Me: excuse me

Cashier: how can I help?

Me: I would like to buy mmmm everything please

Cashier: oh wow! That’ll be(some 3 digit number)

Me: my future daddy will be paying for this *grabs stuffies* cya!

Cashier: … hey!

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So a fruit taco is like a crépe?



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Omg dating Seth would consist of ???

mmmm woke bae

- going to punk/alt rock/metal shows together
- he tries really hard to keep you out of the pit, but you don’t give a fuck
- it takes about thirty minutes but you become that couple making out in the cheap little photo booth for the first opening acts
- until you hear the chords to your favorite song, then you’re off like a shot
- you begrudgingly accompanying Seth to crossfit gyms for workouts
- cuddle and massage sessions following matches
- shower sex, because multi-tasking, Seth is a busy, busy man
- cheering him on during Up Up Down Down tournaments
- only getting to travel with him sporadically
- sexts
- lots and lots and lots of sexts and nude pictures

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for people who don't have people in their lives to teach them korean do u think it's easy to learn❓

mmmm i don’t know❗️i think at least learning hangul on your own and learning to understand the written language would be the least difficult ! but as for speaking……. i think it would be pretty difficult especially if the only language u speak is english!!!! the sounds are SO different like the sounds for the vowels in english are especially harsh and vary but w korean it’s diff u know the sound for ㅏ (a) is always gonna be ah and there’s not gonna be other variations of it and even tho it’s romanized as “a” it doesn’t sound like “a”. that’s one thing i hate about romanization :/ it’s written in ~english letters but the sounds aren’t in english they’re still korean. so yeh i think pronunciation is gonna be a reaalllllll challenge if u didn’t grow up w the sounds or familiar sounds around u !!!! also grammar n sentence structure is different n will also be difficult! but honestly ppl self teach languages all the time just look @ namjoon❗️so if u try really really really hard and let go of english sounds then u should be successful

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"Why do girls only go for bad guys???" Mmmm idk I get pretty turned on when bear daddy whispers naughty things in my ear before motorcycling in the distance and knocks mailboxes along the way~ I mean better then a neckbeard that seems lowkey rapey and feels the need to be rewarded for everything he does and believes i should stay in the kitchen makin his gamer snacks



Online Fuckboy - Jaehyun

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Angst; Some Fluff?; Cheating; Comedy;

Part Four

*beep* *beep*

Waking up to the sound of the annoying alarm clock, you reached your arm to it and turned it off. “Mmmm, five more minutes”.

*beep* *beep*

Your eyes shot open with annoyance, realizing you had pressed the snooze button on accident. You got up. This time, you made sure to pressed the ‘off’ button. 

Finally, peace and quiet. You put the covers over your head and tried drifting back to sleep.

“Y/N~ Wakey wakey eggs and bakey~”. You hear Wendy’s energetic voice while hearing the door slowly creaking open. “Oh my goodness! You’re not up yet?”. You came to realize that there’s no way you can go back to sleep. Might as well get up.

You pulled the covers away from your head and sat up on your bed. You looked at Wendy who was now standing at the end of your bed. “Great! I made breakfast”. She smiled widely at you. She then looked at her wrist watch. “You have thirty minutes to get ready, I’ve got a surprise for you”. With that, Wendy skipped out of your room. You looked at the clock that was sitting on your nightstand next to your bed. It read eight fifteen. You groaned. “Ugh, so early”.


As you were done putting on your makeup, you headed out of your room walking towards the kitchen finding Wendy on her phone and drinking from a mug. “Hiya! Ooh, you look so pretty Y/N. I have such a pretty cousin”, Wendy said while squealing. You smiled and thanked her. She got up and handed you your breakfast. “I’m not sure what you like so I only made eggs and rice”. “This is fine. I’ll eat anything. Thank you Wendy”, you smiled at her. 

As you were eating your breakfast quietly, you couldn’t help but think about Jaehyun. You wanted to know how he was doing, what he was doing. You wanted to tell him badly that you had arrived to Korea. “Hello? Earth to Y/N?”. “Hm? Oh, I’m s-sorry did you say something?”. You looked at Wendy with an apologetic look. “What’s going on Y/N? Something on your mind?”, Wendy asked with a serious tone. “No it’s nothing. Just um jet lagged”, you lied. You faked a smile at her, trying to reassure her you were okay. “Okay then… well let’s get going! Your surprise is awaiting~”.


You and Wendy had been walking for about twenty minutes. You were so amazed at how busy and crowded Korea was. You honestly loved it. “So, where are you taking me?”, you asked. “Oh, you’ll see”, she said with smirk. 

After walking for ten more minutes you both arrived at your destination. You both stood in front of the tall building. Hotel Neo C.  “What are we doing here?”. Wendy didn’t answer you, instead she just kept smiling at you.

Wendy then grabbed your hand and led you inside. You stood in front of the lobby. Staring in awe at the beautiful hotel. The golden statues in between the stairs brings out the color of the burgundy walls. People with their expensive clothing checking in. 

“Surprise! Welcome to your first job at Hotel Neo C!”

