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G Eazy Imagine

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Synopsis: G makes assumptions that lead to problematic fights and you deciding if it’s all worth it

Warnings: Drugs, Slight use of blood, Alcohol, Language and honestly this is going to be long because I like the details, yah feel? 

Part Two

Your POV

I quickly dialed G’s number barely being able to wipe the smile off my face walking out of work. 

“Hey baby, I miss you.” G answers the phone and my smile only gets bigger. 

“Babe you’ll never believe it! David is publishing my article! I did it!” I yell in excitement and he laughs on the other end. 

“Y/N! That’s my girl. You are an amazing writer and it’s damn time people see that.” By him saying that only warmed my heart more. It just made me love him even more. We had been dating for about a year and a half now, through thick and thin he’d always say, and it was true. From album launches to tough critics we always supported one another. 

“Y/N? What are you still doing here? Do you want a ride home, you are on the way home for me.” My boss David comes up  from behind me and I quickly cover the phone so Gerald wouldn’t hear. 

“Who’s that?” Gerald asks, he was so protective of me, he just had good intentions but sometimes the littlest stuff ticked him off. 

“It’s my boss. I’ll call you back babe.” With that I hung up quickly and turned around to meet David. Everyone in the office knew David had a thing for me since day one but he was my boss, let alone I had an amazing boyfriend. 

“Hey, and you know it’s not that far, I don’t mind walking.” I smile and David shakes his head. 

“It’s creepy down here at night, please it’s no trouble.” There was a part of me that knew I shouldn’t but he was right. 

“Okay, thank you.” I get into his very expensive car, one I probably wouldn’t be able to afford no matter how much I saved. We rode in silence until my phone started ringing Gerald’s face appearing on the screen, I quickly ignore it and I catch David looking at it in the corner of my eye. 

“Well, here we are.” David smiles and I quickly get out. 

“Thanks so much.” I smile politely and quickly get up to Gerald and I’s apartment. I call back G and he answers on the first ring. 

“Yo, what was that about?” He asks and I head to the bedroom to pack the last couple of things. 

“My boss, he-uh- was nice enough to drive me home.” I struggle to open the suitcase and hold the phone at the same time. 

“Your boss that has the hots for you?” G asks and I roll my eyes. 

“Sure, I don’t know. I’m gonna finish packing and I’m on the next flight out to you.” I smile and he laughs.

“Yeah, the guys and I are going to pregame a little but I’ll be back in time at the house to see you. You’ll love the place, has a really big bed…” G carries off the sentence and I laugh.

“Alright, I’ll see you later. Text you when I land. Love you.” I hang up and finsih packing. I walk into the bathroom and turn on the curling iron to just touch up a couple pieces of hair so I wouldn’t have to later. I start to curl a piece underneath and I guess I got too close to my neck and burn it. I hiss in pain and put the curling iron down to see the red mark forming. I finish my hair and let the iron cool before tossing it into my bag.

 I get an Uber to the airport as I don’t want to bother any of my friends to just drive me to the airport. The ride wasn’t that long but I was just so excited to see my boyfriend. It had been about a month since I had seen Gerald because of tour but he luckily got a week off and got a house in Palm Springs that sounded amazing. It was just going to be us for once and I couldn’t wait. 

The flight was a little less than an hour so I got to Palm Springs pretty quickly and just got an Uber to the adress G had sent me. 

The airport was pretty quiet as it was late. Of course I would have liked if Gerald picked me up but he was famous and I suppose someone would recognize him, plus he was most likely drinking. I watched the street lights pass as the palm trees lightly blew in the wind. About 30 minues later we started pulling up to the house and of course I was shocked at how beautiful it was. 

“Thank’s so much.” I pay and get out, dragging my bag behind me. I was honestly exhausted from work and I really didn’t sleep on the plane since it was a short flight. I knock on the door and no one answers but the music blares from within. I try and knock louder and finally someone answers, a girl with dark brown hair and beautiful tan skin opens the huge door.

“Can I help you?” She asks in an annoyed tone and I’m taken back by it. 

“Yeah my boyfriend Gerald is there, can I come in?” She laughs and opens the door more and I start to go in and see him in a chair with a girl ontop of him just sitting there. There were several girls wearing barely anything but you weren’t one to judge. His crew was there, as well as guys you’d never even seen before. 

“G.” I say and he looks at me and starts laughing lightly. To say I was embarrassed wasn’t even the start of it. 

“Hey babyy,” He slurred his words and quickly got up, pushing the girl off of him. His hair was no longer in the usual slicked back fashion as pieces of it fell in front of his eyes and the sides of his face. Gerald barely could walk but he didn’t let go of a bottle that was in his hand. I noticed drugs all over the coffee table, ones I knew that were not just weed.

“Awhh look at my girl, damn baby. Mmm.” Gerald wraps me in a hug and rocks me back and forth and I lightly shove him off. He scowls at my action and his eyes were dark, his pupils dilated beyond what I had ever seen them. 

“What did you do? How much did you drink?” I hold the sides of his face and I can see everyone staring at us. It’s then I notice a tiny bit of blood splattered up his neck. 

“What the fuck Gerald? Are you hurt?!” I pull the shirt down near his neck and he looks annoyed. 

“No, stop it.” Gerald pulls away from me. 

“What happened?” I ask worried and he takes another drink from the bottle. 

“I don’t know, why don’t you ask David.” He says taking me by surprise and I run my fingers through my hair. 

“What the fuck is that?!” Gerald yells and I jump at the change in tone and everybody looks our way. 

“What?” I ask and he grabs the back of my neck. 

“You have a hickey, Y/N. Did you fuck David? You gonna leave me for him? Some 40 year old guy who probably can’t even get it up?” Gerald yells anger clearly radiating off of him.

