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Still practicing how I draw the grumpy yiff man, but aaaah…I need colour pencils or something. I can’t find any of mine since I moved!!


Gif source:  Caleb  |  Jason

Imagine you go to a party hosted by Jason that Caleb is at and Caleb is really shy around you, so you don’t think he likes you and so Jason tries to ask you out since he invited you to the party because he likes you, but you decline and say that you like Caleb and he overhears.

——— Request for anon ———

“Hey,” Jason calls as soon as he finds you out on the front porch, a little away from the party but still surrounded by the partygoers. You’d been having a great time until you had spotted Caleb and reminded yourself that there was absolutely no shot of him going for you. Unrequited love will put a damper on any party, it would seem, even one thrown by a DiLaurentis. Still, upon hearing his approach, you put on as much of a smile as you can when he asks, “Enjoying the party?”

“Oh, yeah, it’s great, Jason,” you reply as he comes to stand beside you, offering you a drink that you take with a grateful nod. “Thanks for inviting me.“

“Thank you for coming,” he shoots back at you before his eyes wander from yours. For a second, you think you see a flicker of nervousness before it disappears behind a confident smile, “Maybe we could see a little more of each other after tonight? What are you doing tomorrow?”

“Oh, Jason,” you realize, standing a little straighter as your brow furrows. For a second, you worry how to reject him, before you blurt, “I’m sorry, but I’m kind of… interested in someone else…”

“What? Who?” Jason looks completely disappointed before he collects himself once again.

“That doesn’t matter,” you attempt to blow off, only for Jason to let out a scoff.

“Like to know what lucky guy I got beat out by,” he half-jokes and you can’t help but feel guilty enough to want to give him something.

“It’s—” you pause to pull Jason a bit away from the rest of the group towards the corner of the porch. “It’s Caleb— Caleb Rivers, alright? It doesn’t matter either way. He’s not into me, either.”

Jason gives you a look before he turns to walk back into the party, “Did you ever ask him? Because that I find hard to believe.”

Rolling your eyes, you take a sip of the drink Jason had brought you. As if you could build up the courage to ask Caleb if he was into you. His behavior around you was enough to answer that question in your mind. It was clear he didn’t like you in the same way you liked him. Part of you wished you could take Jason up on his offer— that you weren’t so head-over-heels for Caleb— but cruel fate had decided to be especially cruel to you. Fact of the matter was that you couldn’t stop thinking about the dark-haired hacker and Jason DiLaurentis couldn’t compete in your mind.

Yeah, you really weren’t in the partying mood anymore.

You’ve downed a quarter of your drink and practically drowned in your pitiful thoughts before you go rigid at, “You like me, huh?”

i can’t believe i just bumped into Felicity Jones in the literal forest while taking a walk for a study break and gave her directions


SUMMARY - Bucky , your boyfriend ,who has been abroad for a week catches you masturbating to the movie ‘The Bronze’. (you know the infamous gymnastic sex scene )

A/N - This fic needed more work than usual so Taw @supersoldierslover Thank you so much babe. 

WARNINGS- Masturbation , unprotected sex ( pls practice safe sex guys), maybe a little embarrassment. (also lot less curses , but still a few . I can’t help it .)

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bruce, sipping coffee: …hello?

tim, running from the red hood: batman!! the red hood is back and he’s killing criminals!! and also trying to kill me rn, so you know

bruce, spits out coffee: WHAT?? no, he can’t do that… dick? can he do that?

dick, no clue what’s going on: mmmm no pretty sure it’s illegal

bruce, back to drinking coffee: see, kiddo i’m sure it’s nothing, just try not to get caught up in it and have a nice day