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Can you maybe write something about what Alex was actually doing during that knife throwing practice (aka with maggie because we all know that's what was actually happening)?

Maggie tends to have odd hours.

Part of her odd hours?

Thursday mornings off.

J’onn knows, when Alex mutters something about Thursday morning knife training.

Winn knows, when Alex walks away with that gleam in her eye.

Kara doesn’t know, and if she did, she’d wish she didn’t.

Because Alex is grabbing her helmet and ignoring Vasquez’s knowing smirk and she’s speeding her Ducati to Maggie’s apartment, and she’s letting herself in and she’s grinning because her girlfriend is still in one of Alex’s tank tops and boxers, and, gloriously, nothing else.

“Danvers!” she greets, her dimples shining along with her eyes.

“Know what happens when crime is slow in National City?” Alex asks by way of greeting as she strolls across the studio to take Maggie into her arms.

“Mmmm, you get bored and decided your girlfriend could be adequate entertainment?“

She arches up on her tip toes and kisses Alex softly, but with promise, with a question, and Alex answers with parted lips and an exploring tongue. Maggie swoons and Alex holds her and nearly swoons herself.

“Something like that.”

“That’s a tall order, Danvers. Keeping you entertained.”

“Well I didn’t say the burden would be all on you. I could uh… keep you entertained too, you know.”

“Oh, could you?”


They’re talking between kisses, between breaths, between eager hands running over each other’s bodies like they hadn’t only parted a few hours before, and Maggie giggles when Alex’s fingers skim over that pesky part of her side that is always, eternally, ticklish.

“I want you,” Maggie breathes into Alex’s lips, her own turned up into a smile, and Alex moans into her mouth.

“Do you now?”



“If I said I want you, it means I want you.”

Alex grins at Maggie’s need, at Maggie’s openness, at her grinning vulnerability, at her trust.

“You have me, Maggie. You have me.”

So she lifts her up, right under the thighs, and Maggie wraps her legs around Alex’s waist eagerly, their bodies pressing together as Alex kisses her, as Maggie whimpers and pants in anticipation, as Alex lays them both down on Maggie’s bed.

“You sure, babe? You don’t have to, just because I came home – ”

“Alex Danvers, I want you to cum all over my thigh, and then I want you to fuck me until I can’t remember my own name. Think you can do that for me? I mean, if you want – ”

Alex pffts. “If I want,” she growls, grinning as she leans down to kiss Maggie slow, soft, sensual.

“Is it okay if I take my time? Before I cum all over your thigh and fuck you senseless?”

“Alex,” Maggie just breathes, her hips arching up of their own accord, and Alex grins deeper.

She kisses her mouth and she kisses her cheek. She kisses her eyelids and she kisses her temples. Her eyebrows and the bridge of her nose, and her jawline and her earlobes – which has Maggie whimpering and panting and writhing – and her throat and her collarbone. She takes her time undressing Maggie, takes her time undressing herself.

“You don’t have to go back into work, babe?”

Alex chuckles. “Thursday morning knife training.”

“Oh, is that what I am?”

“Oh, Maggie. You are so much better than that.”

“Coming from you, that’s high praise, Danvers.”

“Want high praise? Spread your legs for me, Sawyer.”

“Alex,” Maggie gasps.

“Only if you want. I’m sorry, was that okay – ”

“Yes, Alex, god, yes,” Maggie says, complying with her request, and Alex moans as she trails kisses down Maggie’s chest, paying special attention to her nipples, to that sensitive spot right under her navel.

She pauses when her lips are just above Maggie’s curls.

“I know going down on you wasn’t on your agenda, but um… do you want me to? Because if you do, I’d like that. A lot.”

“As part of your training?” Maggie husks, her voice thick with humor, thick with raw desire, raw need.

“Well, it’s a certain kind of training, isn’t it?”

“You want to? You sure?”

“Oh god, yes.”

“Then please, Alex. Please?”

Alex obliges, and moans into Maggie’s clit when she lowers her tongue to taste her, when she parts her curls with her fingers and traces her tongue through her wetness, paying close, close attention to Maggie’s rhythms, her sounds, the ways her fingers tighten in Alex’s hair, the ways her hips arch up, the way she whimpers “god, Alex, just like that, fuck, yes, please please please,” and Alex grinds her own hips into the sheets because god does Maggie taste incredible and fuck, fuck, fuck she never imagined going down on someone could be this hot.

But then Maggie is tapping her open palm, their safe gesture for stopping, and Alex stops immediately, her eyes wide with concern, but Maggie’s shaking her head and grinning.

“I love cumming in your mouth, Danvers, but that’s not what I want right now. Flip over for me? If you want?”

And god, does she.

So she rolls over, wiping her mouth on her bare shoulder as she does, and spreads her legs obediently, excitedly, and Maggie eagerly kisses Alex’s mouth, moaning at the taste of herself on her girlfriend’s lips, moaning at how wet Alex is when she asks if she can slip her thigh between Alex’s legs and Alex is yes, yes, yes, Maggie, please, fuck, please.

“You wanna be a good girl for me and cum all over my thigh, Agent Danvers?” Maggie asks, and the words alone could make Alex cum as she slams her hips up, up, down, down, desperate for friction, desperate for pressure, and Maggie gives it to her hard, and Maggie provides it for her perfect, one of her hands bracing herself up on the mattress, the other resting as a pillow underneath Alex’s head, and it’s that, even more than the dirty talk – that protectiveness, that care, that thoughtfulness – that send Alex over the edge, that send her nails running down Maggie’s back, that send her screaming Maggie’s name as she sees stars, stars, supernovae, stars.

Maggie smiles and starts to cuddle Alex close, but Alex shakes her head, and Alex asks with her eyes if she can push Maggie onto her back, and Maggie nods wordlessly.

“You said something earlier about wanting to make me cum all over you, and then you wanted me to fuck you until you can’t remember your own name. Can I do that for you, Maggie? Do you still want that? Because we don’t have to – ”

“Why are you still talking, Danvers?”

So Alex grins and Alex leans down for a crushing, gentle, passionate, tender kiss, slipping her hand between Maggie’s legs, asking her once, twice, three more times if this is what she wants before slipping one, two, three fingers deep, deep inside her. Maggie moans and writhes and grabs at Alex’s hips and tries to keep from screaming Alex’s name.

Tries, and fails.

“Deeper Alex, please,” she whines, and Alex moans, and Alex obliges, making sure her palm stays right on Maggie’s clit, giving her all the pressure she needs as she arches her fingers inside Maggie’s body, working her up as much as she can handle, as much as either of them can handle, because god she loves feeling her fingers stretch Maggie out, loves feeling Maggie come completely undone beneath her, loves watching Maggie whimper and whine and gasp and scream and writhe, because it’s all from pleasure, all from ecstasy, all from Alex, Alex, Alex.

Maggie cums hard and she cums loud, just as Alex’s phone starts buzzing, just as Alex is being called back into work.

