Edd- I know.

Edd- I over-reacted.

Edd- You don’t have to keep saying it.

Edd- I mean, if it’s really that much of a secret I guess you could just send it in another language and I could just translate it in google.

Edd- …Tom… and I are the only ones that know the password, and if he saw something that he didn’t understand or he didn’t like he would just skip over it or delete it.

mmmm considerring where blake ends up this volume and she appears to be with relatives, i wonder if when she said she was “raised outside the kingdoms” she meant she was raised in menagerie

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*Hearts giggled at the last part, nuzzling into his chest* Hehe, if you want to! Mmmm, you feel so nice. So warm....

“HEARTS FOR SHORT, THOUGH!” Papyrus said with a small nod. He really did like it when they hugged him like that. It made something in his chest very warm, just like they said, but… it didn’t hurt like the warmth had before. It was nice.

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Dan coming over to Ross and Hollys place and just chilling with both of them and giving them head kisses because they're both shorter than him and maybe Dan takes a look at all the birds and they all hate him at first but he loves them and they start to like him back, and Ross has to stream so he stops by for a bit just to talk to the chat and they're trying super hard not to be couple-y but it doesn't work


me: oh thats a cool picture of 76 i will reblog

artist comments: mmmm 76 sexy daddy 

me: heres my essay on why its morally acceptable delete artists comments,

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last movie you watched. i think pacrim w maddie??

last song you listened to. mmmm jack the ripper by mcr

last show you watched. atlanta !

last book you read. nat turner for a class

last thing you ate. lmao vegan ice cream rip

if you could be anywhere right now, where would it be? o god either philly or home i guess

when would you time travel to. o jeez like three years ago when the misfits played a free show on halloween but my mom wouldnt let me go ah

first thing you would do with lottery money. get some more sweet tats idk

character you would hang out with for a day. oO fuck i cannot answer this question for my sanity im having an internal war of panic rn theres too many but also im Afraid 

time right now. 4:15 pm 

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Hey man, I'm about to buy my first binder, any tips?

mmmm I mean like,,,none other than the ones you’ve probably already seen? don’t wear it for too long, take breaks, etc etc