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Grossly Codependent - howboutinotdothis - Dear Evan Hansen - Pasek & Paul/Levenson [Archive of Our Own]
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Now, here Jared is, cleaning out his stupid fucking minivan with Evan, one half of ConnorandEvan, because the other half is out of town at his stupid science camp again and Evan’s junior park ranger bullshit just ended and Jared just got back from camp a week ago and all of his other friends are too busy to hang out, so there’s no reason to not spend time with Evan aside from the fact that Evan’s being gross and codependent with Connor and not him. And he’s not upset about that.


He’s not.

Darcy Lewis is the type of person who unashamedly gets as many free samples as possible at the supermarket and Jane Foster is the kind of person who feels they have to follow her around apologising every time she does so


Tsukkiyamafest Day 9: Royalty AU

in which tsukki is the prince of the ruling kingdom and yama is a brave knight who comes to save his sorry ass when a dragon decides to try and take him away and then they fall in love and live happily ever after