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Nate and I barely got back from the Steak House restaurant. We stay in the living room and pull out the bed from the couch. As we retract the bed and the bed spread from the couch Nate requests a glass of water.

Nate decided to leave the restaurant early, but made sure to grab dessert before we left. I grabbed doughnuts with chocolate sauce. As for Nate he requested an apple and key lime pie.

I return back to the living room with a glass of water and hand it to Nate.

“Your water my king” I say as I give him the water.

“Well thank you my queen” Nate responds back. He leaves the water on the side table before pulling me in by the hips. “I have to ask for one
more thing?” He lifts my shirt above my breasts leaving my stomach exposed.

“Oh, what is it” instead of responding back he leans forward and lays gentle kisses on my stomach. The kisses he leaves makes butterflies erupt inside my stomach. I run my fingers through his hair and close my eyes as then feeling of him near me calms me.

Nate puts his ear to my stomach which causes me to open my eyes quickly. I look at the scene unfolding with a confused expression.

“Hey there,anyone there” he says as he knocks on my hip bones gently with his knuckles. And he waits for an answer before putting his ear back on my stomach. I laugh at his actions.

“No ones there, so I think it is a bun free oven” he exclaims as he lays more kisses on my stomach. “I think we are safe to repeat another round from last night” he adds with a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

I slide under the covers next to him as he wraps an arm around my waist.
Nate leans in and kisses my lips ever so gently.

“You are so beautiful” he whispers before planting another kiss on my lips.

“Thank you” I tell as a light brush appears on my cheeks. Nate chuckles softly before sitting up. He removes his clothing leaving him in all his naked glory. The blush that appeared on my cheeks darkens as I stare at his naked figure.

“Do you see something you like?” He asks as he slips back under the covers. I only hum in response as he pulls the sheets over his lap leaving him exposed a bit.

“Know something that would be better?” He asks

“What?” I respond while looking at him.

“If you are also naked” he says tugging at the hem of my shirt that is now rested above my breasts. I unclasp my bra and get out of my black jeans. My black lace panties are the only thing left before I have a chance to remove them Nate stops me.

“I got it” he disappears under the sheets. I feel a slight scrape of his teeth near my thighs. I start to wonder what he is doing before it dawns on me. He is removing my lace panties with his teeth. Nate soon resurfaces from under the cover and sits up once again.

“Would you like to taste your dessert?” He asks in which I respond with a nod. Nate takes a doughnut and dunks it into the chocolate sauce. He lifts the doughnut towards my mouth with a hand under it to catch any droplets of sauce.

“Mmm” I moan as I chew the doughnut and cover my mouth with the tips of my fingers. “That’s amazing”

“I know, right? I’ve tried these there when you went to Y/H/T last month. Do you want to try some of my pie?”
He says as I wait to finish what I have in my mouth.

“Only a taste” he gives me a small amount and I chew it “this is really good” I tell him as I watch him take a bite as well. I watch as chews the piece of pie and watch as his jaw clenches with each chew.

“It is amazing they do really well with their desserts” he says and dunks his finger into the chocolate sauce. He lifts his hand again with the other beneath to catch any droplets of sauce. Nate surprises me he brings the finger covered in chocolate to my lips.

“Open” I do as I’m told and he puts his finger into my mouth. I close down on it, sucking the chocolate sauce off gently. I take a hold of his hand to keep it in place as I swirl my tongue around it, the same way I do with his cock. I look up at him and see a sexy grin on his face while looking down at me.

“Mmm” I take his finger out and lick it slowly.

“Well Y/N I think it is safe to say you really enjoyed that” Nate says before continuing “lay down lil mama” I lay down on the bed and he pulls the sheets down to expose my naked torso. Nate places the tray full of our desserts on the floor. He reemerges with the chocolate sauce in hand. He straddles me.

“Y/N put a finger in the sauce and then put in anywhere on your body”

“Where?” I ask

“Wherever you want me to lick it off from” Nate replied with a sexy smile. I hesitantly dunk my finger into the chocolate. Nate watches eagerly as I trail it down the valley of my breasts. I place the remainder on my lips and find it extremely hard not to lick it off.

He puts the container down on the side table and bends down to lick my lips. Nate takes my bottom lip into his mouth and sucks gently and does the same with my top lip. It’s intimate his scent and sensation of his lips on mine are perfection. The sucking of my lips soon turn into a passionate kiss. A kiss that I cannot get enough of. My hands run through his soft hair and I let out a moan full of lust.

