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SUMMARY - Bucky , your boyfriend ,who has been abroad for a week catches you masturbating to the movie ‘The Bronze’. (you know the infamous gymnastic sex scene )

A/N - This fic needed more work than usual so Taw @supersoldierslover Thank you so much babe. 

WARNINGS- Masturbation , unprotected sex ( pls practice safe sex guys), maybe a little embarrassment. (also lot less curses , but still a few . I can’t help it .)

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(but I do .) 

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mmmm a pretty face, silver hair and pureness. Lunaria for daenerys aka khaleesi

p.s. thank you so much for sending me ideas for my oc cosplay challenge. Probably it’s my last drawing for Luna’s cosplay but i still have requests for my other ocs. Maybe i’ll draw them later. Again thank you for participating ❤

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A couple of headcanons about the guys when Candy kisses their neck for the first time? :DDDD pretty please

Mmmm I really writing about this type of stuff and yes sure anon bc I need to catch up today. This’ll be kinda short since - again, it’s a short request anD TG IT IS ,, but i’m sorry if you all don’t like the shortness here,, Anyway, enjoy.


In shock. Honestly, Nath would question himself about what Candy did. He’s the type of guy that would sit there for a few seconds and comprehend what had just happened like “Did Candy just…seriously do that?” Not that he’s complaining, he really likes Candy’s bold side. 

Would relax a bit and let her do it some more, if that was just it, he wold try and initiate himself just to give it back to her. Seriously, Nath would be turned on by Candy just like that, especially with her bold side.


Impressed. Castiel would be slightly suprised, but totally in for Candy’s bold side. He would probably remark that “Guess I’ve been rubbing off on you too much huh, Candy?” No doubt that Castiel would kiss her himself and just hold her close beyond that point. 

This boy never shows the fact how much he loves his little Candy’s bold side. They’d probably have this mini make out session but, just spend time with eachother beyond that point. It’s like Candy’s getting a little influence from him…who knows, maybe.


Slightly overwhelmed to being flustered. At first, I don’t think Lysander would even notice until Candy is just giving him a face/smirk. Okay Lysander is probably one of the most flustered out of the boys, like holy heck he’s not used to a bold Candy. 

“It’s always like no matter what you do…you always find a way to turn me on,” Likely would blush a lot and not saying anything, he’d suddenly euphoric about it like - woah some new turn on there. He can’t help but melt inside when Candy is dominant.


Forward ‘n’ flirty. Armin is very forward, I can see him just getting eye-wide for a moment and just blushing a little bit,  He’d mainly try to hide the fact of how much he liked it - especially for his ‘first time’. Then that famous grin of his, would be right plastered across his face. 

Seriously though this boy would honestly have no shame in throwing the “…Two can play at that game, Candy.” It’d either lead to him kissing all over her face or some make out session. Regardless, Armin loves when Candy is dominant.


Overwhelmed. Kentin would just stop for a moment of whatever he’s doing and just actually think if that ‘really just happened’. Until reality hits him in the face, that’s when Kentin would just blush. He’s such a blushing mess, it’s adorable. 

He probably would be at a lost of what to say like - other than an awkward thanks, he’d try to gain composure with some “T-That was nice..” just to even out the awkwardness. Candy would probably have to make him better with some cuddling after, this boy always finds himself blown away by her.

You were late.

It was beginning to weigh heavily on Optimus’ processor.  He pulled up his internal HUD and saw that it was already past midnight.  Your movie should have ended by now.  That’s what the running time had said when he googled it anyway.  He let out a small huff of frustration, as he continued to wait in the parking lot in his alt mode.

He didn’t have to wait long before he watched you walk out of the brightly lit theater surrounded by a group of people your age - all laughing at some joke he was too far away to catch.  Optimus felt something dark and jealous flare up inside him.  He had no idea who these people were.  Why hadn’t you mentioned any of them to him before?  And more importantly, what gave them the right to touch you like they were doing now?  He watched as one of the people in your group draped an arm around your shoulder, resisting the urge to transform and squash the little brazen pest then and there.

