mmm thor

Arbitergirl's Avengers Headcanons - #1

Tony has installed very loud speakers on the outside of his suit.

Now, in battle, whenever the other Avengers are around and someone knocks a guy out, a little song plays

Steve doesn’t get it, but Natasha wants to throttle him. Clint’s excessive eye rolls can be heard from across the street.
Meanwhile, the song has struck a chord with Thor
Even though Natasha has managed to sneak into the highly secured workshop of Tony’s home to disable the speakers, the thunder god’s booming voice can be heard miles away, singing:

“MMMM, WHAT DOES THEE SAY? ….but truly, what does she say?”

Natasha can’t do anything against Thor

Tony cackles somewhere in the background, his objective accomplished.

But things take an unexpected turn, and the cycle continues.

“P-P-P-P-POKE HER FACE- why are they poking her face, and why does she not retaliate with force at the excessive poking?”

*natasha facepalms out of existence*

“It’s Friday, Friday, what a glorious Friday, friends!”

*clint grows wings and flies away*

“What a peculiar question. Indeed, what does the fox say? Surely it isn’t ‘ring ding ding ding da ding’?”

Steve joins in on this one, and Tony isn’t sure if he’s having fun anymore



Signs According To My Mom

ARIES: My first thought is “dad”. So, I think authoritarian, bossy, yet charming moments. Love my dad.

TAURUS: Bull-shitters. Can I say that!? Okay, fine. Storytellers. Also, workhorses.

GEMINI: Remember the squirrel in Hoodwinked? Yeah. That.

CANCER: I picture a large spectrum of emotions on the back of a crab that is pinching the shit out of you and not letting go.

LEO: The true alpha. Christina Grey doesn’t have anything on them. Mmm, Thor (from Avengers) comes to mind.


LIBRA: Love loving love

SCORPIO: They’re sexy and they know it.

SAGITTARIUS: Freedom lovers

CAPRICORN: Love! Love! Love! My favorite!

AQUARIUS: Can hold a grudge for 40 years

PISCES: My mom taught me if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. My polar opposite. ‘Nuff said.