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Class Clown pt 8

Part 8 is finally here :)!! I hope you enjoy, and thank you so much for reading and supporting me! I love you guys so much xx

Taehyung x Reader, fluff, angst 

Warning: drinking, attempted sexual harassment 

Summary: Class clown Taehyung has a lot more going on at home than anybody realizes, especially not you, the class valedictorian. Will college tear you and Taehyung apart?

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Rated: Mature

Today was the day.

At least that’s what you tried to tell yourself. In your defense, you’ve been giving yourself the same pep talk for about a month. You’ve been dating Sunghwa for a while now. It was an easy transition from friends to being in a relationship. You still did all the same things you did when you were friends. Dinner dates, movie nights, hanging out all the time. The only difference was that you kissed more often. The problem was that was all you did.

It was just so awkward to have a talk about it. None of your past relationships had this kind of pressure to take the next step. It always came naturally, but with Sunghwa it felt like it was the final step. It was the very thing that solidified that you were in a real relationship.

Sunghwa had his arm wrapped around you as he absently flipped through the channels. Occasionally you’d lean up and kiss his jaw, enticing a little chuckle from him as he returned the favor.

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Sleepy Sam

Title: Sleepy Sam

 Prompt: This is for @jussb.  She had a rough day and needed some cuddly, sleepy Sam! :D Hope this makes your day a bit brighter! :D

 Summary: Sam was almost a different person when he was sleepy, especially with you.  You never would have guessed how cuddly he was.

 Warnings: Cuddly Sam (I feel like that should be a warning).

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 “Finally home!” You said excitedly as you stretched. You, Sam, Dean, and Cas had a long ride home.  The hunt went well, but spending ten straight hours in the car was hard on anyone.  It was now about two thirty in the morning, and you couldn’t be happier to be home.

“Well…I’m off for my four hours.”  Dean said as he slapped Cas on back and nodded over to his brother.  

You could only smile as Sam gave a half-hearted grin.  You reached out a hand to him, knowing he was practically asleep on his feet. “Ready for bed?”  

Sam, your loving boyfriend, looked down at you before giving you a wicked grin.

“Sam? SAAAAM!”  You squealed as he bent down and threw you over his shoulder.  “Put me down!”  You giggled as you spoke, knowing that Sam just having a bit of fun. He quickly started toward the door, passing Dean on the way, who only offered up a laugh.  

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