You paused after hearing what Wendy had said. You stared at Wendy with disbelief. You didn’t want to work right away, you wanted to hang out and roam around Korea. You wanted to go places and have fun. This is not fun. This is not what you had planned. “You don’t look happy.. don’t worry you’ll get to work with me!” Wendy said giving you her eye smile. “What exactly do you do here?”, you asked. “It’s easy! We clean the rooms for the guests. This hotel is owned by a very wealthy family in Korea and this hotel is very popular here and it’s also located in Dubai!”. “Wendy.. did it ever occur to you that I wouldn’t agree to this? I came here to have fun and to live my life. Not to clean after people”, you said angrily. “I’m sorry! I just need help to pay for my apartment and I figured this is the only way for you to get to work right away… please don’t be mad at me..”, Wendy said. You could tell her apology was sincere. Your face softens seeing Wendy like this. You gave sigh. “I’m not mad at you Wendy… but if you told me in the first place I wouldn’t mind. I would help out in a heartbeat”, you said smiling at her. Her expressions changed immediately. “Really?! Thank you thank you!”, she gave you a tight embrace. You laughed at her childish act. “Come on Y/N! Let’s go meet with the manager!”.


“Alright, you will be starting tomorrow. At nine in the morning sharp. You will be cleaning the penthouse with Wendy as your trainer”. “Alright! Thank you Mrs. Yoo!! She’s super excited to start! Let’s go Y/N”, Wendy said while rushing you out of the manager’s office.

As you both were on your way out of the hotel, you see paparazzi’s flashing their camera. They were getting close to the entrance of the hotel. ‘What’s going on?”, Wendy asked. “Oh, it’s Jung Yoonoh, he’s here for his meeting”, a lady answered. “Y/N! This is your lucky day. You get to see Jung Yoonoh and you haven’t even started work yet!” “Who is he?”, you asked. “He’s the son of the owners who own this hotel!”. The entrance door opened. You see his bodyguards trying to block the paparazzi’s from getting inside. You could only see his dark brown hair. You could already tell he was attractive. 

Once you got a clear look of him, your eyes went wide open. You couldn’t believe who you were seeing. How is it him? The last person you ever want to see. He looked up from the ground and saw you. He stopped walking and stood there once he saw you. Both of you stared at each other. Making eye contact. You couldn’t keep your eyes from looking at his beautiful features you’ve been longing to see in person. 

“Move, you’re in my way”, he spoke with a cold voice. You snapped out of it and instantly moved aside for him to walk pass you. You could hear his tone of voice. It wasn’t his cheery voice, it was serious and it was full of annoyance. You swore you could hear your heart shatter into millions of pieces. 

Hello to you too, Jaehyun…

Part Three

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heyyy, for the prompts? hartwin, day off at home with JB and all the fluff. Cheers!!

“Damn, I was late,” Eggsy sighs, dropping off his luggage by the front door and collapsing on the couch. “Time zones keep screwing me over.”

“I’m sure Roxanne will understand,” Harry says from the kitchen. Eggsy hums, following the scent of steak to Harry by the stove, JB barking from where he was laying at Harry’s feet.

“I’ll talk to her tomorrow,” Eggsy murmurs, resting his chin on Harry’s shoulder. “That smells good, what did you put in it?”

“Spinach and prosciutto. And there’s some potatoes in the oven.”

“Mmmm, I’m so glad I married you,” Eggsy remarks, kissing Harry on the cheek before picking JB up and cuddling him to his chest.

“Oh, so you only married me for my cooking skills, I see how it is,” Harry teases, taking his phone out and taking a picture of his boys before sending it to the Kingsman group chat (of Harry, Eggsy, Merlin, and Roxy.)

“Oi,” Eggsy laughs, saving the picture when it pops up on his lock screen. “Well, at least it looks good for Instagram.” He scrolls through the app, seeing pictures of his mum and Daisy at the park, Jamal and Ryan at the pubs, and Roxy and Merlin at the Women’s March. “Looks like everyone had a busy day.”

“Very busy,” Harry agrees, “everything was very calm during the protests all things considered, but we did have all the Kingsman branches out and keeping surveillance.”

“Wish I could have seen everything, but I’m sure Rox will fill me in on everything that happened.” Eggsy sits at the kitchen table and pets JB as the pug curls up on his lap. “But for now, I just want one weekend off. Just you, me, JB, and food.”

Harry chuckles, shutting off the stove and oven, and getting the dishes out of the cabinets. “That can be arranged, you see I have an in with your boss.”

“Oh really?” Eggsy teases, “well then, tell him that he needs to make dessert too.”

“Greedy,” Harry sighs, bringing over two plates full of food balanced on one arm and JB’s portion on the other. JB barks happily, jumping down to eat underneath the table.

“Just hungry,” Eggsy says, pulling Harry into another kiss. Harry smiles into it and places the plates in front of them.

“When we’re done with dinner, I’ll have a different kind of dessert ready for you,” Harry promises. Eggsy raises his brow.


“Wasn’t trying to be. Now eat before the food gets cold.”