mmm.. food


No-bake energy balls! These have been so awesome for times when I just want a little snack. They contain : dark chocolate chips, peanut butter, honey, vanilla extract, old-fashioned oats, flaxseed, & toasted coconut. Mmm!

Feed the Belly

Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re pregnant and Dean’s being super caring. Sadly, this also means he’s cooking healthy, nutritious food for you and the baby. All the healthy food, for months. Until you’ve had enough. 

Word Count: 1100+

Munch. Munch. Munch.

You were stuffing your face with cookies, and ice cream, and pizza. Yes, all three of those. Yes, at the same time.

Sure, a few months ago you would have judged something like this as disgusting, super unhealthy, a great recipe for a heart disease… But, after countless weeks of kale, cabbage, spinach, carrots, lean meat, and lentils… you just didn’t care anymore. You wanted all the junk food, now.

The pregnancy book was staring at you from the table, and you stared back, glared even as your lips wrapped around a spoon of chocolate ice-cream. Take this, you stupid book.

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I found a new path to run and it’s magical! Also very hilly until you get to a certain point.

I just did my weigh in expecting nothing and poof! I’m down 3 pounds.
That’s 136/145 pounds down and I’m 134. I’ve got only 9 left and omg yay.
Also.. holy shit I’m almost in the 120’s! Like this is seriously blowing my mind. I’m literally half the person I was too!

Now time to feast on my sandwich from Potbelly’s! It’s a Clubby sandwich without ranch (I hate ranch, is that weird?) and Normandy veggies. 😋