Hey Leo :) my Pocky came today, yay! …all the way from Tailand, lol! The boxes were a little squished but it was okay inside. Strawberry is pretty good, but I actually liked the chocolate best. Thanks so much for pointing me to it! I’m sure I’ll be getting more, from the mall this time ;)

- - - - -

More then happy for pointing them out to you. You’ll become addicted.

I know I am.


I am so immensely happy, words cannot describe what I feel right now.

This is one of the clay figures I made for Mark at Indy PopCon. I made two, a mini Mark and the MMMM. I had made ones for everyone, but all except Mark and the MMMM were seriously burned. ((That’s why the butt is brown))

I don’t know if the MMMM got shipped or not, because it got separated from the box. I showed Mark at the table and he kept it up by him.

To see Mark so happy with what I made makes me feel so wonderful. I am so happy that I was able to create something that he really likes!

Thank you so much, Mark.

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Ermmm... Sorry, I have a question. If Romano and Veneziano are twins... Why in the last ask Veneziano is a baby an Romano a child?? Mmmm... Well nations grow up different, perhaps Romano develop faster than Veneziano or... ?????

[[ I think this is still a pretty common misconception in the fandom even if I don’t know where it came from (it’s been around for years)– but Romano and Veneziano are not twins in canon (or in this blog). Romano is the older brother! ^o^ It’s true that nations do age differently than people, but it seems Romano is consistently the elder brother in canon regardless.  I generally try to keep him about 3 years older than Veneziano on this blog. I headcanon that he’s about 4 or 5 when Veneziano is 1 but Veneziano probably grows up pretty quickly to the point where they only look a few years apart from then on. ]]


My commissioned pixel dragons from Pinfeather Pixels so far! The two first ones were made by Ginnabean and the three ones below from Toothiana. I suggest you hop on over to the thread and add yourselves to the pinglist if you haven’t already~

A little note though; All the accents and apparel were special extra charge requests! The shop doesn’t offer any of it yet on a regular basis.

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durin whump fic recs?

mmmm yes, my favorite genre… these are in no particular order.


Keeping Your Loving Brother Happy by Pericula Ludus - Fili whump, Kili angst. A+

Bad Blood by MistakenMagic - some Fili whump, Thorin angst. gripping.

Flushed by karmine - Fili whump (illness).

Insomnia by SamanthaBlue - Kili whump (illness). I read this one repeatedly.

And then by me, Italian Hobbit:

Ice and Fire - Fili whump.

Honor-bound - Kili whump.

Worth of a Life - Fili whump.


The Hands of the King by Wealtheow21 (2 chapters) - Fili and Kili whump, Totally out of this world.

Knapped Flint by inkling (14 chapters) - Kili whump. Intense. Spoilery trigger warning in the description on AO3.

Confidence Games by Chizwiffle (8 chapters) - Fili whump. Pretty good but will likely never be updated again. You’ve been warned.

A Prince’s Disgrace by Neocolai (16 chapters) - Kili whump. I think a little Fili whump too, but definitely Kili. The last 4 chapters are a sequel and I’m not sure I’ve read it, but the original is good.

The Legend of Durin and Return to Khazad-dum by Scribe of Erebor (47/46 chapters) - Whump all around. Kili gets an extra dose. LotR crossover. I can’t sing the praises of these fics high enough. I’m fairly convinced Scribe of Erebor is secretly Tolkien reincarnated.

Bring Them Home by MistakenMagic (19 chapters) - Fili whump. Probably the best fic in the world. If you read anything on this list, make it this one.

Taur-e-Ndaedelos by Mythopoeia (6 chapters) - Kili whump. I am pretty sure this one is complete but not 100%.

Brothers by Black Hawk (16 chapters) - Fili and Kili whump. A classic. I swear everyone’s read this one, and if you haven’t, you’re missing out. Man I need to read it again.

Embers by Neocolai (11 chapters) - Kili whump. Interesting ending.

The Mightiest May Be Slain by One Arrow by Pericula Ludus (2 chapters) - THORIN whump. Surprise. This one just started, but I’m loooving it so far. Unfinished.

And then by me:

Race Against Time (23 chapters) - Kili whump, with a little Fili whump thrown in.

Illusions (34 chapters) - Fili and Kili whump.

Lost in the Dark (6 chapters) - Kili whump, a little bit of Fili whump. Unfinished with plans to complete.

The Ghost of Erebor (9 chapters) - Fili whump.