Nate breaks away and moves further down my body and his eyes land on my chest. His head lowers as his tongue runs along the trail of chocolate. The movement is hot, slow, and sensual. He licks off the chocolate and quickly travels to my right nipple. Nate take sit into his mouth flicking it with his tongue and nibbles.

Nate’s hand moves to my other breasts and caresses it between his fingers.

“Mmm, Y/N” he mumbles against my breast before moving to the other one and repeats his actions. Goosebumps appear all over my skin and causes me to bend my knees on either side of his body. My pussy circling beneath him on its own as if it hand its own mind. Nate releases my nipples from his mouth and goes back towards my lips. He kisses once again. My pelvis still rotating beneath and grinding on his hard cock. Nate pulls back and kneels between my legs. He reaches for the container full of chocolate once again.

“Don’t get carried away, lil mama” he says looking down at my naked body. “I want you to dip your finger again into the chocolate” I do as he asks and swirl it around in the container. “Get a lot on there is tastes exquisite from your skin. Put it on your body again.”

I take my finger out of the container and hover over my chest. I’m deciding whether to put it on my nipples or around my belly button.

“Not there” Nate says clearly my eyes look at his as he is already staring at me. “Lower” he adds with a dominant voice. I move my hand lower towards my belly button and look at him for guidance.

“Lower” he says once again. I’m getting really excited as I move my dripping finger lower. I already know what he wants and I want it too. I’ve always been insecure when Nate eats me out. I only want him to see the more appealing parts of my body.

I pause before lowering my finger so the chocolate drops onto my pelvic bone.

“Lower” that is all he says.

I look at his face and see the want in his eyes. I bite my bottom lips considering if I should or shouldn’t. I consider my next move.

“Don’t be shy lil mama, I want to taste you the right way” he takes a hold of my wrist and moves it above my clit. “Touch yourself, Y/N”

I look into his eyes as I rest my finger on my clit. I move it around my clitoris. His eyes never leaves my gaze only shortly to see me touching myself. This feels to good….

“You look so sexy right now” Nate whispers looking down at my fingers in between my legs. He reaches down and takes my hand, Nate takes it into his mouth and sucks off the chocolate.

“Mmm” Nate moans out looking at me. He removes my fingers from his mouth and lowers himself onto my belly. Nate licks off any drips of chocolate from my skin and kisses it slowly. He lowers his head to my clit, for which he pauses a bit.

Eventually, I feel his hot breath on me hovering over my delicate skin. His tongue sweeps over my outer lips towards my clitoris. Nate swirls his tongue around, licking, sucking, and I moan loudly arching my back.

“Uh huh” Nate mumbles against my skin. His tongue still caressing my clit masterfully. His hands glide his hands up my waist, pressing firmly into my skin with his fingers. I feel weak as his tongue works stroking and brushing against my clit.

My hands grip onto the sheets around me. My pelvis raise off the bed involuntarily, my muscles clench tightly preparing for my climax. Nate’s hand move to my lower stomach and pushes me back down onto the bed. His hands wrap around my thighs pulling me towards him.

“Nate, oh, Nate, yes” I cry out as my climax comes fast and hard. Nate takes my clit into his mouth and sucks hard.

“Oh, God! Yes!” I cry, my thighs quiver and tighten around his head. My hands travel to his hair tugging and gripping it. I throw my head back into the pillow, my heart beating fast through my chest. My stomach rising and falling rapidly with my short pants.

“Oh” I whisper. Nate strokes me gently with his tongue and kisses me lightly. I release my hold on his head from my thighs and I’m shaking.

Nate crawls up my body, a big and sexy smile his face as he kisses my mouth.

“Your so beautiful, I don’t know why your so insecure with your body. Your body is incredible” he says and I want to reply back but I’m speechless.

“You’re shaking” Nate says as he pulls me into his embrace. I lay in his arms my leg wrapped in between his. Nate pull the sheets above us and lays gentle kisses on my face. “Was it good, Y/N?”

“Mmm,” I respond back sleepy that’s all I can offer as a response.

“Is that a yes” he chuckles lightly. I nod my head, nuzzling my face into his chest.

“Good, because it was an amazing experience for me also. Your are the most beautiful women. I want to do this to you for the rest of our lives” Nate says.

