!

Unohana: Go away before I slay you.

Ned: Okily-dokily!

7. Bart and Aizen

Aizen: Hello. I heard that you are a tiny psychopath.

Bart: There’s some debate on that point.

Aizen: I see.

Aizen: Do you enjoy making trouble?

Bart: Sure.

Aizen: Do you like bringing people down a peg?

Bart: Do I!

Aizen: Will you attempt to overthrow me?

Bart: ….would it be hard?

Aizen: Yes.

Bart: Then nah. I don’t think I’d bother.


8. Patty and Selma and Bazz-B

Patty: You are a very attractive man.

Selma: And we heard you like fire.

Patty: You should choose one of us to date.

Selma: It will be 'smokin’ in more ways than one.


9. Krusty the Clown and Hitsugaya

Krusty: Hey, kid. I need a good photo to distract the press. Can you smile or whatever while I hand you this balloon?

Hitsugaya: …I’m not a child.

Krusty: Yeah, whatever. You look like one. Smile like you like balloons for Krusty!



Krusty: Geez. Does white hair make you melodramatic or does it go the other way?

10. Lisa Simpson and Nanao

Nanao: Hi there. You seem smart. Do you want to read together? I promise I won’t turn into a hollow and get forced into exile thus disappearing from your life for 100 years when you are particularly young and impressionable


Lisa: I think I hear my mom calling.


Nanao: Did I come on too strong?

11. Moe and Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra: Hello, human.

Moe: Hello…..guy.

Ulquiorra: I hear this is the place where humans come to 'drink away their despair.’

Ulquiorra: I wish to experience this. Tell me the method.

Moe: Drink this beer until you forget why you’re sad.

Ulquiorra: And that works?

Moe: Just look around! See how happy everybody is!


Ulquiorra: Maybe I will give ice cream another try instead.

12. Chief Wiggum and Ichigo

Chief Wiggum: Hey you!

Ichigo: Yeah?

Chief Wiggum: Are you a teenage boy playing hooky from school while carrying around a massive unsheathed weapon?

Ichigo: Um………………….no?

Chief Wiggum:

Chief Wiggum: Okay just checking.

13. Grandpa Simpson and Yamamoto

Grandpa Simpson: People ignore me because I’m old!!!!!

Yamamoto: Huh. That’s weird.

Yamamoto: I’m the most powerful guy in the Gotei-13 because I’m old.

Yamamoto: Sucks to be you, human!

Grandpa Simpson:

Grandpa Simpson: I’m uninviting you to Bingo.

14. Marge and Tite Kubo

Marge: Hello, yes, I am Marge Simpson, and I just wanted to ask you a question.

Marge: Why aren’t there any mothers in your work? Mothers are very important.

Marge: But all of yours seem to be dead or missing! Why is that?

Tite Kubo: Because anime mothers must die. Especially if they have ponytails.

Tite Kubo: I like how you wear your hair straight up to avoid death.

Tite Kubo: That’s been working out for you. For such a long time.


Marge: This was not satisfying.

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Nice work on Splatfest there folks!  Great job to the awesome players on Team Cars!  That was a close one!  Team Planes certainly gave us a run for our money too!

This is also probably the LEAST salty I’ve seen Marie when it came to her team losing a Splatfest.  Makes sense too.  Donuts do have that kind of power.

Speaking of which, everyone in Team Planes and Team Cars, who wants donuts?!  :D

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