“Decent timing then, huh Danvers?” Maggie rasps, and Alex kisses her face, kisses her lips, kisses her forehead, kisses her hair.

“Never decent timing to leave you, babe,” Alex romances, and Maggie would swoon if she were standing up, if she had any coordination at all.

“What are you doing?” Maggie asks, bewildered as Alex pulls her into a close snuggle.

“It’s not an emergency. They can wait for a few extra minutes – I’m not gonna leave you all naked and sweaty with no cuddles to be had.”

“Aw, Danvers, are you getting soft on me?”

“Pfft, no.”

“Don’t worry, babe. I won’t tell your secret. I promise.”

Strength for What Lies Ahead

This ficlet is part of the Claire returns early with Bree AU which begins with A Ringing Phone and a Folder.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from No Interruptions

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as The Nature of Choice.

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU.

As always, let me know what you think.

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Mornings with Sugar

Request: Can you do an imagine with gabriel? They will wake up in the morning and have breakfast. With fluff and in the end smut? You’re btw an amazing writer!!!

Warnings: some language, oral smut (female receiving), handjob, bit pwp

Word Count: 1115

Gender: Female

Author: Gwen

Your name: submit What is this?

Faint touches started to pull you out from your dream. They ran along your neck and cheek with no real pattern. “No.” You breathed out, hearing a light chuckle at your remark.

“But I’m hungry.” Your boyfriend nuzzled into the side of your neck, pulling you into his naked embrace.

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Oikawa got the job at the end.

Based of this. Thank you @accordingtodevin and Stephenjmolloy !

Valentine’s Day Road Trip (Grayson)

I posted a little mini imagine on my twitter like this, and I wanted to expand on it and make a longer imagine. Enjoy. :)


“(Y/N), can you come here, please?” Grayson called from the bedroom. You walked in and saw him lying on the bed, his computer in his lap.

“What’s up?” You asked as you got in the bed with him.

“So, since Valentine’s day is coming up, I was doing a little planning, trying to figure out what we could do, and I was thinking, what about a road trip?” He asked.

“A road trip? To where?” You asked.

“I was thinking to Coronado. It’s only a two hour drive from here, there’s tons of things to do and sights to see, aaaaand, there just so happen to be an open room at Hotel Del Coronado for the weekend, and if we decide right now, we can get it.” Grayson said.

“Let’s do it.” You said. 

“Really?” He asked.

“Yeah. We’ve always talked about going on a road trip together, and this seems like a perfect opportunity. Plus, it’s a rare occasion that I’m with someone on Valentine’s Day, so I wanna get the whole experience.” You explained.

“Well, alright then. I’ll book the hotel and we can put together an itinerary. Awe, this is gonna be so fun.”

* * *

It was finally Valentine’s Day weekend, and you and Grayson had just finished packing up the car.

“And that’s everything. You ready to take off?” Grayson asked as he shut the trunk. You nodded.

“Alright you two, have fun this weekend.” Ethan said as you loaded into the car.

“Bye.” You and Grayson said, waving to Ethan.

“Gray, I’m so excited for this weekend.” You said.

“Me too.” He said, kissing the back of your hand.

After about thirty minutes on the road, you and Grayson stopped to get something to eat.

“You wanna take over the drive? I hardly got any sleep last night, and I don’t wanna drive tired.” Grayson asked.

“Sure, that’s fine.” You said as Grayson handed you the keys. You got back into the car and continued on the way to Coronado.

You had your phone connected to the Bluetooth audio in the car to play music, which also meant that any time you got a text message, it was read through the speakers in the car. In the middle of a song, you received a text message from your ex-boyfriend, Jess. After you and him broke up, you remained friends, and Grayson knew that he was still in your life.

“Why is your Jess texting you on Valentine’s Day weekend?” Grayson asked.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were still awake.” You said, avoiding the question.

“(Y/N), answer me.” He said.

“It’s probably nothing.” You said.

“Alright, then you wont mind it being read over the speakers.” Grayson said as he tapped the “read” button on the screen.

“Hey (Y/N). I know we haven’t talked in a while but I hope your Valentine’s Day is better than the one we had last year. Tell Grayson I said what’s up.” The message read.

“See, I told you it was nothing.” You said.

“I thought you said you’ve never been with anyone on Valentine’s Day.” You said.

“I never said that. I said it was rare that I was.” You shot back.

“Sorry, I didn’t know that rare meant within the last year.” He said, his voice raising.

“Okay, first, you and I were not together last year on Valentine’s Day. We hadn’t even met until a month later. And, second, why are you getting so upset? It was a year ago.” You retaliated.

“Whatever. I don’t want to talk about it.” He said turning to his window. You shook your head and stared out the windshield.

“Grayson, we still have an hour left in the car. You can’t ignore me forever. Are we really going to stay mad at each other the entire rest of the drive?” You asked after about ten minutes of silence. He didn’t give you an answer, so you turned to him and saw that he was asleep. You turned the music back on and continued driving.

“Baby, wake up. We’re here.” You said, tapping Grayson’s arm.

“Mmmm, already.” He said stretching. “Baby, wait.” Grayson said, stopping you as you began to get out of the car.

“What?” You asked.

“We need to talk, before we get all checked in and everything.” He said.

“Okay. About what?” You asked.

“You know what. Look, I’m sorry I overreacted to that text. I know that you and Jess are still friends, but I’m still trying to adjust to that fact. I just wanted this weekend to be perfect, and him texting you, and now that you’re probably thinking about him, I just feel bad.” He let out a loud sigh. “I’m sorry.”

“Grayson, stop. Stop comparing yourself to Jess. Me and him are done. I’m worried about you and I’m focused on and fully committed to you and this relationship. I love you so much, and you know that. I don’t care that me and him were together last year. It’s over and done with. I’m with you now, and I am so looking forward to this weekend. I know that it’ll be perfect. Every time I’m with you is perfect. I’m happy in this relationship, and I hope that you are too.” You said.

“Baby, you know I’m happy in this relationship. I love you so much. Again, I’m sorry I over reacted.” He said, kissing you.

“It’s okay. Let’s forget about it, and enjoy our weekend.” You said as you got out of the car. You walked around to the back of the car and Grayson pulled you into his arms and hugged you tight, resting his head on top of yours and rocking you back and forth.

“I love you baby. So damn much.” He said.

“I love you too.” You said, reaching up to kiss him. You unloaded the car and walked into the hotel to get checked in. Once you were up in the room and were settled in, you both freshened up and pick a restaurant to have dinner at. It was a perfect night, and the rest of the weekend ended up being absolutely perfect and was the best Valentine’s day you’ve ever had.


Because Bioware won’t let us have nice things, nice things being Scourge in outfits that show off his soul-crushingly-hot arms. For science, I made a toon. (His name is Pimiento Rojo in case you wanted to know). And yes indeedy, Scourge’s body model can wear all the skanky outfits I can find. SANS ARM TIGHTS. WHAT THE FUCK BIOWARE.