“What the hell Gerald? What’s your problem?” I ask.

“I didn’t sleep with David, he’s my boss! G c’mon, you know I love you.” I grab his hand but he jerks it away. 

“You should! I’m gone all the time, it sure would be easy for you. Then I could hookup with other girls and not feel like shit afterwards!” Gerald holds his stomach and laughs as he barely holds onto the bottle. 

“Excuse me? I’m not talking to you with everybody here.” I say scowling at his last sentence and turn around heading towards the front door.

“Well then fuck you!” Gerald yells and before I know it a bottle smashes against the wall next to the front door. Gasps fill the room at his sudden action, as I’m frozen in my steps. Tears fall down my cheeks, as fear laces into every bone and muscle in my body. I turn around to look at him and it seems he realized what he’d done. 

“Baby- I’m so sorry, I didn’t m-” Gerald starts but I quickly stop him.

“You’re fucking crazy, don’t ever come near me again.” I say as anger flows through me. I quickly open the door and slam it shut running down the driveway, tears streaming which I knew would leave a mess with mascara but that was the least of my problems. I sobbed and sobbed but I just kept walking as the events of what happened replayed over and over like a bad rerun. 

Authors Note: Hope you liked it, there will be a part two coming out very shortly so I’ll be sure to put the link to part two in this one! Thanks! Open for requests if you have any!

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"11, things you said when you were drunk" which I'm sure you've already received but is dying to be written after vol 2!

Peter had long ago perfected the art of drinking just enough alcohol to get drunk without losing control. 

His teammates, apparently, had not, judging by the fact that most of them were currently passed out on the floor around him (including Groot, but only because it was well past his bedtime; they weren’t about to give alcohol to a baby, c’mon).

Gamora was the only one besides him who had managed to stay awake, but that was because she was some kind of drinking superhero.

“How’re you doing that?” Peter mumbled into her stomach. He was currently curled up on the floor with his head in her lap, trying not to fall asleep – okay, so he might actually have toed the line as far as drinking too much went, but it was hard to care when Gamora was so comfy.

“Doing what?” she asked, casually sipping a beer.

“Being all – sitting and stuff. You had as much to drink as the rest of us.”

“Alcohol doesn’t affect me as easily.”  

He turned his head a bit so he could look up at her more easily. “You’re such a badass,” he said, proud that he was only slurring his words a little.

She smirked, amused. “So you’ve said.”

His eyes traced over the scars on her face and his head bumped lightly against the hilt of her sword where it was strapped to her thigh.

“Hey,” he said. “Hey, G’mora? Hey –“

“Yes, Peter?”                                                                                                     

“I ever tell you why I named the ship the Milano?”

“After a character on a TV show.”

“No. Yes.” He giggled at his own fumbling response. “I mean, she was actually the actress. But like, why I named it after her?”

“No, why?”

“C’mere,” he said, crooking his finger for her to bend down. “Issa secret.”  

She indulgently lowered her head and he whispered, “I use’ta want her to be my girlfriend when I was a kid. Even when I thought love was icky.”


“Yep. Scientific term from Earth there, you’re welcome.” He laughed loud enough at his own joke that he briefly woke up Rocket; he heard him roll over and grumble something about ‘damn singing fool’ before falling back asleep.

“She was cool, though,” Peter said after he’d calmed down. “Like you.”

“Was she?” Gamora had started playing with his hair and he leaned further into her as he kept talking.

“Yeah. In the show she was really strong and awesome. She punched someone once, and she liked basketball.”

“What’s basketball?”


“I don’t care for sports.”

Peter waved a hand (or tried to; he ended up just sort of slapping the floor). “Doesn’t matter. The important part was the punching. And you’re into swords, which are cooler than sports.”

“I agree.” She was looking at him with a soft, pretty smile that melted his insides even when he was sober. “So, your childhood dreams came true then? David Hasselhoff was your father and Alyssa Milano is your girlfriend?”

“No, no.” He shook his head, which made him dizzy, but he pressed on. “You’re way better than her. You saved the galaxy and you killed a monster and you do that thing where you scratch the back of my neck – aahh, yeah, like that.” He closed his eyes, lost in pleasure for a moment.

“Plus,” he continued on a yawn, keeping his eyes closed. “You let me fall asleep on your lap.”

“Peter Quill, you better not.” She tried to sound disapproving, but he could feel her stomach jerk with repressed laughter.

“Mmm, too late.” He wrapped his arms around her so he was basically hugging her waist, settling in like she was a pillow.

“Ten minutes,” she said. “Then we’re moving to a bed.”

“Deal,” he mumbled. Though he was pretty sure she was gonna have to carry him.

But she was badass and strong, even stronger than Alyssa Milano, so she could handle it.  

You (fRyder x Reyes)


I sort of feel like I’m cheating with these prompts, because I never go where my poor prompter intended. With that said, this one is for everybody who has left kind notes for me these last few days. You know who you are! 

“You’re pretty.” Reyes says it with a wink, because Sara hates this game.

She sighs. They’re sprawled on the bed in Reyes’ apartment, walled off from Kadara Port’s glaring lights by close-drawn blinds and piled blankets. The hanging light above the bed’s emitting soft illumination, orange-tinted like Govorkam’s rays. Sara wriggles closer against Reyes’ side, pouting like she hopes it will distract him from his teasing.

“Not again,” she groans. “I suck at compliments, Reyes.”

“I hope you don’t mean to imply that you’re running out of nice things to say.” He tries to sound put out, but his grin must give the game away. He rolls onto his side so he can lean over her. She’s wearing a flimsy sweater, but not much else, and Reyes hasn’t been fully dressed since she landed on the planet. “Because I could keep going for days.”