“Me too….”

Nate leaves another kiss on my lips before we start to drift off to sleep curled up against one another.

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What kind of sandwich does each sithhead like and how do they prepare them (I headcannon sidious just dumps mustard on untoasted white bread)

sidious’s sandwich sounds like the exact opposite of anything i eat, ever

vader: bug sandwich shrimp po’ boy sandwich—the crispier the shrimp the better (well…back when he could still eat solid food). lettuce, tomatoes, and remoulade sauce. mmm

sidious: white bread with a generous pile of mustard, perhaps with some bacon

maul: sloppy joes, the more meat than bun the better. he actually doesn’t like how messy it is, but it’s just sO GOOD

savage: a thick n juicy hamburger with two hamburger patties. he likes his on a pretzel bun with jalapeños and a tangy sauce.

asajj: french dip sandwich with broth, beef roasted and sliced instead of deli style. it’s the only non-poisonous thing she knows how to make besides coffee.

dooku: falafel made with only the finest ingredients. he adjusts the sauce so that it isn’t spicy, though he’ll never tell anyone that. it would make him look weak

kylo: grilled fucking cheese. none of that processed shit though, it’s gotta be real provolone on sourdough bread, complete with tomato soup.

nihilus: an elvis sandwich without the bacon, and only slightly grilled. creamy peanut butter and bananas, sometimes with strawberry jelly.

grievous: asumming he could still eat, grievous prefers gyros with rare slices of lamb. makes it so spicy it makes your mouth start to burn just by looking at it

inquisitor: a classic reuben sandwich, though the beef will be raw instead of corned (and no sauerkraut either, ick). pau’ans are a carnivorous species like the zabraks, after all. 

lana: a good banh mi is hard to make, but lana does her best. she loves hers with eggs, tofu, carrots, and peppers—a sandwich with flavor, but not a spicy one. she can’t do spicy foods.

BSM 11: Food (Age 1-4)

Liam (2): You grow up and Liam didn’t like that, ever since he came back from tour he saw that your mom let experiment you with your food. So when he wanted to feed you, you told him always ‘NO’ After a while he accepted that and amused he watched you eating. 'Y/n, today we don’t eat with our hands’ Liam sat you down on your high chair. You looked at him confused and shrugged your shoulders, he gave you a little fork in your hands and stared at you. 'I know you can do this just take some food with your fork’ you shrugged again and tried. Every time you tried to put some food in your mouth but it didn’t work and it took to much time. You thought that you tried enough and throw you fork away and placed one hand in your food. 'Y/N!’ Liam yelled what made you look wide eyed at him 'We don’t eat with our hands sweetie, princesses don’t do that’ you pouted 'Lili! I hungwy!’ he nodded 'But sweetheart we can’t eat with our hands, need Lili show you how we eat?’, 'I see?’ you asked what made him nod again. Long story short, Liam knew that this would happen, so he was happy that you gave up so fast so he could feed you.

Louis (1): Louis was your babysit today, why? Your parents and sisters were shopping and Louis was the only one that stayed home because Eleonor came this afternoon. You woke up from your nap and made funny sounds, with all your strengh you stood up with some help from your crib bars. After a 5 minutes you saw Louis standing in your doorway 'My baby bear is awake?’ he walked towards you and picked you up. 'That nap did you good, no?’ he tickled your side what made you laugh 'Foowd?’ you asked when he stopped. 'Hungry?’ you nodded. He sat you down in you high chair and asked what you wanted 'Foowd?’. 'Mmm.. food.. what about apple sauce?’ he asked and didn’t regret that. Your eyes said enough what made him laugh, you only get this from Louis. He didn’t mind that your sugar level was high after you eat that. He was playing airplane with your spoon when someone knocked on the door. 'Don’t run away baby!’ he laughed and placed your bowl on your table. This was your moment you laughed and played with your food. You giggled so hard that Louis came inside to look what happened 'Oh my… Y/n’ Eleonor laughed when she saw you under the apple sauce 'Great idea to place that bowl on her table’ she looked at Louis and he only laughed with you.'You crazy human’ he picked you carefully up 'Say Cheese!’ Eleonor yelled what made you both look at her ’@louistomlinson he made this apple monster #neverletY/nalonewithfood!’. 'Hey she’s a cute monster’ he admit and walked towards the bathroom with you.