*gnaws on his gigantic arm* mmmm spicy

Request: Unexpected Audience: KBTBB guys and their kids

NSFW Smut -
Apparently it’s been done before but someone wanted to see how I do it- so yeah-

It was just so good to see him home safe, alive, untouched save for the slight cut on his arm. Your gentle fingers had swept over the bloody gash with some alcohol and a cotton swab, a damp swab to clean the area before you smudged it with cream and bandaged it up. The next thing you knew your husband had you wrapped up in him, warm and heavy over your body as your back meets the couch cushions.
He was home now.
However many years passed since you became his wife, you knew you would always be scared when he had matters to settle, men to deal with. You stroke his back as his strokes enter you, your nails tracing tingling lines along his muscular shoulders. Soryu nuzzled his face against your neck, breathing in the comforting, soft scent of your skin.
Suddenly, you feel your husband stop. A whimper of complaint escapes you before you realize. Soryu’s ears twitch and he sits up, pulling out of you quickly, staring at the source of the noise in the hallway over the back of the couch.
You could almost see his cheeks turn bright red as his eyes widen at his daughter standing in the doorway, holding her toy baseball bat over her head, on guard as she investigated the sounds in the night. She looked like she was about to scream and smack someone in the skull for a moment, and then she recognized him.
“Daddy!” Her eyes lit up. “It’s you! You’re home safe!” Katsumi dropped the bat with a giggle and scurried towards Soryu, arms open for a hug.
“No!” Soryu yelled and she froze on the spot, confused. “No just… don’t come over. Daddy’s working out. You go to bed.” He avoided his daughter’s eyes nervously, wiping the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand.
“Oh. Okay.” Katsumi looked a little disappointed and nodded. “Good night, daddy.” She picked up her bat, dragging it along the floor with her as she went back to her room.
You heard the door close, and looked up at your husband with a sigh of relief.
“That was too close.” Soryu grumbled as he got up, stretching out his long legs before scooping you up. “Let’s go finish in our room.”
“Finish?” You whisper weakly, still feeling worried about your daughter’s intrusion.
“Katsumi won’t be investigating any more tonight now that she knows I’m home” Soryu chuckled. You could see the lingering blush on his face as he brought his lips to yours. “We’ll go undisturbed.”

You grip the golden curls in your hands, moaning weakly as your husband thrusts between your legs, his hands caressing your body along the curve of your sides.
His lips traced over your collarbone and you felt him bite down, a sharp sting on your skin as the thrill flies down your spine. Your knee hitches on his hip, begging him down harder as Luke smirks and runs his tongue over the concave markings his teeth left.
“Always so beautiful.” He kissed your chest, eyes shut as he pressed against your breasts, feeling your racing heartbeat under the soft mound gripped tightly in his hand. Luke’s smooth voice turned ragged as he continued, and you felt him plunge deep within you with a slight twitch, hitting his climax with a spurt of seed.
His pleasant, satisfied face smiled fondly down at you, his hand stroking your damp hair away from your face as he crashes his lips upon yours. You feel him still inside you, relaxing as both of you enjoyed the other’s kiss.
You tear your lips away from your husband’s and grab the blankets to cover the two of you as you notice Aaron watching from the doorway with innocent interest. He stood there staring, clutching his plush - a giant bone labeled as a dog toy.
“Aaron! What are you doing at this time?” You gasp out as you shake stunned Luke to his senses, hoping for him to help you out of the crazy situation.
“What are you doing? I heard loud noises.” Aaron hugged his plush closer.
Luke sits up.
“It’s a very normal biological process of copulation where the man puts his mmmmmmpffffhfhhf”
You slap your hands over Luke’s mouth as he answered his son’s question without much thought. He blinked twice and glanced at you apologetically.
“We’re just discussing where we’re going for the weekend.” You blurted. “And your daddy is getting sleepy. He doesn’t know what he’s saying.”
“Sorry for waking you. Go back to bed, Aaron.” You sigh and push Luke back down on the bed. He thumps against the pillow obediently. “Daddy is going to sleep too now. Good night.”
“Good night.”
Aaron shuffled back out of the room and closed the door behind him. You groan and glare at the sheepishly smiling husband beside you.

“Otaaaaa, slower…” You whimper helplessly as your husband slams his member against a sensitive region inside you. “Going to- wake her up…”
“You’re the one jingling the handcuffs.” Ota smirked, glancing at the silver loops around your wrists, clattering as you writhe in pleasure under him.
“Sh-Shut up!”
“Tsk tsk, what a demanding little pet.” Ota whispered against your ear, his hot breath fluttering against your skin, causing another heated shudder to course through your body. “Keep it down, Koro.”
“Y…You’re not helping…”
You turn your head away and muffle your moans into the pillow. Your husband grabs your chin and yanks you back to look at him, silencing you with a hungry kiss.
“Ahhhhh… Ota…. yes…”
You breathe out mindless syllables against his lips between the contact, your entire existence a blur of hot friction and loving touches from his skilled hands.
Ota rode out his orgasm with slower thrusts, emptying into you as he gave a rasping chuckle.
You yelp in surprise at your daughter’s voice as your husband flinches too, instantly pulling out of you. There was a desperate flurry of motion in the same moment, Ota trying to cover your naked bodies.
“Ayaka! What’s the matter?” Ota demanded.
“It’s so scary!” Ayaka cried out as she hugged her brown plush dog. “I heard chains jingling! Is Uncle Mamoru going to arrest me? I don’t wanna go to jail! I only bit Tamotsu because he took my sketchbook!” Your daughter burst into tears.
“Shhhh, my little angel, you’re not going to jail.” Ota wrapped his shirt hastily around his waist and tied the sleeves into a knot at the back. He climbs out of bed and picks up his daughter, hugging her to his chest as he patted her back “That was just mommy.” You stare at him in horror as Ota glances at you out the corner of his eye and winks. “She’s posing for my drawing of a police scene, see?” He pointed at you, cuffed to the bed by the wrists, the blankets drawn up so high she couldn’t see you were naked. “Sorry that we were too loud.”
“Oh…” Ayaka sniffled.
“Daddy will tuck you back in, how’s that?” Ota kissed her cheek. “Don’t worry, mommy, daddy won’t take long. I actually don’t think my first sketch was that great. I’ll need a very detailed look at everything once I get back.”