“You’re sweet,” she murmurs. Her fingertips travel slowly up his arm, warm like sunlight cresting the mountains; cold like fire in near-vacuum. “Sometimes.”

Reyes chuckles, ducking his head to kiss her. Her lips are soft, and she mewls quietly when he licks into her mouth. “You’re beautiful,” he breathes.

He’s not sure that she heard him, but he’s not sure that it matters, either. She must feel the way his body changes when he touches her, tight-wound movements turning languid while his heartbeat trends staccato. They’ve been doing this for months now, but she still trembles when the pads of his fingers roam her body; still gulps down shaky breaths when his lips move to the hollow of her throat.

“You’re a good kisser,” she replies. She yelps when Reyes nips gently at her collarbone. “What? Not the compliment you were looking for?”

He soothes her skin with his tongue, warmth sliding down his spine when her breathing gives way to a quiet moan. “You can do better,” he whispers. “You’re right, though. I am an excellent kisser.”

“Mmm.” She wraps her thighs around his hips, sliding one palm over his shoulder to rest lightly on the nape of his neck. “You’re a good shot, too.”

“That hurts,” he growls into her throat. “I’m much better than good.”

The sound makes her shiver in delight, and she tilts her head to the side to urge him towards a new spot below her ear. He won’t give her what she wants, though. He sticks to that same patch of skin he’s been working on already, smirking when she whines in frustration.

“You’re a bastard.” The words come out hushed and fragile; full of weak-limbed longing and breathless want.

“What else?”

He takes mercy on her reddening skin, kissing a spot just below her jaw instead. He can feel her heartbeat thrumming through the artery there. It’s hot. It’s fierce. It’s unsteady.

“You hog the blankets,” she snarls, like she’s trying to deny those tell-tale signs. “You leave the cap off the toothpaste. You’re a terrible cook.”

Reyes really does laugh at that, burying his face in the crook of her shoulder - and after a moment, Sara starts laughing too. But the laughter’s quickly silenced. When Reyes pulls back to look at her, her lips are slightly open. Her pupils are huge.

“Please don’t stop.”

Shit, Sara.” Reyes goes back to her neck, teasing the tender skin with his teeth - just gently, like he’s testing her control - and she hisses fierce approval. “You’re going to be the death of me.”

She’s trembling. “You’re everything,” she whispers - and for a moment, neither of them even breathe.

She’s clinging to him like she’ll never let him go. Reyes’ heartbeat’s no longer staccato. It’s stopped - and he can’t really blame it. He holds her tighter; pulls her closer; pushes down so hard against her they might both break down to space dust. He loves her more than should be possible. He loves her more than a heart like his has room for.

He can’t respond immediately. It’s like his brain’s running at aux-power, but Sara’s watching him with gentle eyes. She’s waiting for an answer.

Reyes kisses her. He’s buying time - and he’s sure that Sara knows it - but she hooks her elbow around his neck anyway, pulling him down until they’re flat against the mattress. Her lips fall open on a breathless sigh: quiet; needy; quavering. Reyes still can’t breathe.

Maybe he doesn’t need to. Maybe he’s just forgotten how.

“You’re all I want.”

He doesn’t say it; he exhales it. He means it, too, and maybe that’s just because Kadara Port’s already his. But he’ll never stop wanting Sara, even when she’s whispering I love you in his ear; even when she’s promising forever amidst his tangled, sweaty sheets.

“I don’t ever want to be away from you,” she murmurs, and it’s like she’s reading his god damn thoughts.

She means it, though. Reyes can tell, because her tight-wound movements turn languid. Her heartbeat trends staccato. He kisses her again, whispering a three-word promise into her lips - but it’s so much more than that. He could be with her forever, and his head would still be spinning circles. The galaxy’s turning on an inescapable truth.

“Me either,” he breathes.

Because Reyes doesn’t want to escape.

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Mcrees sit emote makes me want to sit in between his legs in front of a campfire

“Didn’t Commander Reyes tell us to and I quote–’keep a low profile’?”

You stared at the fire McCree had started curiously, your head tilting to the side lightly as the darkly clad cowboy chuckled softly. He had singlehandedly created a small fire pit; the half circle design with a large rock facing towards the back of containing the fire effortlessly. Unlike most fires you had seen, smoke didn’t billow off of this one carelessly, instead small puffs of white smoke occasionally twisted and turned off the bright orange and yellow flames. McCree gave you a half smirk as he tossed yet another dried chunk of woods into the flame. The fire hungrily consumed it, growing brighter and larger before calming ever so slightly. This was a reconnaissance mission, a terrorist outpost in the mountainous thickets of Belarus was garnering attention and Blackwatch was tasked with finding out their movements as well as what they might be doing there. 

“Well darlin’”, he started, his words slow and thick. “I think we’ll be fine tucked away from everything, the trees’ll catch any smoke. Plus, Reyes ain’t here, now is he?”

That drew an incredulous snort from you, rolling your eyes as you watched Jesse plop down on his bed roll. He was the image of nonchalance and comfort; legs splayed out with his elbows barely resting against his knees, his lips temporarily cigarillo free. He had taken off his flashbang holster but Peacemaker still rested on his hip, his hat tilted back slightly so his eyes could still follow you as you stood next to the fire. The dancing yellows and oranges danced off of his features and outfit, the shadows and light emphasizing his strong jawline and dark eyes and that ridiculous skull and wings belt. The light made the spectrum of browns in his hair practically glow, lights and darks and mediums suddenly visible under the ambient lighting. Your eyes danced over his features before again locking with his eyes and seeing the mirth that rested in them. 

“Like whatcha see?”

Rolling your eyes once more you node before moving in front of him and smiling sweetly. 

“Sure do…is this seat taken?”