Niall (4): You were the same as Niall, you could eat whenever you would and said never No to delicous food. 'Nini!’ you whined when you tried to climb on the couch. 'Don’t hurt yourself princess’ he chuckled when he saw your fail actions. Once you were on the couch you pouted and sat on his lap 'I need food!’ you crossed your arms on your chest. He hold back his smile, 'Only if you change that attitude young lady’ you watched him and smiled. You stood up on his lap and hugged his neck 'Can i have some foowd Niniii pleaseeee’ you kissed his cheek a few times what made him laugh 'Of course princess, what do you want?’ He picked you up and walked towards the kitchen 'CUPCAKES!’ you yelled in his ear 'Owtch Y/n don’t scream please but you know that we need to make them first?’ you nodded and clapped in your hands 'Together?’ you begged him and he shook his head yes 'Everything for food no?’  he ruffled your hair. After the dough was ready he searched after the cupcake cases 'Princesses, Hearts or colors?’ he showed you the cases 'Hearts, i want to put the dough in cases’ you watched him with your puppy eyes were he always melt for. When they were ready, you shared a few cupcakes with Niall and watched tv till you fell asleep.

Zayn (3): it was around 7 pm when Zayn and you came back home. You played almost a whole day at the local park because it was Zayn first free day in weeks. he put your and his warm meal that your mom made in the microwave 'Y/n c'mon sweetheart we need to eat first before we can sleep’ you shook your head 'I don’t want, i’m tired Z’ he picked you up and placed you in your high chair 'I can feed you if you want that!’ he said what made you alert 'No i’m 3, i can eat alone!’ you took your fork out his hand what made him chuckle. After a few bites you asked him that it was enough 'If you take 3 huge bites, we can go to bed’ you swallowed on your food 'Calm down y/n, we don’t want a stomachache’ you shook your head and took your last bite 'Done?’ he rolled his eyes and took your plate away 'You’re really tired, aren’t you? he picked you up and walked towards his bedroom. 'Sweet dreams baby’ he kissed your forehead 'Night night Z’ you cuddled more in him and fell peaceful asleep.

Harry (4): A day shopping with you older brother? Of course you say yes! He was back from his USA tour and needed some new cloths. You saw your profit to get a few new toys and dolls and spending some bonding time with your brother. 'Hazza?’ you whined 'What’s wrong?’ he said but didn’t look up from what he was looking at. Hazza!’ you whined more and fall down on your butt. 'Y/n? what are you doing bug?’ you pouted 'You not listen to me!’ he smiled and picked you up 'Don’t do that, you know i don’t like you sad’ he tapped your nose 'Dolls?’ you asked 'Soon but first which one do you like?’ He pointed to a grey shirt with black letters and a similar one but the color was maroon. You pretended to think 'I like them both!’ he looked at you 'You’re such a help sometimes’ he mumbled and shook his head and took both shirts 'i take them both’ he paid and walked outside the store 'Dolls now?’ he shook his head again 'Can we eat first? I’m hungry, what about you?’ a huge smile appeared on your lips 'McDonalds PLEASE!' you begged him but he didn’t think twice 'Of course but mommy can’t know this okay?’ You ate your meal and after that Harry bought you some toys. When you were home, some fans took pictures from Harry and you at McDonalds. So when you mom saw them he get a lecture from how bad fast food was for you and that he needed to stop with spoiling you with toys. But Harry wasn’t Harry if he didn’t ignored his mom and spoiled you every time he could.

A/N: Idk why i update this bc i don’t like it so much… srry for any typos! Love you! x Charlie

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Mmm mutfruit pancakes with Tarberry sauce. Macready you better start cooking because I think Hancock wants that answer Pronto

It’s too late. Hancock’s caught on.

How to get a girl to like you part 1

“I really like you,” he said. Oh no, you thought, staring blankly into his beautiful eyes. They were as silent and innocent a helpless puppy dog looking for someone to love and they stared blankly back at you waiting for your response. 

You couldn’t say it back. Falling in love with Luke was so easy, but being in love with Luke was so complicated. There are millions of girls around the world that want to be with. Girls prettier than you and more interesting and probably more right for Luke. You had to lie.

