mmmm run run run

Thinking about living legends Victor and Yuuri being like one of those world famous jet-setting power couples living up the ultimate decadent luxe life like they’re in a real life music video, with designer clothes and luxury hotels, in all the magazines with the paparazzi chasing them and getting juicy shots of them gettin’ down in chauffeured towncars, getting nasty on the beach in every continent, turning up every exclusive club in every city, and then in fitted tuxes at fancy high-society galas, all in one night. Not that farfetched really, they’re halfway there with the Barcelona shopping spree and Yuuri and his fancy champagne and wild partying and Victor and his Gucci lifestyle and pink convertible 😎

All this hate!!

I come on tumblr for five minutes and the first thing I see is anon hate towards @louisvuittontrashbags and @alicemoonwonderland. Like really anons… you know ya’ll aint shit. You remind me of the damn KKK with your white anon bags covering your faces while you talk shit. I really wish tumblr had a way to uncover and expose them, because some of this is just ridiculous.

Also… where is my anon hate!!! lol like seriously.

Send me your hate and rage, let’s argue I’m bored. (Luna x Noctis or Luna x anyone is trash! Luna has more of a relationship with her dogs then she ever did and will with Noctis or anyone else, fight me! And she has no lips!)

If ya’ll wanna send hate, send it my way. Leave mah friends alone