You motion towards the space between his knees, the cowboy glancing down before spreading his legs slightly more and gently patting the space. 

“For you sugar, always.”

“Such a flatterer”, you chuckle softly, before carefully turning and sitting, scooting backward until Jesse’s chest was flush with your back. “Mmm…warm.”

His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer as he rested his head on top of yours, planting a soft kiss and giving you a gentle squeeze. A comfortable quiet fell between the both of you as you stared into the flames and basked in the warmth of one another’s company. 

Just for Now

Just for Now

Fandom: Overwatch

Pairing: Jesse McCree/Tekhartha Zenyatta

Rating: T (swearing)

Word Count: 2,036

Summary: Jesse has a hard time falling asleep. Zenyatta is here to help.

For all intents and purposes, Jesse McCree should have been exhausted.

Should have been exhausted, because in the chaos of the recall, he had spent all day with the other former members clearing out the Watchpoint from its previous life. Jesse had spent his second day in Gibraltar hauling boxes of trash–outdated equipment, leftover debris, broken furniture–out to the loading bay for disposal. He must have made a hundred of those trips through the maze of corridors, trips that his muscles would definitely be reminding him of tomorrow morning.

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Little Piece of Heaven - George Weasley Imagine

A/N: hello dearies, I am so sorry I haven’t been posting! I’ve been pretty busy but I have a free day today so I’m going to be posting requests throughout the day :D here’s another one

anonymous asked: Hi darling! Can you make a one shot where its a couple years after the battle and were married? You can choose what its about! Thanks!  im sorry i forgot to add my character! Can it be about George Weasley. Thank you!

so here it is:D it’s a bit short but I hope you guys like it :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

Your name: submit What is this?

Little Piece of Heaven

(Y/N) woke up in the middle of the night to find herself in an empty bed.

“George?” she said still sleepy. She heard some noise coming from the next room and she quickly put on a sweater around her and made her way out of her room to look for her husband. Their flat was small but it was cozy and (Y/N) loved it. She walked over to her son’s room but also found it empty. So she made her way over to the dining room-living room and saw George walking out of the kitchen with his son in one arm and a book in his other hand.

“And then, the two brothers got into their brooms and set the whole room with fireworks as they yell at the ugly toad witch…”

(Y/N) smiled dreamily leaning against the doorframe listening as George told his son about the day he and Fred had stood up to Umbridge in their seventh year. After he was done, he closed the book and turned to look at his son, still oblivious that (Y/N) was witnessing the whole scene.

“You know, your uncle and I used to do all those kind of great things” he told his son who was paying his full attention to his father. “He would’ve loved you so much” he said sadly.

(Y/N) felt her heart breaking. She knew how much George missed Fred and always tried her best to make him feel better when he was feeling sad about it. Like when their son was born. George had never even suggested a name if the baby was a boy. The look on his face when (Y/N) told him that she wanted to name him Fred II was something she would never forget. It was little things like that that she tried to do to make him feel better. And she was certain that he also felt that whenever he looked at their son.

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Happy Birthday, Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy had decided that if he had to be awakened at 5:00 AM that the best way is by kisses. He had not heard Harry come in, or even sit down on the bed, but by the time he was pulled from sleep, Harry was running his tongue along the seam of Draco’s lips. Draco opened his mouth readily and Harry made a soft noise of approval before deepening the kiss in earnest.

After what seemed like an unfairly short amount of time to Draco, Harry pulled back and looked down at him smiling. “Happy Birthday, Draco.” he said.

Draco tried not to smile but failed miserably. “Thank you, ma vie.” he said, reaching up to cup Harry’s cheek. “Did you just get home?” Draco asked with a yawn.

“Nah, I got home around 11:00.” Harry said. “I have a surprise for you though.”

“A surprise?” Draco said, sitting up in bed.

Harry nodded. “Follow me.” he said and stood, leading the way out of the bedroom. Draco took a few seconds to consider if he should put on pants or not. Deciding he couldn’t wait, he followed Harry into the kitchen. Harry had decorated the apartment with green and silver paper streamers and a large banner that read “Happy Birthday Draco” that looked as though Harry had hung it by hand. This was the exact opposite of the party his mother planned for him this evening and because of that, or perhaps just Harry had done it for him, he loved it.

Sitting on the counter was the most beautiful lemon chiffon cake Draco had  ever seen. “Did, you make this?” Draco asked, eyeing the cake.

Harry blushed “Yeah.” He said. “I know it’s your favorite.”

Draco walked up and kissed Harry softly. “I love it.” he said. “And the decorations. All of it.” Draco kissed him again. “It’s perfect.”

Harry, reached up a hand and began to toy with the hair at Draco’s nape. “Do you want to eat in now or…?” Harry asked.

“Later.” Draco said and kissed him. Harry reached down and lifted up on Draco’s ass, prompting him to wrap his legs around Harry’s waist. Harry carried him to the bedroom with ease, and laid him down on the bed.

“What do you want to do?” Harry asked. Draco could feel Harry’s smirk against his lips.

“Suck me off.” Draco said a little breathlessly. Harry chuckled, “You ask for that every year.” he said.

“You’re just so very good at it, ma vie.” Draco said. Harry laughed again and nipped at Draco’s neck. He left a trail of kisses and love bites down Draco’s pale chest.

Harry sucked a bruise into Draco’s hip, causing Draco to moan roughly. “Get on with it, Potter.” Draco growled.

Harry clicked his tongue. “All in good time, Draco.” He murmured nuzzling Draco through his underwear. Draco let out a soft sigh. Harry caught the waistband of Draco’s boxers with his teeth and tugged them down slightly. Draco yelped at the drag of the fabric against his sensitive shaft.