“Luke, listen, we’re really good friends but I don’t think I can be your girlfriend,” you lied, giving him a sympathetic smile to let him down easy. He was a little crushed, but his eyes soon narrowed and he reached up to your face to pull a strand of hair out of your eyes, brushing your cheek and making you shutter. He hand landed below your chin, gently on the side of your jaw. 

“I’ll prove it,” he said confidently.

The next day you come home and the lights are dimmed in your apartment and the whole place smells like honey blossoms. There was someone in your apartment, but from the romantic scenery of fresh flowers and scented candles, you knew exactly who it was. As you expected, Luke was bustling around your kitchen. As you approach, the smell of flowers is overcome by the smell of pasta and meat sauce.

“Mmm.” you say, raising an eyebrow.

“No stop!” He shouted pushing you back into the dining room. “It’s not done yet.”

You laugh at how cute he is when he’s flustered. His curly hair falls wildly across his face and his cheeks turn a slight pink. You hear him bustling around in the kitchen before slow background music fills the air and he emerges with two plates full of spagetti bolognese and fresh bread. 

“Wow,” you say suddenly excited. “You really went all out.” He didn’t say a word, but smiled, placing the plate in front of you. He pulled a folded napkin from the table and tucked it into your shirt, narrowly missing your boobs. Luke waited eagerly for you to take the first bite. You had no doubt it would be good. Luke liked to cook with his brother and had taken cooking classes throughout high school. You twirled your fork around the noodles, scooping up the sauce and carefully placing it into your mouth. It was perfect; even the noodles were home made. Luke could tell by the look on your face that you liked it.

“Good?” he asked contentedly. You nodded, your mouth full with the next mouthful. for the rest of the night he casually asked about your day and you his. You talked about the tour and how he was excited to go and see the fans. 

“You have alittle something…” He said quietly.

“What?” you said lifting your napkin and wiping your lips.

“No, its still…” he pushed his chair back to stand up and lean closer to you. He took the edge of your napkin and slowly pulling it over the corner of your mouth. His face was closer now, his lips inches from yours, staring eye to eye with you. Your gaze connected and for a second, you let your guard down. 

“Thanks!” You said, breaking the tension.

“Oh!” he exclaimed. “One more thing.” he hurried away and came back, grinning wide, with a piece of chocolate cake.

You stared at it.

“Whats wrong?” He asked placing it on the table. Luke was now leaning on it with one hand.

“Nothing…” you said. But you’d been trying to separate yourself from Luke so you wouldn’t miss him as much when he went on tour. However, the way he looked with his navy sweater tucked over his matching blue plaid was making you all hot and bothered and wishing he’d just leave you to eat your cake in peace. And now he was chewing on his lip, trying to figure out what was wrong. You tried to look away from his mouth, the tip of his tongue rolling over his lip ring. 

“Why don’t you like me?” he asked.

“I do…” you said, telling the truth.

“Then just…go out with me already.”

“Luke…” you said, placing your hand over his and looking directly into his eyes. They were lost. They were sad now and darker. Damn it, you thought. I hate it when he’s sad. “You’re going on tour and you’ll be gone a lot Luke. You’ll want to meet new girls, have some fun. You know how you like to party. I think it’s just best for both of us if we stay friends.”

“I…” Luke scrunched up his eye brows and his mouth was half open as he paused, looking for the right words to say. “I don’t want other girls, Y/N. I’d be happier knowing that while I’m gone, some jerk isn’t just going to swoop in and steal you away. I know you like me…I can see it in your eyes when we connect from across the room and share our silent joke. I can see you staring at my lips as I talk, just wishing I’d kiss you.” Luke was oddly observant.“ I’m not gunna be here,” he began again. “and as much as the thought of me hooking up with another girl while I’m away scares you…and I know it does…the thought of you with another guy is just heart breaking. Why do you think I came here tonight? To prove to you that I’m the one you should be with.”

“i don’t know what to say, Luke?” you said.

“Say yes!” he urged, placing both hands on your neck and not hesitating to kiss you.

It’s a Happy Thanksgiving with the El Search Party! Pass that Turkey Leg!
By GM Amelia

Heya adventurers! Happy Thanksgiving in advance to everyone! What’s that? Do you smell that? That, my friends, is the smell of the El Search Party’s strength increasing daily. That or it’s Turkey and cranberry sauce. Mmm Turkey. Of course, after Thanksgiving a special day begins. Tons of accessories, tons of costume, tons of very useful items will rain down from the sky! The only way to catch them is by opening your wallets and throwing your currencies at it… if you can. And while it’s not that day yet, we still have a few amazing items coming in the Item Mall tomorrow. Some old, some new, but there’s definitely something for you. Hah! I rhymed! Check it out tomorrow!