“Mmmm, sweetheart.”
Your arms looped around his neck, holding yourself close to him as he thrust into you. Mamoru’s hands held your hips steady for his penetration, securing them on the edge of the kitchen counter. Fingers tangled in the shorter hair at the back of his neck, you tug on the locks, trying to hint at what felt good and what didn’t.
Mamoru groaned, leaning harder against you, sinking his cock deeper into your folds.
“I’m so close, babe.”
His lips dropped from your neck to your chest, your blouse unbuttoned and hanging open to expose your bra. He nibbled along the upper curve of the material and you gasp, clinging to him as your mind whirls into oblivion.
Your husband pushes his member deep inside, stilling for a moment as he hugged you tightly, muscles tensing and unclenching as he came to his release.
“Damn… that was good, sweetheart.” He grinned lazily and kissed you, his hand coming to touch your cheek tenderly. “Nice to do something different once in a while, huh?”
You blushed in the dimness and kiss him back, melting into the sweet warmth of your husband, wrapped up in the hazy glow after sex.
Mamoru pulls you off the counter and hides in your undressed form in his arms, his back to his son, suddenly grateful that he didn’t drop his pants earlier.
“The hell are you doin’, kiddo?!”
“I want water.” He mumbled, rubbing his tired eyes as he shuffled over to the jug and poured himself a glass of water, ignoring the scene before him.
“Oh.” Mamoru breathed out, chest tight and anxious as his son drank the water and put the glass back on the counter.
“I’m going back to bed.” Tamotsu declared lazily, heading off towards his room as if it was a perfectly normal day. “Good night daddy.”
“G-Good night.”
Mamoru let out a long groan of relief.
“Do you think he saw anything?” You whisper, hurriedly buttoning up your shirt.
Mamoru raised an eyebrow at you.
“He’s my son, sweetheart. Course he didn’t.” He chuckled and put an arm to your waist, pulling you against him as he planted a soft kiss to your lips. “Come on, let’s go to bed.”

His teeth nipped at your ear, whispering hot, dirty thoughts. You were propped on all fours, biting the pillow to stay quiet as he pounded you from behind, roughly grinding his member deeper and deeper. Eisuke’s smirk grew as he listened to your tiny whimpers escape through your teeth.
“You like this, don’t you?” His hand struck your rear with a teasing slap, just hard enough for a pleasurable sting. “Mother of two and still dirty as ever.”
“H-ey!” You manage to pronounce half a syllable of complaint before your husband plunges so far into you that your eyes squeeze shut at the intensity, all else forgotten and forgiven.
His palm spanks you again and you tense at the sensation, walls clenching around his cock. Eisuke grunted.
You feel another slap on your butt cheek, gasping as Eisuke rammed himself in - hard - your body coiling up so close to your climax that you tighten around his length again. He groans this time, and you could tell he was reaching his own point of pleasure.
He said nothing and continued his thrusts, burying himself within your wet, heated passage.
“EISUKE!” You moan out, louder than expected, pressing your face into the pillow as hard as you can as you feel him spurt inside you, his fluid filling you, his hips bucking continuously into you as he dragged out the friction through his orgasm.
Eisuke leaned down over you, his hands caressing your breasts as he turned you over, pulling out. Your hand slid down along the muscles of his stomach to stroke his throbbing length, and your husband met your lips in a tender kiss. The two of you indulged in a sweet haze after a storm of intercourse, oblivious to the squeal at the doorway.
“Ew ew ew ew ew!”
Suzu, your daughter and younger child, covered her eyes.
“Ah too much kissing ew ew ew!”
“Suzu!” Eisuke grabbed the blankets and pulled them over the two of you, a rare look of worry and fear in his eyes.
“You guys are so lovey-dovey!” She shook her head repeatedly, turned, and raced down the hall.
“Eisuke…” You breathe out, eye wide with horror. “She saw….”
“She’s too young to understand that much.” The calm and collected look came back to your husband’s face again, and he smiled at you. “Don’t worry about it.”
“I’ll talk to her tomorrow if it bothers you that much.” He promised. “Anyway, since you’re still grabbing on, why don’t you continue stroking me up?”
You blush even harder and quickly let go of his member, and Eisuke catches your wrist in his hand.
“Go on, _____________.” His soft smile twisted into a deeper smirk again. “Continue.”

Limbs entangled, you lose yourself with your husband, caught up in his scent, his touch, his steady and wonderful pace within your body.
“Yes, my pretty lady?”
“Ohhh….. Baba….”
His hands dance up your sides, playing over your skin, knowing exactly where you are most sensitive, drawing out the most vulnerable noises from your lips as you surrender to the tender moment.
“My sweet, beautiful wife.” He murmured, lips leaving small marks along your shoulder, across your pale chest, leaving a trail of pink that he ghosted over with his tongue. Baba’s voice, low and silky smooth, hummed over your skin, warming you from inside out along with his thrusts in your entrance.
“I love you…” He kissed your cheek. “I love you so much.”
He brought you to a slow and sweet release, your body shuddering and uncoiling around him as you gaze up at him with dazzled eyes.
He stroked your cheek, kissing it again as he continued his penetration.
The tiny voice in the doorway made both of you jump.
“Hisashi!” Baba jolted upright, pulling the blanket to cover your chest as he turned to face his son.
“What are you doing with mommy?”
“Nothing!” Baba forced a smile across his face and pulled out of you, wrapping his sweater around his waist as he went to his son. “Nothing at all.” He squat down with a slight squirm as he worked around his still hard cock.
“Oh, I thought I heard noises.” He said.
“Wow, your hearing is so amazing!” Baba patted his son’s head proudly and grinned. “You better keep it working so well! Go back to sleep, you need lots of it!”
Hisashi glanced at you, and you manage a nod and a smile.
“Listen to daddy.”
Your voice shook and you strained to keep yourself from panting, controlling your heaving chest as best as you could.
“Good night, mommy. Good night, daddy.”
Baba smiled and patted Hisashi’s head again.
“Good night, my little knight.”
As the bedroom door closed, your husband climbed back into bed with you, unraveling his sweater from his waist and throwing it across the room. Baba flashed you a flirtatious smile.
“So, my dear, thoughtful, considerate, pretty, wonderfully kind, and generous wife.”
You giggled as he rolled himself over you and gave you a light and sweet kiss.
“What do you want?”
Baba grinned.
“You know.”

Thanks for the read!
Hope you liked!

ur fave is problematic: bioware
  • still wont release a goddamn legit tarot deck for sale even though they made not one but TWO full decks of playing cards

anonymous asked:

You actually have no idea how much I adore your writing 😍 seriously every single thing you have written I've read multiple times cus I love it so much! For requests can you write something where someone has a stomach bug and gets really nauseous and burpy with no relief for a while? They get really emotional and just want to be comforted and get their back and tummy rubbed? xx

Aww thanks anon! Your sweet words mean a lot to me really, I’m honoured you like my work!

I really love this prompt! It was great fun to write and actually worked really well with an idea I had myself! I hope you enjoy x

“Yuuri?” Viktor says gently for the 3rd time, concerning mounting in his voice as Yuuri still doesn’t respond but remains sitting slumped forward over into his lap with his head in his hands.

Something is wrong. Viktor quietly steps off the ice where Yuuri should now be standing, and sits next to the silent boy.

“Yuuri, what’s the matter? Are you upset?” Victor asks him gently. He knows how Yuuri can get when he’s having a bad time with his anxiety, and it’s not good.

Yuuri still doesn’t respond. His eyes are shut. He is swaying slightly in his seat and he doesn’t seem aware of the fact that his fiancé is talking to him. If he is aware, he makes no effort to acknowledge the fact.