Harry smiled up at him and curled his fingers under the boxers, pulling sharply until Draco lifted his hips and his cock sprang free. Harry made a “mmm” noise and wrapped his hand around the base and taking the tip in his mouth. Draco moaned and stuck his hand in Harry’s hair, pulling a little sharper than he meant to. Harry merely hummed and took more of Draco into his mouth.

Harry began to bob his head up and down and kept the same rhythm with his hand. Draco began to toss his head and make loud keening sounds in the back of his throat and Harry knew he was close. He pulled almost all the way off and swirled his tongue around the tip, then sunk down until his nose was pressed against Draco’s skin and swallowed.

Draco cried out Harry’s name as he came. A few seconds later, Harry pulled off him with a pop and swiped the back of his hand across his mouth. He grinned up at Draco, who looked absolutely wrecked and was grinning himself.

“Happy birthday to me.” Draco said with a laugh. “I think it’s time for cake.” Draco said as Harry crawled up to settle in next to him.

“Yeah?” Harry said.

“Yes.” Draco nodded. “And then afterward, I think you should probably be a lot more naked.”

Harry grinned as he folded his hands behind his head. “What about during?” He asked.

“I knew there was a reason I married you.” Draco said.

“Whatever, old man.” Harry said, getting up.

“We’re the same age!” Draco shouted after him as he made to follow.


Warning: Some serious angst that turns into utter fluff I promise. 

Inspired by the “La La Lu” lullaby from Lady and the Tramp please don’t judge me. 

Every time I wrote “stroke” in this story I accidentally wrote “stork” and proceeded to laugh out loud in my room until my housemate knocked on the door and asked if I was okay and I wanted you all to know that so every time you saw the word “stroke” you would know my struggle. Anyway, here you go, happy Tuesday!

The last thing you heard before drifting off to sleep was the steady and soft heartbeat coming from the warm chest below your head. There had been five nights where neither of you were awakened by anything other than the alarm clock on the night stand sitting on the other side of the bed. 

Since you had been together you always counted how many peaceful nights in a row the two of you could have. However, you also counted the nights that were ransacked by screams, ripped sheets, and tears.

Five was too many. You knew the nightmares were coming. And there was nothing you could do. 

So you gave him one last kiss, nuzzled into this shoulder, and closed your eyes. After a few minutes you felt him drift to sleep, but the same pleasure was taken away from you by fear and hatred. Hatred for the people who snatched his restful nights. Fear for the man beside you who you knew was going to have his peace of mind stolen before you could bring him back to you.   

Hours passed and his heartbeat was still calm in your ears. Maybe he had another free night. You finally fell asleep holding him close to you.  

But freedom was too much to ask for.

In your deep sleep you felt some sort of urgency. Consciousness was calling you, its voice a loud pounding in your ears. You were finally yanked from your slumber by nails digging into your shoulder. 

You opened your eyes, immediately propped yourself up on your elbow and started rubbing the strong, heaving chest below you. You knew what was happening even before your eyes could adjust from their sleepy haze.  As you were rambling nonsense, trying to gently wake him up, you took in the scene around you.

The hand that was digging into you a few seconds ago was now abusing the mattress behind you. You grabbed it and linked your fingers in his, kissing his knuckles. 

His other hand, however, was doing some more damage to the bed. You snapped your head over to it when you heard a familiar sound. His metal fingers were tearing the sheet like paper. Good thing you had bought them in bulk, this was the fourth bed sheet he had torn this month. You refused to be frustrated with him. He could do anything he wanted, as long as he got through these nightmares, you couldn’t care less. 

You put the hand you were holding against your cheek and rubbed his chest harder with your free hand. “Baby, wake up. Wake up, bud.” Your voice was louder than it was a minute ago. 

You always struggle with how to wake him up. Yelling puts him through more stress, you’ve learned. He can’t distinguish your voice from the ones in his dream. But the longer you can’t wake him up, the more desperate you become, the higher your volume and pitch grows. 

His eyes were clamped shut, sweat dripping down his face, his chest was heaving, and his mouth began to open. No. No no no no. “Baby, please wake up. I’m right here” but your words did nothing.

Screams were coming from him now. You couldn’t stand it. You wanted leap on top of him, shake his shoulders, and yell at him to wake up but you knew that would only make it worse for him. You knew you had to stay calm but nothing was working. You loathed this helplessness. You wished it was you. 

His bellows shook your core. Names and numbers and other words you didn’t understand until one made your stomach sink. Your name. He was screaming your name. “Don’t take her! Don’t hurt her! Stop!” He sobbed, the worst sound you’d ever heard filling the room. 

You desperately ran your fingers through his hair and shook his shoulders as gently as you could in your state of utter despair. Tears of fear, anger, frustration, and love streamed down your face. 

“Wake up, please, just wake up. I’m right here. Your girl’s right here. Wake up. Please Buck.”

All you could do was be there with him until the nightmare subsided enough for him to hear you. 

It felt like days passed when his screaming finally stopped, his voice raw and his sobs jolting in his chest. You kept talking to him calmly and looking at him so you would be the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes. You knew what he needed from you. 

You pushed his hair away from him face, kissed his knuckles, and rested your hand on his cheek, the pad of your thumb skimming his face from nose to ear. He was coming back to you.

“Buck, I’m right here. Open your eyes.”

He finally found the strength to do what you commanded. His eyes flew open with a jolt of his entire body and you felt his heart pounding in his fingers. 

He stared at you with wide, dark eyes and the two of you were silent, the only noise in the room was his laborious breathing. 

He untangled his fingers from yours and you expected him to turn away from you. It was the way he handled it. The nightmares reminded him he was disgusted with himself and everything he did while under HYDRA’s control. You hated it, but you couldn’t be hurt by it, you had to respect the way he handled things.

