On this day in music history: May 24, 1997 - “MMMBop” by Hanson hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks. Written by Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson and Zachary Hanson, it is the debut release and biggest hit for the pop band from Tulsa, OK. Coming from a musical family, brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson begin taking piano lessons, with Isaac and Zac eventually switching to guitar and drums respectively. The brothers begin performing in talent contests and state fairs in their native Oklahoma as The Hanson Brothers. Shortening their name to Hanson in 1994, they perform at the South By Southwest festival, where they are spotted by Dave Matthews Band manager Christopher Sabec. Becoming the boys manager, Sabec tries to get them a record deal with a major label, but is turned down by all, seeing them as a novelty or not even as a real band. Undaunted, they record and independently release their first album “Boomerang” in 1995. The brothers write all fourteen songs on their second indie release “MMMBop” in 1996. The title song is inspired by a hook taken from earlier song, and reworking it. While promoting the album, the band are seen by Mercury Records A&R executive Steve Greenberg, who immediately sign them. Settling in Los Angeles to begin work on their major label debut, Greenberg hires The Dust Brothers (Michael Simpson and John King), best known for their work artists such as Beck, the Beastie Boys, Tone Loc and Young MC to work with Hanson. Simpson and King put together the basic track for the re-recorded version of “MMMBop”, using samples, drum programming and scratching. With their schedule packed with other projects, they are unable to finish the track before having to bow out and begin work on their next project. Former Altered Images drummer Stephen Lironi (Black Grape, Fun Lovin’ Criminals) is brought in to finish the song and produce the rest of the album. Isaac, Taylor and Zac overdub live instrumentation to the basic track, and add their vocals. Released as the first single from “Middle Of Nowhere” on April 15, 1997, it is an instant smash. Entering the Hot 100 at #16 on May 3, 1997, it races to the top of the chart three weeks later. With the brothers being only 16, 14 and 11 at the time, Hanson become the first artists in Billboard chart history to have a number one single, that were all born in the 1980’s. One of the top singles of 1997, “MMMBop” is a huge hit internationally, topping the charts in nine other countries. It receives two Grammy nominations for Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal and Record Of The Year in 1998, with Hanson receiving a third nomination for Best New Artist. The song propels Hanson’s album into the top five on the Billboard Top 200, selling over four million copies in US, and ten million worldwide. “MMMBop” is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Masterlist of Girl Groups Proving Their Vocals

So we all know that there are a lot of girl groups are currently existing this year. I’m getting worried since some talented girl groups are getting less attention as the number of rookies increase and worse, they get disbanded. Just pls chill and watch these videos because these girls deserve more attention. Forget about the looks, just focus on the vocals. Don’t forget to spread this for others to listen, too. (Majority of these videos are covers and live)








EVOL (but mostly Say):




I know I miss a lot of girl groups, please add them! So I’m leaving it here and hope you’ll start supporting them :-)





Please add more! I only know few girl groups :(



“ I’m getting really sick of my friends and family laughing at me and making fun of the fact that I like Hanson. I get the same comments all the time… ‘aren’t they like 12?’ 'They only had one song!’ Etc… why can’t people stop being so ignorant? It’s been 20 years since Mmmbop they’ve obviously grown up. Listen to their more recent music and you’ll see how good they are! Getting so criticised for going to see them live and I’ve had enough. Does anyone else feel this way? “

Rick and Morty Episode Idea
  • *first half of the episode SUCKS and doesn't line up at all*
  • (In the garage)
  • *rick is fiddling with a weird looking machine*
  • MORTY: W-what are you doing R-Rick?
  • RICK: W-what does it look like I'm doing Morty! Our-our whole plot line is all messed up M-Morty!
  • MORTY: aw geez Rick.
  • RICK: Those little *burp* shits have been fucking around for a y-year and a Half now!
  • *Rick fiddles with the machine more before a portal opens*
  • *Rick and Morty go through the portal into a weird looking dimension never seen before*
  • MORTY: Where are we?
  • RICK: The screen writing dimension.
  • MORTY: A-aw geez Rick... you've really done it this time.
  • RICK: shut up Morty.
  • *rick bursts into a room and beats up all the screen writers in a montage with Mmmbop by Hanson playing over it*
  • RICK: Seriously?! They have a shitty music taste too?
  • MORTY: R-Rick... you, you know I've been thinking... and you haven't stuttered ONCE since we got here.
  • *Rick pauses and squints his eyes as if he is thinking*
  • RICK: you're right Morty...
  • *pause*
  • RICK (Cont.): even the voice actors are horrible.
  • *rick opens up a door that reads RECORDING DO NOT OPEN*
  • *Justin Roiland is standing by a microphone looking startled*
  • MORTY: w-who's that RICK?
  • *Justin is heard in the background saying the same thing but with a very slight delay*
  • RICK: he's the biggest ass hole I know.
  • *justin heard again*
  • MORTY: why's he copying us Rick?
  • *pans over to Justin looking mortified and trying to keep up*
  • MORTY: d-didn't you say we shouldn't open paradoxes Rick?!
  • RICK: T-that doesn't matter right now... just get him MORTY!
  • *screen fades out to sounds of screaming and grunts*
  • *fades in*
  • *Rick and Morty walking into the living room*
  • MORTY: w-wow Rick... I've never beaten up my own voice actor before.
  • RICK: m-maybe now they'll *burp* behave and Write s-ome good comedy
  • *fades out*
  • *end credits*