huh… so ksoo ranks #9 in the latest poll of 1000 gays voting for their ideal types (nicee… he went up, in previous polls he was #10, getting a bit more popular eh, kyung? too bad hes taken lol sorry fanboys)

im kinda expecting a new rumor to show up so ksoo’s straightness™ could be re-emphasized 

There should be some art coming your way guys, mostly uncharted and lis. That’s if I can get my shit together and finish this growing pile of wips. Anyways, just wanted to give an update, since my ‘Art’ blog has been rather barren haha. Meanwhile, enjoy the meme-ry <3


Hey guys BACK AT IT AGAIN with an OLD fakemon (remade from this guy from a few months ago, actually fits the sun/moon vibe quite well haha)

This is Plumerion, a Grass/Dragon type that comes in 3 patterns! This does not affect anything other than its look but it’s fun to collect them all. The Celestial pattern is the hardest to get, they appear very rarely and only at at dawn/dusk.

More info:

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@matthowse is putting out some mock ups of ideas for some larger pieces that he’d be stoked to tattoo. They’re just ideas and he I’d open to suggestions on your part as well. DM him to set something up! #tattoo #tattooing #tattooed #seventhsontattoo #sanfrancisco #california #tattooedgirls #girlswithtattoos #flowers #color #flowertattoo #backpiece #womenwithtattoos #tattooedwomen #crossfit #fitness #beer #food #sushi

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