But he did not do what you expected. He did not do what he normally did. Tonight he wrapped his arms around you and buried his face in the side of your neck and let out a sob. To say you felt surprise was an understatement.

You sat up a little, and folded one of your arms around his back under his shoulders, stroking and twirling his hair with your free hand. At this he leaned deeper into you, and grabbed your leg and wrapped it around him with urgency. He wanted every inch of you around him and you complied, doing the same with your other leg. You felt a deep, shaky inhale come from him, as well as his warm tears leaking onto you shoulder.

Again, you wished it was you that was plagued by the nightmares. Before tonight, you had no idea what was ripping through his mind. You couldn’t try to understand or help, he didn’t let you. You asked and wondered but respected his space and his need to protect you from his awful dreams. Now, you had a clue. Losing you was what made the huge, strong, sexy man in your arms shatter like glass.

He clung to you like life, his breaths still short and ragged. “What can I do, Buck?”

It took him a minute to answer you, but you heard him mumble something.

“Hmm?” You couldn’t hear him. His face was pressed against your chest, you were sure there was an outline of his jaw etched into your skin by now.

He pulled away from you just enough for him to look into your eyes. You raised your brows to let him know you were listening. His eyes seemed scared and you didn’t know if it was the effect of the dream or if he was afraid to ask you for something. 

“Anything, Buck.” Your fingers trailed down his jaw from his ear as you assured him.

You waited patiently for his request. His eyes ran down your face, paused at your lips, and only stopped when they reached his flesh hand that was now rubbing circles around your hip.

“Sing to me.” You barely heard it. You were shocked. Sure, the two of you bonded over music, he always teased you for humming in the kitchen, and had begged you to sing along with the old standards on his record player, but you never thought it comforted him that much. 

You hid your wide eyes and tilted his chin up to look at you. “Anything in particular?” You tried not to chuckle.

He shook his head, which became a nuzzle back into your chest. You wracked your brain for something to hum, but every song you’d ever heard left your mind. You finally remembered a short lullaby that you sang to your niece when she was little. 

You pushed your embarrassment aside and started to sing very softly to the man you loved. 

La la lu” You lightly ran your finger tips up and down his spine and continued to stroke his hair. As you sang to him you felt his heartbeat finally slow, and his breathing normalize. No more sobs or jolts. “And may love be your keeper. La la lu.”

The short little tune was over and he rewarded you with slow kisses up your neck until he reached your mouth. 

“I love you. You know that?” You felt his voice rumble in the body you were wrapped around. 

“Mmm. I love you too.” You sank into his arms and the two of you drifted off to sleep, now having a trick to pull Bucky from his nightmares. 


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Ichigo Sato smut fanfic: Painful Love

This was requested by an anon. This is my first ever smut so I hope it’s ok. I hope you enjoy it!

You and your boyfriend of 6 months, Ichigo, are on a date.
“Thanks for the wonderful date Ichy! First the roller rink, and then we got these cute photo booth pictures to remember this day by, and the meal we just had was fantastic!”
“I’m glad you enjoyed it ____.”
“I wish this night could last forever. I’m so happy right now.”
“Who said this date was over?”
“Your wish is my command ____, let’s go to my house for a little bit.”

You arrive to Ichigo’s house.
“Where are your parents?”
“Out of town. They went to a cake fair or something. They like to go to it every year.”
“Oh ok.” You feel slightly uncomfortable with the situation. Did Ichigo bring you here on purpose knowing that his parents wouldn’t be home?
“Would you like something to drink ____?”
“Yes, tea please.”