Viktor sighs. Unsure of whether his boyfriend is on the verge of another panic attack, he cautiously places his hand on Yuuri’s shoulder, careful not to upset Yuuri even further.

It’s only when he feels the scorching heat radiating off him that Viktor realises he’s been wrong all along. Yuuri’s not anxious, he’s clearly sick.

“Moya lyubov!” He exclaims, reaching over to place his cool tender hand over Yuuri’s clammy forehead to get a better gauge of his temperature. Yuuri groans and leans into his touch, almost falling forward off his seat. A surprised and now very concerned Viktor catches him and pulls him back into his lap.

Viktor gently lays Yuuri into his chest, and soothingly strokes his sweat dampened black curls off his forehead. Yuuri groans again and Viktor’s heart sinks. How did he not notice this before? Now he comes to think of it, Yuuri has been extremely quiet and lethargic all morning.

Viktor sighs sadly. “Why did you not tell me you weren’t feeling well, sweetie, you could have stayed in bed…” he whispers gently, still running his fingers through Yuuri’s soft hair.

Yuuri leans into Viktor dependently, clearly absolutely exhausted, just by being awake.

“Didn’ seem importan’ ” He slurs tiredly.

“Oh Yuuri…” Viktor shakes his head. When will the silly boy learn to look after his health without repeatably running himself into the ground? “Lets just get you home.”

Viktor makes to help the burning boy up, but it seems that Yuuri spontaneously morphs into a clingy, boneless, whimpering mess.

“Noooo….” he whines. “…wanna stay here…don’t feel well…” he starts to sob, tears falling down his cheeks. “Wanna sleep… don’t gooo…” he continues to rambles pretty much incoherently until Viktor finally gives up trying to prise him off.

Content, Yuuri slumps back into Viktor, resting his head on his shoulder. Viktor wraps his arm round his hot little body as Yuuri’s eyelids droop. He can feel the small skater quivering under his touch, shivering with the strength of his fever.

Only half conscious at best, Yuuri moans uncomfortably. The boy poor looks so lifeless and absolutely shattered, all of the fight suddenly drained from him. Viktor wraps his jacket around the sleepy boy and carefully removes his glasses. He can barely keep his eyes open anyway.

Viktor shuffles himself in preparation to try and get up again. Yuuri needs to be in bed, there’s no doubt about it. He has to get him home- sitting in a freezing ice rink is certainly not doing him any favours.

A weak, barely audible protest from Yuuri does nothing to stop Viktor scooping him into his arms.

Yuuri’s fast asleep before they’re even in the car park.


Back at home, Viktor carefully lays Yuuri down on the couch.

“I’m gonna get you some meds ok?” He asks Yuuri. “We need to get that fever of your’s down. Then we can get you to bed.” Yuuri squints up at him miserably, still holding his head with one hand.

“Headache?” Viktor questions, and Yuuri nods slightly, looking pathetically miserable.

Viktor disappears down the hallway to fetch painkillers for Yuuri and a cool pack for his nasty fever. He definitely can’t be feeling good with a fever like that. He then goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

When Viktor returns, Yuuri has somehow mustered the energy to prop himself up a little more so he is slumped exhaustedly against the arm of the couch. Viktor notices that he is holding an arm over his clearly aching belly.

“Aww sweetie, does your stomach feel bad?”

Yuuri nods miserably. “Hurts…” he explains.

Painkillers are probably not the best idea if his stomach is upset, Viktor decides. He retreats to the bathroom to get the bottle of pepto.

When he returns Yuuri is still collapsed into the couch, still in his training clothes, awkwardly rubbing his stomach through his snug grey t shirt. He closes his eyes and rests his head back against the sofa.

Viktor approaches him. “You need to take these. Then you really need to be in bed, honey.”

“Mmmmm…Don’t feel good…” Yuuri murmurs, before a hiccup takes him by surprise and his hand shoots up to his mouth.

Viktor looks on in concern. “You feel sick?” He asks gently, and Yuuri shrugs.

“Feels weird…” he mutters, hugging his tummy with both arms. “Mmmm…” he lets out a low groan and Viktor sees the colour start to drain out of his face.

Sighing, Viktor fetches a clear plastic mixing bowl from the kitchen. Yuuri eyes it with disdain. Viktor says nothing but hands him a capful of pepto. Yuuri grimaces, not particularly keen to put anything else in his stomach when it’s feeling like this, but forces the medicine down nonetheless.


After taking the medicine, Yuuri seems to be feeling worse rather than better. After adopting an uneasy greenish tinge, Viktor decides that having the bowl in close proximity to his increasingly ill boyfriend could be a good idea. He hands it to Yuuri who simply places it in his lap before shutting his eyes and breathing deeply through his nose again, sitting unnaturally stiffly as though expecting something to happen.

Yuuri groans as a queasy burp slips out from him. He reluctantly moves one of his hands from gripping his sore stomach to gripping the bowl instead. He hangs over the bowl, saliva pooling in his mouth as his stomach repeatedly lurches up his throat. Sweat beads on the back of his next as he lunges forward with a deep gag. He doesn’t succeed in getting anything up, and moans in discomfort as he hangs his head over the bowl, hiccuping softly.

A cramp grips his abdomen which has him clasping his stomach in surprise and pain, rocking forward and knocking the empty bowl onto the floor.

“Ughhhh… n'uggghhhh…” he makes an involuntary noise which is half groan, half retch. His stomach gurgles angrily and a sickly breathy burp works its way up his throat. Yuuri is certain he is about to lose the battle with his stomach at this moment, but once again, nothing happens.

Viktor picks the bowl up as Yuuri straightens himself up slightly in favour of rubbing his upset tummy to try and bring at least some relief.

“Here-” Viktor suggests, helping Yuuri lay down into his chest. Yuuri lays down slowly, grateful for his fiancée’s tender and warm embrace. He tries to close his eyes and pull himself together, but his fever addled mind swims with pain and confusion, his limbs aching, the air around him icy cold and the room swaying uneasily.

Feeling Yuuri’s shivering getting worse, Viktor awkwardly twists round to pull the throw off of the back of the couch to lay over them both. At the slight disturbance, Yuuri groans again, still resting his hand over his stomach but one hand over his eyes.

“Mmmdizzzy…” he slurs, but stops complaining as Viktor spreads the rug over him. The additional heat was worth it, even if he feels even sicker now than he was before.

He moves his hand over his mouth as he burps again, this time sounding wetter and deeper. A splash of acid at the back of his throat has him shooting upright in panic.

“Urghh… ughhhh…” he moans wretchedly. “Laying down is making me worse…” he whines, quickly grabbing the bowl again.

He stays hovering over the bowl for at least the next 10 minutes, feeling horrendous and incredibly nauseous, occasionally splitting the silence with a sickly belch or an abortive retch. He gags repeatedly but still doesn’t get anything up. Whatever is making him ill clearly wants out, but unable to do so, Yuuri is just feeling progressively worse. He needs to throw up to get relief, but his body won’t let him, as weak, tired and ill as he is. All he can do is hang wretchedly over the bowl, holding his stomach and groaning, just waiting for relief.