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Oneshot request: Well anyway could you do a dean and reader imagine where they are always fighting over the stupidest things and it’s gets so bad they can’t stand to be around each other and everyone around them starts to notice. But when they get to the point of breaking for them both, they realize how stupid they both were and it just has a fluffy ending. ( wow sorry it’s so long and specific)

You pulled into the bunker garage, maybe a bit too fast, and cut the engine. You huffed and ran your fingers through your hair before opening your door. You had just returned from the shopping nightmare from hell. You thought that you would do something nice for the boys, especially Dean. The two of you had been at odds for the last few weeks, nothing too serious, just enough for it to bother you.

You and Dean had always had a connection. From the first moment you saw him, you knew that he was meant to be in your life. At first he was your best friend, your shoulder to cry on, and your foundation when life threatened to knock you off your feet. Over time something more, something special, grew between you. You loved him with every ounce of your heart and with every fiber of your being. But lately, everything that he did seemed to bug the crap out of you. The two of you bickered constantly, enough that even Sam noticed. A few days ago, you fought for over an hour about the fact that he left his dirty socks on the bedroom floor instead of putting them in the hamper (where they belonged). So, you had the brilliant plan of preparing a good old fashioned Italian meal, tonight as a peace offering.

So far, things were not going according to plan. When you had arrived at the grocery store, it was packed. You didn’t understand why there were so many people shopping on a Tuesday afternoon, but you fought the crowds anyway and found most of the ingredients that you needed. However, when you stopped at the bakery to buy a special pie for Dean… you found the shelves empty. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem; you would just bake the pie from scratch. But, since this was short notice and you were on a tight schedule, there wasn’t enough time. In the absence, you were forced to buy a chocolate cake with vanilla icing, not exactly Dean’s favorite snack, but something sweet nonetheless. After fighting the crowd you looked forward to the drive home, unfortunately traffic was no different. It was bumper to bumper and had moved at a slow crawl all the way back to the bunker, your level of frustration had far exceeded the norm. With a sigh, you grabbed the bags from the backseat and slammed the door.

        You placed the bags on the kitchen counter and began putting away the various items before preheating the oven. You were mixing the spices and various cheeses together for the lasagna when you felt strong arms wrap around your waist.

“Something smells good in here” Dean kissed your cheek before leaning over and taking a small sample of the sauce. “Mmm… needs salt.”

“Well if you’re such an expert, why don’t you make it?” you replied coolly. You tried to remain calm, but you could feel the tension rolling off of you.

“Jeshh.. What’s got your panties in a twist?” He stepped back away from you and began rummaging through the cabinets.

“Gee, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You went back to work and began layering the noodles in the baking pan. The sound of Styrofoam opening from the other side of the kitchen caught your attention and you glanced over your shoulder. What you saw was Dean sitting at the table, feet propped up on a nearby chair. He was eating YOUR leftover pasta from your dinner out last night. “Dean, seriously? I was going to eat that for lunch tomorrow.”

“What? I’m hungry.”

“I’m literally making dinner. You couldn’t wait for another hour?”

“I’m starving! I couldn’t wait that long.”

“Whatever.” You rolled your eyes and turned around. Did he seriously just….. oh my god. Does he not even realize what I went through to make this freakin dinner? you thought. You were silent for a few minutes, the only sounds were of Dean chewing. As you sprinkled the cheese on the top of your lasagna, Dean let out a loud groan.

“Please tell me that you didn’t just buy cake. Where is the pie?!” Dean lifted the cake and inspected it, his nose crinkled in disgust.

“They didn’t have any pie left Dean.”

“They didn’t have anything else? Was there not any with chocolate icing? I mean, if I have to eat cake it might as well be the right kind.” He placed the cake back on the counter and looked at you expectantly.

“This was all they had, Dean. The place was swamped and the store was out of almost everything.”

“Well couldn’t you just make some?”