After drinking some tea and having a nice conversation with Ichigo time flies.
“Oh shoot! It’s late! I have to go. I’m sorry Ichy and thank for everything.”
“____, wait. Don’t leave.”
“Look outside.” Ichigo points towards the window and it’s pouring outside. There’s a huge storm and some train and bus routes have been closed due to the conditions. You get a call…
“Hello? Hi Jo!”
“____ are you ok? Where are you?” Johji sounds concerned.
“Uhh I’m uhh at Ichy’s house. We came here when it started raining to stay dry and hoping for the storm to calm down but that’s obviously not happening.”
“Are his parents home?”
“I can’t make you go to Black Ship in these dangerous conditions so stay at Ichigo’s house but please sleep in separate beds, or even better, rooms.”
“Haha ok Jo. Thanks. I’m sorry.”
“It’s alright. Just stay safe and I’ll see you tomorrow.” You end the call.
“Was that Jo?”
“Yeah. He told me to stay here because so the weather.”
“Yeah I guess we have no choice.” Ichigo seems kind of happy about this mishap.
“You can sleep in Togo’s room like you did when you stayed here before.”
“Ahh that brings back memories.” As you’re reminiscing, the two of you go upstairs. You end up hanging out in Ichigo’s room for a bit.
“Ok the room is ready for you.”
“Thank you.”
Ichigo walks towards you and kisses you passionately.
“Whoa Ichy…”
“You’re welcome.” He says and licks his lips. “I had such a great day with you _____. I’m glad you can spend the night here.”
“But we won’t be in the same room.”
There’s a small silence and Ichigo looks up at you looking a little shy and it looks like there’s something he wants to say but he’s being hesitant.
“Do you want to sleep together?”
“Sleeping in the same bed? I would like to but–”
“No, sleep together as in…”
It takes you a while to understand what he’s inferring to.
“Oh umm well…”
It’s not that you don’t want to but are you ready? You love Ichigo and you wouldn’t mind having him be your first. He’s the only one for you. It takes you a while to answer the question and he puts his head down.
“Sorry, you’re probably not ready. Just forget it.”
“No Ichy I want to.”
Ichigo turns around with wide eyes, “What?”
“Ichy I love you and I want you to be my first.”
“Are you sure?”
Your foreheads are touching and he has his hands on your waist.
“I love you too ____. I’ll be gentle. I don’t want to hurt you.”
Ichigo softly kisses your lips. He sits on his bed and you’re sitting on his lap with your arms wrapped around his neck. The kisses become more passionate and hungry. He slips his tongue inside of your mouth and your tongues dance gracefully together. Your breathing and his are getting heavier and more ragged with each kiss. He moves his hands to the bottom on your shirt and lightly tugs on it. You loosen your arms that are around his neck and he pulls your shirt over your head. You immediately get chills. Ichy stops kissing you and begins you caress your arm with two fingers.
“You’re so soft.”
You put your hands on the hem of his shirt and struggle to pull it over his head. He helps you out and the two of you laugh it off. You’ve seen him shirtless before but he has never looked so attractive before. This is the man you’re going to make love to. Ichigo begins to kiss your jaw and neck and lightly nibbles on your neck and it makes you moan. You can tell that it’s turning him on because something is hardening below. He leaves a trail of kisses and pink marks from your neck to your collarbone. He places his hands on your hips and starts to unbutton your pants. The two of you get on your feet and take off each other’s pants. When you take off Ichigo’s pants you can see a hard bulge in his briefs. You didn’t notice until now, but Ichigo is staring at you from head to toe.
“Stop staring at me. You’re making me feel self-conscious.”
“Why can’t I stare and admire the girl I love?”
You don’t respond to his flattering and kind of cheesy comment with words but your face turns red.
“You’re so cute.” Ichigo pushes you onto the bed. “Are you sure you’re ready for this. If we go any further I won’t be able to hold back.”
“I’m ready.”
Ichigo unhooks your bra and cups your breads and lightly sucks on one of the nipples and swirls the tip of his tongue around it.
“Don’t hold back ____ I want to hear you.” He kisses you and leaves a trail of sweet, hot, wet kisses down your torso and on your sides until he reaches your panties. He removes your panties with ease and then stands up and walks away from the bed. You’re confused but shortly after, you hear the sound of a crinkling wrapper. He comes back and is hovering over you.
“What were you doing Ichy?”
“This is my first time too and I want to do it right. I care about you ____ so I want to be responsible and protect you from any risks.”
“Thank you Ichy.” You kiss his cheek.
“I’ll go at your pace so let me know how fast or slow you want me to go.”
Ichigo grabs his hard erection and directs it to the correct hole. You feel his tip at your wet entrance. He slowly pushes in. Oh god this is painful. You start to whimper and almost cry out in pain. You never knew it would be this painful.
“Oh god your so tight.” Ichigo is still pushing himself inside of you.
“Stop! It hurts stop!”
Ichigo pulls out immediately.
“____ I’m sorry I didn’t try to hurt you. We probably shouldn’t do this.”
“No Ichy it’s fine. Let’s try again.”
He slowly goes inside of you again. The farther in he goes the more painful it is. You’re trying to bear with the pain and hold back your cries. You shut your eyes and whimper. Suddenly he pulls out again. You open your eyes and your vision is slightly blurred.
“Why did you pull out?”
“You didn’t notice?”
“Notice what?”
“____ you were crying. I can’t do this. I don’t want to hurt you.”
“No please.” You keep begging and he refuses. You really want him and he probably wants you too.
“Please one more time. The third times the charm.”
Ichigo hesitantly agrees.
“Just go in fast and let’s get the painful part over with.”
“That might hurt you more.”
“Just do it. It’s fine.” This time you kiss his lips to reassure him. His tip is at your entrance and he quickly pushes his whole length into you.
It hurts so bad and you feel something come out of you. Blood.
“Are you ok? We got past the worst part. I’m going to take it slow now.”
Ichigo rocks his hips back and forth. It still feels uncomfortable but soon the discomfort turns into pleasure.
Ichigo does as you say and rocks his hips faster. With each thrust he’s hitting a new spot inside of you.
“Mmm ahhhh.”
He continues to go at a steady pace and you are overflowing with pleasure. Soon enough Ichigo gives in to the pleasure and goes faster.
“Ahhh ____ I love you.”
“Ahh mmm Ichy…”
You continue moaning his name and that just turns him on even more. His already hard erection is getting harder. Ichigo kisses you hungrily interrupting your moans. You nibble on his lower lip playfully.
“I want you to scream my name ____.”
This feeling is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. You’ve never felt like this before and now you are hopelessly in love with Ichigo. You are now bound to him.
“I want you to say Ichigo. I’ll make you scream my name.”
“Mmm ahhhhh Ichy!”
You wrap your arms and legs around him and he is now able to hit more spots. He’s going faster and rougher.
“Mmm ____. You feel so good. You’re ahhh so tight mmm.”
The bed is creaking and the room is filled with the sound of the two of you moaning and saying each others names.
“Ichy AHHHH don’t stop mmmm”
Ichigo starts to leave love bites on your skin and is sucking your nipples.
“I’ll make you scream soon.”
Your mind has gone to ecstasy at this point and you’re about to lose it.
“Ichy ahhh I’m going to mmm I’m gonna cum!”
“I’m not going to let you until you scream my name.”
You’re trying to hold back but Ichigo’s last thrust is rough and hits you right in the spot.
You’ve sprayed your juices and you can feel that his manhood is more limp and the condom is filled with his juice as well. Ichigo lays beside you and pulls you close.
“That was great.”
“You you’re really good Ichy.”
“Say my name again. Call me Ichigo.”
Ichigo cuts you off with a passionate kiss that drains the little bit of energy you had left. The two of you fall asleep in each other’s arms, both sweaty and feeling great.