He’s panting and sweating so much with the overwhelming nausea that he’s sweating through his clothes. Viktor can’t bear to see his boyfriend in such a tearful, pitiful burpy mess.

Since Yuuri is still yet to throw up, Viktor has an idea to try and ease his pain a little. He gently pulls Yuuri back into his lap. He slides his cool hands up under Yuuri’s top and rubs his poorly stomach softly, feeling how much air is trapped inside the troubled organ. Yuuri’s tummy gurgles against his palm, as Viktor attempts to soothe the cramps. Yuuri seems to relax slightly more under his touch, as his breathing evens out.

However, a sudden burp suddenly brings up a sick splattering which lands all down the front of his t shirt. Now the floodgates are open, Yuuri starts heaving, a torrent of sick suddenly landing all over his lap. Viktor grabs the bowl and thrusts it under his chin, helping him sit up properly.

Yuuri burps again before another wave of puke splashes into the bowl. He groans as he heaves again, vomit barrelling up his throat with another gurgling retch.

By the time he is able to catch his breath, his breathing is ragged and he is shaking quite violently, tears streaming down his face.

“It’s alright Yuuri, you’ve done really well, just breathe…” Viktor soothes him, rubbing his back gently.

“Mmm not done….” Yuuri whines, “Still feel *urrrpp* sick…” he says, just before he doubles over with another powerful heave.

“Huuurrrrrlllkkkkk” he heaves wretchedly, dissolving into a fit of choking coughs, spitting bile into the now full bowl.

“I don’t wanna throw up anymore!” The sick boy cries, almost delirious from fever and the exertion of throwing up repeatedly.

In fact, the poor boy has thrown up so much that the bowl is almost full. Sitting staring at it, not to mention the smell of it, is enough to turn Viktor’s stomach, not to mention the effect it seems to be having on Yuuri.

Viktor quickly lifts the bowl off his lap and carefully puts it in the kitchen, grabbing a waste paper bin on his way back in. Yuuri grabs at the bin desperately, a hand clamped over his mouth as he gags again, mouth flooding with excess saliva. He spits and groans miserably, letting it drip into the bowl.

“*H'rkkk* *hurrrrrkkk*” he dry heaves, his small frame wracked with the sheer effort.

He ducks his head into the bin with a painful gurgling retch, before a splash of liquid hits the liner. He pants heavily, his eyes screwed up in pain. He gags again, moaning with another half hearted heave, before he burps sickly again. He lets out a high pitched whine and Viktor places a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“Yuuri, love, I think you’re finished, just breathe…” he says, trying to prise the bin out of his white-knuckles grasp.

Keeping his hand hovering over his mouth in precaution, and one hand over his aching stomach, Yuuri leans exhaustedly back into Viktor, his face grey and his forehead clammy. He lets out a soft breathy burp and groans, shutting his eyes.

“Shhh… it’s ok…” Viktor soothes him, placing the bin on the floor next to his poorly boyfriend and rubbing his back slowly. This motion has Yuuri belching suddenly, but thankfully he is so empty that it is entirely non-productive. He gags slightly and whine.

“Please stop… it’s making me feel bad…Mmmm- gonna be sick…” he adds hurriedly, clamping is hand over his mouth, only to smother another sick sounding burp.

“Actually, it feels kinda good…” he admits finally. Getting the air out of his upset stomach is lessening the cramping and the agonising ache, albeit not easing the nausea any.

Viktor continues to rub his back gently until all the air is out. Yuuri’s eyes are dropping, the illness taking its toll. He’s exhausted, and now he’s finally gotten a break from all the vomiting, he’s exhausted. Viktor lays him back down in his lap, and places the cool compress back on his heated forehead, stroking soft black locks away as he does so. Yuuri sighs contentedly as Viktor moves his hands to his boyfriends poor tummy. It’s still churning and making weird unhappy noises, but it’s not as distended or gurgly as it was before, which Viktor deems a success anyway.

Yuuri certainly seems to be feeling a little better for now anyway. Hopefully he can get a little rest before the next round begins.

anonymous asked:

Vamp brothers ways to snuggle/cuddle? (You can choose who to do in this one.)

Shu: This tired ass bitch always wants to fucking cuddle. And he fucking will. There’s I’m bored cuddling, after-sex cuddling, I’m hungry cuddling, make-up cuddling, Monday cuddling, Tuesday cuddling, etc. Other than spooning, he has another favorite way of cuddling. He’ll hold you tightly so your legs are wrapped around his waist and your head is buried in that muscular ass chest. He’ll grope the booty and stoke your hair and bury his face into it. He’ll enjoy how floofy and soft it is and comment on how good it smells (speaking of good smells, the way he smells…👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit) Basically you guys will be in that position and he’ll whisper some good ol’ sweet nothings into your ear allllll night with that sexy voice of his.  

Reiji: Lol does this douche know what cuddling is? His version of cuddling can go both ways. The first one usually happens when you’re salty ass has been a good girl and you haven’t received an ass whoopin’ all day. It’ll start off with him sitting in the armchair and he’ll call you over. He’ll tell you to sit on his lap like he be Santa Claus or some shit and you’ll curl up like a cocoon on his lap while he holds you with them nice muscular arms. Mmmm Lordy~. Next is when your sinful asses have been done makin’ some sweet love (jk he don’t make love, he fucks) and you guys are tired as hell, laying down on some possibly broken bed. He’ll be layin’ down and wrapping his sexy muscular arm around you while you snuggle up to that nice chest of his (your face will probably be next to his nipple), with his sexy ass cologne the only scent you smell…not that it’s a bad thing tho.

Ayato: Yours Truly is the best at everything…even cuddling. This fucking trickster likes cuddling without his lover suspectin’ shit cuz he mischievous af. Mr. Strawberry Shortcake will probs playfully pounce on you when he’s feeling playful without you playfully suspecting it and you guys will probably playfully wrestle for a playfully bit because you guys are fucking playfully playful. After his fatass gets tired, this sexy redhead will climb ontop of you, because he dominant af, and hold you tightly so your face is buried in his heaven - smelling muscular chest. This possessive bitch will stroke your hair and talk about how your his and his only. He’ll eventually get off of you and start spooning you. While spooning, he’ll grope and grab dem titties because he be like some fucking McDonald’s ad when he grab dem titties cuz this bitch be lovin’ it. This’ll continue till you both take a nap.

Kanato: Okay even if he psycho and possessive and crazy af, cuddling with him would be like fucking heaven.  It’d feel like cuddling with a fucking cake cuz this hoe be smellin’ like one so make sure you ain’t hungry. It usually happens….whenever the fuck he wants to. And if you defy him then bitch you’ll be gettin’ more than an ass whoopin’. When cuddlin’, he’ll set Teddy down so you know this some serious shit.  He likes it when his lover is sittin’ on his lap all curled up and shit and he’ll hold her tightly so she’ll be buried and snuggled up to his chest that smells amazing af.  Another favorite position of this kawaii ass bitch is when they both layin’ down and he’ll latch onto her.and bury his face into dem titties because like his Onii-chan, he likes dem titties. He’ll hold you so tightly, you don’t know if he be tryin’ to kill you or cuddle you. The best thing to do is to just accept it and hold him back and pet his soft ass floofy hair.

