mmmm ecstasy


Oh baby.

Kon x reader

Warnings: hahaha I have no clue anymore.
Not safe for work or reading infront of your parents.
I have like huge superboy feels rn soooo


It had been a really long and hot day. You had spent it with your friends just sitting in a field and talking about random things.

Slowly you made your way home. The sun made its way down past the horizon making it a bit dark. There was also a slight breeze which made you a bit chilly.

Pulling on your leather jacket in which was in your arms, you decided to pull out a cigarette as well.

You take a long drag and check the time. 7:30. You wouldn’t get home for another 30 minutes which didn’t bother you. Returning home sounded like a bad idea.

On the way home, there was a park you had to walk through. This time however, you decided to sit on the swings in silence for a few moments.

“Mind If I sit with you, darlin”

You turned the your head to the left to see a rather cute boy leaning against the frame of the swing set.

He had black hair with an undercut and bright blue eyes. He was also sporting a nice black leather jacket with a black shirt underneath. He also had red gloves on his hands.

He was wearing the male version of your outfit. You were wearing a black leather jacket as well with a black bralette and pink hand gloves.

“Go for it.” You pushed the smoke out of your lungs and looked ahead.

There were a few seconds of silence before you decided that it was too much.

You turn to him and hold out your gloved hand. “I’m y/n.”

He smiled before shaking it “you can call me kon, gorgeous.”

So he was a flirt. “ So, what’s a good looking guy like you doing out here at this time?” You turned and looked at him only to see that he was already looking at you with that award winning smile you already like.

“Well sugar, I was just going on my evening stroll when i saw you sittin here all on your own. Though I’d try and make a new friend. What are you doing out here all on your own?”

“Well, I was on my way home when I got bored of walking and it’s not like there’s anyone waiting for me there so thought I would take a break.”

“You live on your own?”

You stand up and strech. “Yup. Have a whole house to my self. It’s actually quite lonely. Although I would like to make my way there. You can join me if you’d like?” You look at him awaiting and answer.

“Trying to take me home already, babe?” He threw a wink at you.

Shaking you head you start to walk away. Maybe that’s what you could do tonight. You turned around and looked him in the eyes. “Absolutely”

With that he jumped up and walked over to you, placing his arm over your shoulder.

“ lead the way.”


You hardly even make it through the door before you are pinned to the wall by your new ‘friend’ kon.

“Eager, are we ?” You smirked at him before pressing your lips to his and pushing his jacket to the floor.

“Very” he mimics your movement and takes your jacket off before he picked you up by your ass.

Wrapping your legs around his waist, you pull away and tell him where your room is.

He puts his lips to neck as he follows your instructions.

As he gets to your bedroom door and kicked it open then throws you down on your bed as he enters.

“ I’m about to rock your world, baby.” He pulls his shirt and pants off, you doing the same.

Slowly he crawls up between your legs and attacks your lips. The kiss is hot and needy. You savor it. Truly deep down you already liked him.

You smirk as an idea comes to your mind. Pulling away from the kiss, you flip him over and straddle him.

As you start to kiss down his neck, you hear him chuckle. “I dont think so babe.”

With that, you were flipped back over onto your back.

He gives you a seductive look before kissing Sucking and bitting at your collar bone.

His hands that were on your wrists, move to you back as he undoes your bra. “ I’m in control here,darlin’ ” his left hand moves to you left tit as he starts Sucking and bitting the other one.

You moan out in pleasure at the feeling Making him chuckle again. He switches sides and lets his hand make its way between your thighs.

You gasp as the sudden unexpected contact as he presses a his fingers into you. “You like that? Just you wait.”

He moves his mouth back up to yours and presses one last kiss to your lips before he rips you panties off and opens up your legs.

You whine and the lack of contact. “you’re gonna be screaming my name for days”

Before you know it if places his finger back inside of you and starts flicking your clit with his tounge.

He has you in a state of pure ecstasy. “Mmmm kon… don’t stop”

He starts fingering faster making you moan louder and louder. You back starts to arch as you feel your on coming climax.

As soon as you mutter how close you are to finishing, he stops what he’s doing and moves back up to your face.

“You wanna Finnish, you gotta earn it.”

You growl. “You wanna play? Let’s play.” Flipping him over once again you take his place and the end of the bed and yank down his boxers before taking him in your hand.

You start pumping him slowly. “ you’re really going to regret not letting me finish.

He throws his back on the bed and groans. You smirk and lick the tip of his sizeable cock and blow on it.

"No body teases me.” You move your tounge to the bottom of his shaft and lick up the under side of it.

You hear him whine. You smile before taking him into your mouth all the way to the end.

He starts moaning out your name. “God, y/n. Don’t stop”

You start bobbing your head up and down faster. His hips jerking forward slightly.

It isn’t untill you start massaging his balls, does he really start making noise. You feel his cock twitch in your mouth. He’s close.

He snaps his eyes open when you remove yourself from him. “Doesn’t feel so nice does it?” You smirk back at him. You start to make your way back up him.

You hardly have time to process what happened before you are yet again flipped over and you feel him enter you with an ungodly pace.

“Holy shit kon. Don’t stop!” You scream as he hits your g spot. It’s not long before you both climax.

Kon collapses beside you and turns his head to look at you. “ We should do this more often, yeah?”

You smile at him. “ So you wanna see me again, eh?”

He laughed lightly before wrapping his arms around you. “You bet.”

With that you both fell asleep.


You do a little strech when you slowly peel your eyes open in the morning. A small smile makes its way to your face as you recall the events from last night.

Turning around, you see that the bed is empty. Your heart stops before you realize how stupid you are.

You sigh as you slowly get up and throw on an over sized hoodie and underwear. Your stomach growls as you make your way to the kitchen. 'It was a one time thing. Get over it y/n. He’s gone.’

You froze as you saw him in your kitchen. All he was wearing was his boxers and he made something on the stove.

He slowly turned around and looked at you. “Well good morning there princess. Sleep well?”

“Yea I slept great. How about you, handsome?” Making your way over to him, you wrap your arms around his neck.

“Why, I slept great.” He presses a kiss to your lips and winds his arms around your waist.

“Ready for round 2?” He asked before picking you up again.