Tell Me Everything

Title: Tell Me Everything

Anonymous asked: Would u write a phone sex Jerome x reader fic where he’s watching her the whole time but he gets so hot that he has to go in and fuck her?

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

Warnings: Smut galore, explicit language, and phone sex.

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Keeping the Nightmares at Bay

My daughter had a bad dream last night, and well, this happened.

There she is again, wielding her hefty sword, slicing through the air at her faceless attacker. She spins and she parries but somehow she loses her grip on her weapon and it’s tossed from her hands, landing on the shiny black pavement where it disappears in a cloud of red smoke. “I’m not gonna let you hurt them!” she says, unwilling to back down, and then there’s the piercing pain in her gut, the utter panic as she realizes she’s been stabbed, the frantic voice in her head screaming, “No! I’m not done yet! I don’t want to die!”

Emma wakes with a start, her heart pounding viciously as blood roars in her ears, momentarily unable to discern the darkness of her bedroom from the darkness of her dream, until a groggy voice brings her back to reality, back to the comfort of strong arms wrapped around her and soft linens draped over her.

“Emma, love, are you alright?”

He’s up on his elbow, leaning over her attentively, attempting to ascertain the problem through the pitch-black darkness. The concern in his voice makes her heart clench painfully as she considers once again how her vision will affect him. He’s already lost so much - Liam, Milah, his parents - now, seemingly, her as well. The person he thought would be his happy ending.

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The Bookkeeper

“Excuse me, sir?” Castiel opined in his most imperious voice.  “Please don’t disturb the books.”

The dark towhead looked up with a miffed expression.  “I’m sorry, sir.  Maybe if a responsible employee filed them correctly, I wouldn’t have to.”

Castiel stalked slowly down the corridor of towering bookshelves.  “You have a problem with my filing system?”

“It’s madness.  Orwell is with Harper Lee, Heinlein with Vonnegut—Joyce with Fitzgerald—is that Jack London with Herman Melville?”

“It’s organized by theme.”

“Unlike something logical, like alphabetization or era—”  He cut off and turned a dry, critical look on the bookkeeper.  “Really.  Tolkien with Mein Kampf?”

“They’re very similar thematically.  Now stop getting your greasy paws all over the books.”

Castiel swatted at the greased-covered fingers resting on the spine of an Amy Tan novel.

“How about I put my greasy paws on you then?”

Castiel gasped as he was grabbed roughly by the hips and pushed up against a bookshelf.  A few books were jostled into falling to the floor.

“Dean!  Don’t…mmm…”

Castiel wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck and kissed him back.  His boyfriend’s engine grease stained hands traveled down the back of his clean white shirt, onto his khakis, and then cupped his ass.  Castiel hopped up and let Dean hold him, pressing him even harder against the shelf which swayed dangerously.


Dean and Castiel sprang apart.  Castiel wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and Dean turned to face the windows, undoubtedly to hide his erection.  Castiel’s own was mostly hidden by the green apron of his uniform.

“Quit humping your boyfriend and get back to work.  If I’m going to pay someone to get down and dirty, it will be in the privacy of my own home thank you very much.”

“Sorry, Mr. Adler.”

The man harrumphed and passed out of sight at the end of the corridor.  Castiel bit his lip, trying to feel guilty, but mostly just feeling amused.  He turned to face Dean who was already stifling laughter.

“You are so going to get me fired.”

“Next time, come see me.”

“Yeah, because all we need is for Mr. Singer to catch us making out on a Corolla with a busted radiator…carburetor.”

Dean chuckled and stepped close to wrap his arms around Castiel’s waist.  “You’re so cute when you pretend like you know car stuff.”

He kissed the tip of Castiel’s nose and Castiel grumbled and belatedly dodged it.

“Shush.  I have books to put back in order.”

“Order,” Dean snorted, but released him.  “Have you ever considered that this store hardly ever sells anything because nobody can find anything?”

“I have not,” Castiel stated superciliously and bent over to retrieve copies of The Grapes of Wrath and A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings.

Predictably, Dean gave him a friendly and inappropriately placed slap on the ass.

“I get off at 5:00,” Dean said, backing up slowly.

Castiel stood up and started putting the books back on the shelves, not looking at Dean as he said, “You may leave work at 5:00, but you’re not getting off until 5:05.”

Dean hummed in agonized anticipation.  “See you then, angel.”

Castiel waited until he heard the bell on the door jangle before he turned his head to watch Dean jog across the street and around the corner to Singer’s Autoshop.  Mr. Adler’s head popped around the end of the bookcase.

“Is he gone?” the man asked.

“Yes,” Castiel replied.

“That was a close one, Castiel.”

“I know.”  He swiped a hand over the top of a book that had a dust jacket advertising it as Jane Eyre.  Under his fingertips he could feel the warm vibration of fire magic.  “He almost set the whole store on fire,” Castiel said with an amused half-smirk.

“How many times do I have to tell you?  No sex around the books!  They’re quite volatile.”

“I don’t think it’s the sex they’re responding to.  I think it’s Dean.”

Mr. Adler snorted.  “That boy doesn’t have one drop of magical blood in his body.”

“There’s more than one kind of magic, Uncle,” he replied with a wink.

The man blinked, and then shuddered as he turned away.  “I never took you for corny, boy.  Horny, sure, but corny?”

Castiel smiled at his uncle’s retreating back.  “I promise I’ll be more careful in the future.”

“See that you are.  Can you imagine the shitstorm that would happen if his kind found out there’s still magic in the world?”

Castiel looked out the storefront window, book in hand forgotten, mind wandering with possibilities.

What would happen if Dean knew?  Castiel repressed a laugh and returned to his task.  They would set more than just a bookstore on fire.