“Hey, y/n,” one of them called, snapping Optimus out of his murderous reveries.  “You want us to give you a ride home?”

“No thanks!  I can walk.  It’s not that far,” you replied cheerfully, waving to them as you made your way along the well lit side walk.  

Optimus turned his engine on as silently as he could and followed.  It wasn’t an easy feat to remain unnoticed, given his immense size, but then again, he had had a lot of practice following you around these past few weeks.  He tried to tell himself it was merely out of concern for your safety, but he knew himself too well.  He followed your every movement with his gaze, reveling in your unconsciously graceful movements, the soft bounce of your hair as you walked, the seductive sway of your hips…

He was so lost in his fantasies, that he didn’t notice the garbage can in his way until it was too late.  He swore violently under his breath as the cursed metal can toppled over, producing a large, cacophonous bang, and causing you to turn around with a start.  Your expression changed to one of confusion as you took in the sight of the familiar red and blue semi.

“Optimus?” you asked hesitantly.

He paused for a moment before letting out a mumbled “Hello,y/n…”

“What are you doing here?” you asked bewildered.  Your eyes suddenly narrowed as you shot him a somewhat wary glance.  “Were you… were you following me?”

Optimus hesitated as he ran over his options in his mind.  He silently cursed the fact that he had never been a good liar.  He was good at hiding things, certainly.  Well, maybe not now, but he wagered there were a good many things he did that you were still blissfully unaware of.  

“I came out here to find you,” he said finally.  Technically it wasn’t a lie.  “Agent Fowler just dropped some things off for you to sign that I think you ought to take a look at.”  Also technically not a lie, but not necessarily urgent enough to warrant a late night visit.

“Well, do you have them with you?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.  Your only answer was an awkward silence and the sound of his idling engine.  You groaned.  “Optimus, it’s twelve thirty at night on a Friday!  I want to go to bed.”

“You could always sleep at the base,” Optimus offered in what he hoped was a casual tone of voice.  “Your room is still all made up from the last time.”  He could sense your hesitation as you thought it over.  “It’ll be like a sleepover,” he prodded.  “I’ll even hook up that star projector that you’re so fond of.”

He watched in triumph as your face slowly bloomed into a smile.  “Okay, deal,” you replied.

“Excellent,” he purred, opening his passenger side door for you to slide in.

“Mmmm, I’m pretty sleepy already,” you muttered weakly as you pressed your body against his seats, lulled by the movement of his cab as he trailed along the dusty road towards base, and the soft, gentle music drifting through his speakers.

“Why don’t you go ahead and sleep then?” he said in a low, hypnotic rumble.  “I’ll look after you.”

“But the papers…” you whispered even as the sudden influx of warm air through his AC unit pulled you farther away from consciousness.

“They’ll still be there when you wake up,” he said with a soft smile in his voice.  There was a soft sounding click as his locks clicked into place.  “But for now, sleep,” he purred as your eyes finally fluttered closed.  

He arrived at the base only a few short minutes later, pulling around back to the large empty hangar area.  You were still sleeping peacefully inside his cab, preventing him from shifting out of alt mode.  Not that he minded, however.  You were there, and that was all that mattered.  

Optimus switched his optical output to inside his cab, allowing himself to see you for the first time since you had entered.  Primus, but you were a lovely sight when you were asleep.  So peaceful and innocent, with your hair swept gently across your forehead.  He had a sudden, overwhelming urge to touch you.  To brush the hair from your eyes.  To place soft, open mouthed kisses along your delicate neck.  To cradle you in his hands as he stroked over every inch of skin until you were a whimpering, writhing mess.

His cooling fans kicked in, reminding him of his current predicament.  He forced himself to calm down, to push those sorts of thoughts from his mind.  The last thing he wanted was for you to wake up, not when he was enjoying watching you so much.  He settled for turning up his air units slightly, causing the hair covering your forehead to be swept back.  You shifted and mumbled something incoherent in your sleep.  Optimus smiled inwardly.

“Sleep well, my dearest,” he purred affectionately through his speakers.