Laito: This pervy ass hoe loves cuddlin’ whenever. His favorite position? Spooning. Why? Because spooning leads to forking. Enough said.

Subaru: This tsundere ass bitch is too thug life to fucking cuddle so don’t expect it too much from his salty ass unless you give him dem puppy dog eyes and lip tremble.  When he cuddles, it’s usually when you guys are in his coffin (so his brothers don’t see), his lover is sad, or he just fucked the shit outta his lover. Since his lover is smol and he is tol and strong, he’ll want to hold her tightly with dem nice biceps of his when she’s curled up in a tiny ball of floof and cuteness. He’d want her face turned away from him or her face buried into his muscular ass chest so she don’t see him bein’ all blushy blushy desu and shit. If she was cryin’, he’d quickly peck her tears away and say sweet nothings into her ear. He’d pet her hair as she breathes in his sexy ass scent and eventually take a nap. 

Ruki:  Mhmmm~ despite bein’ salty af, this sugar daddy has a sweet side when cuddlin’ with his lover.  He does it when his lover can’t fall asleep cuz she had a spooky ass dream or after she got herself an ass whoopin’.  Like Reiji, this thot be thinkin’ he be Santa Claus so he’ll pull his lover onto his lap and rest her head on that fine ass muscular chest of his and softly pet her hair like she be some fuckin’ cat or some shit.  During sleep time, he’ll wrap an arm around his lover and hold her tightly with dem biceps of his while he’s readin’ some shit.  She’ll probably wrap one of her  legs around him and bury her face into his chest. He’ll probably stroke her back and even though he ain’t even lookin’ at her, he knows exactly what he be doin’ with those fine man hands of him.  Point is, he’ll only wanna cuddle if to calm down his lover or make her fall asleep.

Kou: This fake, two-faced, annoying, crazy, Honey Boo Boo lookin’ ass bitch is a very clingy cuddler.  He cuddles whenever tf he wants and bitch don’t even TRY refusin’.  Master will expect his Kitten to cuddle whenever he wants to.  Before sex, he’ll usually spoon because it gives him easier access to grind on his lover. He also likes spooning after sex and he doesn’t mind bein’ the big or little spoon. Other than that, his usual cuddlin’ method is that he’ll pounce on his lover and wrap his arms and legs around in her so she’s trapped in a Kou cage.  She’ll probably be curled up in a little ball and smooshed against his pecs/square-boobs.  During cuddling, he’ll probably attack her face in kisses and keep talking about how cute she is.  However, sometimes he holds her too tightly and she’ll have to let out a squeak of some sort to signal him to loosen his grip.

Yuma: Even if this thug ass ho be scary lookin’ as shit, he’s just a giant teddy bear. He’s always in the mood for cuddlin’, all you have to do is say the magic word. After sex and before you guys fall asleep, he’ll just spoon you.  Other times, he’ll wrap an arm around you and hold you while you breathe in his sexy ass smell.  This hoe also likes when you’re curled up on his chest like a cat and since he’s tol af, you could easily fit on his torso.  This tol ass bitch also likes when you wrap your legs around him and bury your face in his chest while he holds you tightly.  He’ll probably pet your hair and occasionally grab the booty or oppai when he feels like it. Cuddling with him usually starts off with some play wrestling before he tackles you down and forces you to cuddle with him.  Expect him to very touchy-feely when he’s cuddlin. Laito isn’t the only perverted ass bitch in this series.

Azusa: Are you kidding me? He hates cuddling. Don’t even go near him or he’ll cut you. Bitch, don’t even think about cuddling with him or else he’ll go full on fucking Super Saiyan on you. Haha JUST KIDDING. This cinnamon bun lives for fucking cuddling.  He’ll cuddle whenever, however. When spooning, if he’s the big spoon he’ll pet your hair but if he’s the little spoon he’ll want you to pet his hair. His way of cuddling his simple. He’ll just hold you tightly so you snuggle in his chest. Like Kanato, this bitch be smellin’ like some cinnamon apples so don’t be hungry when you’re cuddling with him.  Like Kou, he’ll sometimes hold too tightly so you’ll have to squeak to let him to loosen his grip. He’ll nuzzle into your cheek and neck and make sure he ain’t hungry either or else you’ll have some bitemarks you need to hide.  

Babe (SMUT)

Anon request: Rikiya (ASA) x MC

“ Could you maybe write something about Rikiya (ASA)? I really don’t care what it is about but I love him and I haven’t been able to find smut-shots about him yet X(”

[Rikiya was actually super fun to write for & he definitely needs more love in the fanfic world. ENJOY MY SINNERS]


“Hey babe?” oh god, I love it when he calls me babe. I’m sure the smile on my lips makes me look like a weirdo. Wait. We’re in the teachers lounge at work. He can’t call me that here. My head bolts up, tearing me away from the marking I was doing. My eyes darting round the room only to notice everyone had already gone home before my gaze finally rests of Rikiya. 

“Don’t call me that here. What if the others were around?!” I scold him while letting out a relieved sigh turning my eyes back to the papers I was checking. 

“No one’s here other than us, it’s been that way for the last half an hour. Shinichi asked us to lock up once we’re done.” I look at him from the corner of my eye, too flustered to focus on grading papers any more. He’s leaning against the notice board, leg perched on the wall behind him while his arms are folded against his toned chest. I can make out a smile on his lips and his eyes wandering over my form. But that may be my imagination. He wouldn’t do something here. Nope. He likes his job too much. I try to think of sciencey things but my pounding heart is making it difficult. He’s just so sexy…FOCUS GIRL. 

“You marked that one wrong, babe.” His amused voice tickled my ears, the emphasis on the word ‘babe’ made me tense up. When did he move closer and how did I not hear him?! His hand lays over mine as he guides the pen over the paper. The sudden touch sends goosebumps riding over my skin, making him chuckle darkly in my ear. Uh-oh. I know that laugh. 

“Looks like you’ve still got some things to learn.” His tongue flicked over my earlobe making a moan escape between my parted lips. My body already succumbing to his advances despite our environment and from previous experience, this was only the beginning. He spun my chair around, my hands instantly gripping onto his t-shirt to steady myself, the fabric rumpling in between my knuckles. He smirked at my surprise. I’m not sure why I was surprised. Our relationship involved a lot of sex and it was always really good sex, Rikiya could never get enough, neither could I and it didn’t matter where we were. If he wanted me, he got me and I had no complaints. Once again, while I knew the consequences of us being caught I was unable to ignore the fire starting in my core. 

“Mr Mononobe, please teach me.” My voice sultry with an eagerness I was unable to suppress, my hands releasing his shirt only to travel the contours of his muscular form. My nails clawing at the fabric denying me the pleasure of his skin. 

“______” He growls at me before slamming his lips against mine. His tongue almost instantly swiping at my bottom lip asking permission to dance with mine. Which of course I gladly granted but not before getting a quick nip on the tip of his tongue knowing that’ll unleash the beast inside him. He grabs me by my waist hoisting me onto the desk behind me. His aggressive breaths coming out in snarls & groans as he releases my mouth. 

“Uh-huh, looks like I need to teach you some discipline first.” His eyes darkening as a sly smile began to play on his lips. That face, that insanely sexy face, one I’d seen so many times I’d lost count but no matter what it sent shivers down my spine & an aching straight to my core. I was in for treat & I could hardly contain the anticipation from exploding out of me. 

“Bend over the desk, babe.” He steps back, folds his arms & waits for me to follow his command. Eagerly I got into position, sticking my ass out as far as I could. His hands immediately reached around my front to the button on my trousers, pulling them over my ass, squeezing my cheeks out of the clingy fabric. He takes a moment to admire and caress each cheek, my trousers resting at the tops of my thighs as he begins to pull down his favourite red lacy thong, dragging both of the offending garments to my ankles. 

“First lesson; more skirts. I need easier access.” He huffs a feigned annoyance as his hands head straight back to my bare cheeks. 

“Yes, Sir.” I grip the edge of the desk expectation making me brace myself for the pleasure to come. The warmth of his palm leaves my right ass cheek, only to come stingy back down. My body jumping at the pleasurable pain. My yelp echoing around the room, reminding me of my surroundings. I bit my lip.

“Second lesson; don’t tease your teacher” Another smack on my cheek, my teeth let go of my lip & another cry leaves my mouth. 

“Y-yes…Sir” The burn on my cheek setting fire to my entire body making me quiver. 

“Third lesson; don’t suppress those pretty little moans of yours. I want to hear you _____.” The hand on my left cheek ghosting my skin as he made his way to my pussy before a finger was gliding through my folds spreading the wetness of my core.

“Yes…ohhhh” He removes his fingers & grips my sore cheek. 

“Yes what?” His nails digging into my sensitive skin making me groan. Before making his palm connect with my crimson skin once more. 

“Yes…Yess…Sir.” My breaths leaving my mouth in pants & whimpers. It still amazes me how much I love it when he spanks me. The first time he did it, I was embarrassed by how much I liked it. I never knew I could be wild but Rikiya helped me explore my sexuality and embrace it. I’ve been in so many positions I thought were impossible to have sex in. Done things I once thought I’d be too embarrassed to do. He taught me that if it made me feel good it was nothing to be ashamed of. He really is a great teacher.

His fingers go back to tracing my wet slit, teasing my lips apart and rubbing my entrance open only for his finger to retreat & circle my clit but without actually touching it. My back automatically arched, my hips pushing back into his fingers demanding to be touched properly.

“Final lesson for today; I want my dirty girl to tell me what she wants.” I could hear the amusement in his voice as his fingers continue to torture my pussy. Another thing I learnt, he LOVES to torment me and as much as I deny it I love it when he does too. Not that I’d ever tell him that. 

“Uhggghh…Yes..s-sir…please…Rik…Mr Mononobe…I need you…to touch me…more…give me…more.” Words left my lips before I had time to process them. My body wriggling and quivering for his touch. His chuckle was barely audible over my whines his fingers still mercilessly tracing my pussy without touching where I wanted him to. 

“please…si-FUCK” Just as I was ready to beg, two fingers delved into my pussy, stroking my walls in a gentle pace, enough to stimulate me but not enough for the release I wanted. I plot to tease him no end when we get home but my mind goes blank as soon as his thumb brushes my clit. 

“Mmmm…ore” my arms buckle and I’m barely able to stop my head from crashing into the desk. The onslaught of pleasure taking hold of my limbs.

“Greedy girl. How much more do you want?” His fingers scissoring in my pussy, rubbing my walls and reaching for my sweet spot. I could feel my walls pulsing around his fingers begging for more friction. My moans catching in my throat making it hard for me to breath. 

“p-pl..ease..I…please…I want y-your cock, sir.” I also learnt when I begged for his cock inside me he lost all restraint. I heard him growl, his hands sliding out of me leaving me whimpering and whining at the loss. I look over my shoulder to watch him take his erect cock in his hands, gliding my juice from his fingers over his length mixing in with his precum. Everything he does is so hot. My teeth graze my lip, my head turning back lulling forward as his hand grips hold of my hip, his other hand guiding himself into my dripping core. 

“Fuck” I don’t need to see him to know he’s thrown his head back at my walls stretching and constricting around him simultaneously. My moan came out hard and long making the sheets of paper on my desk flutter. His thrusts we brutal from the onset, while he teased he got equally desperate and he fucked me rough and fast. My favourite Rikiya was the desperate one. Not that the passionate one was bad, not at all. While he liked to dominate, I was the one who could turn him into a frenzied mess. I liked the power I held over him. 

“Oh god..Rikiya…mmmmm” His cock hit my sweet spot making my hips involuntarily buck back into his causing him to let out a satisfied groan. I could feel my orgasm fast approaching and the grip on my hips tightening hard enough to leave a bruise, told me his was too. His thrusts grew sporadic but never lost their intensity and pleasure. Both our moans singing throughout the room. My fingernails carving into the soft wood of the desk. 

“______…my naughty girl…mm” His hips slapping into my sore ass adding to the bliss I felt taking over my body. My nails dragging lines down the desk, my eyes fluttering shut, a white heat consuming me entirely as my orgasm set fire to me; body and soul, his name along with the odd ‘fuck’ not so eloquently rolling off my tongue into the warm air of the teacher lounge. My pussy gushing cum around his cock, sloshing around as his thrusts continue and my walls twitch and pulsing around him. 

“Fuck…_____” I felt him shudder all the way through to the grip on my hip making me shiver against him in my post orgasm rapture. Thankful for the sign he was about to cum too because I swear my legs are going give way. I whimper as he thrusts one last time, hard and deep into me as his cum leaks into me. My whole body hot and sweaty, my white shirt clingy to my skin, my bangs sticking to my forehead. I feel his warmth lay on my back, his panting grazing my earlobe sending another delicious shiver through me. We stay like this for a while, catching our breath and enjoying each others touch before he pulls out of me & pulls my underwear and trousers back up. Then he puts himself back into his trousers. 

After a few more moments with my chest resting against the desk, I find my bearings & turn to face Rikiya, only to be met with his chest & torso…his white t-shirt damn near see-through from his sweat…fuck…how did I land this hotty?! He must have noticed my lustful gaze because he chuckles.

“That wasn’t enough for you?” He arches an eyebrow & returns my lustful gaze. 

“Not really…I think I should do then rest of my marking at home though” I lick my lips seductively earning another one of his growls as he wraps his arms around my waist.

“That’s my girl” He kisses me, making my mind once again think of nothing but him. Shit. I’m so in love with him.