“Yes. I could. Let me just drop everything I am doing right at this very minute and bake you a pie! What kind would you like? Apple? Peach? Raspberry? What do you want Dean, tell me so I can just give it to you!” You struggled to untie the knot from your apron and then finally gave up. you pulled it up over your body and threw it at him. “I was trying to do something nice for you and Sam. I was trying to do something that would make you happy. But YOU!” you pointed your finger at him, “You managed to find something wrong with everything! What’s your big deal?”

“Look, I’ll just eat the cake….”

“OH MY GOD! It’s like you hit every single branch of the stupid tree…. It’s not about the stupid cake, Dean.”

“Then what the hell is it about?”

“It’s about you not giving a shit, Dean. Does it not bother you that we fight ALL THE TIME!?!?” you paused and collected yourself. You took a deep breath and pushed back the tears. You sighed and looked up to meet his gaze. He was standing across from you, arms crossed with a stern expression. He deflated a bit when he saw the look in your eyes. “I’m trying my hardest here, but all I see is a sinking ship.” You walked out of the kitchen without another word and went directly to your bedroom. You crawled up onto your bed and got under the covers. Now that you were alone you let the tears fall freely, the frustration and exhaustion from the day finally taking claim over your body. You slipped into unconsciousness.

        You awoke an hour later to a gentle hand on your shoulder. “Come with me.” You shook you head in confusion. Dean was standing by the bed, holding his hand out to you.

“What are you..”

“Just…” he let out a breath, “come with me.” You gave him a skeptical look, but took his hand anyway. He pulled you out of bed, and you followed him down one of the many hallways of the bunker. He led you into the kitchen and he dropped your hand. You were struck completely silent by what you saw before you. The lights were turned off, but the room was lit by the glow of what had to be fifty candles scattered along the table, counters, and stove. The table was set for two, a bottle of your favorite wine was present, and there, in the middle of the table sat the lasagna. You looked over to Dean, who gave you a shy smile before motioning for you to sit down. You followed his silent instruction and watched as he poured the wine into a glass and handed it to you.

“Dean. What is all this?”

“Look, (Y/N)… I’m not really good at this whole thing. I’ve never really gotten this close to anyone before, I mean, everyone else that has come into my life has ended up dead at some point, and I didn’t really have a wonderful role model for this sort of thing…” he trailed off for a moment. He paced back and forth a few times before moving the other chair and taking a seat next to you. He placed his hands on his knees and rubbed them nervously. It was kind of adorable. “Okay, here it goes. I love you. Like, really love you, and I’m sorry that I’m such an ass. I really so appreciate that you do so much for me and Sammy. I mean, this place would fall apart without you. You cook, do the laundry, do all the research that Sam and I can’t, and you have been training so hard…. I honestly don’t know how you do it. You are so strong and you put up with me when you don’t have to. You’re amazing.” You placed your hands on top of his and leaned forward to press a brief kiss to his lips.

“I’m sorry that I got so upset. It was silly of me.”

“NO! I’m glad that you said something to me. I would have been walking around here like a friggin idiot if you hadn’t.” he brought his hand up to cup your face and you leaned into his touch. “I promise to pay more attention to your needs, I’ll even pick up my socks.” You let out a small chuckle and leaned into him. He wrapped his arms around you and you let yourself sink into him. After a few moments, he pulled back and placed a kiss on your forehead. “Come on,” he picked up a napkin and placed it on your lap. “Let’s eat before it gets cold. Besides… “ He gave you his signature smirk, “I worked really hard on this.”

Thankful for You

Hello, everyone! I really wanted to write a Thanksgiving-themed piece to thank all 175 of you who so kindly follow me and read my work. I also wanted to continue my Cas and Dean series, concentrating on Cas’s backstory this time. So I combined the two, and I hope you all like it! Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate, and to everyone else, I hope you’ve had a lovely day. If you want to read the rest of the series, you can find it at .

Summary: Dean wants to plan his first Thanksgiving with Cas, but while discussing it he finds out that Cas is not on great terms with his family. This one is slightly heavier on angst than fluff, but Dean of course comforts Cas and there is a fluffy ending.

Warnings: Thanksgiving food, family disapproval, homophobia, non-supportive parents, mention of death of a relative

They were curled up on the couch watching Jessica Jones, Cas’s head on his lap, when it occurred to Dean that they hadn’t talked about Thanksgiving plans. He’d been in relationships during the holidays before, but never anything as serious as this. With his previous girlfriends or boyfriends, they’d just gone their separate ways on the holiday, each to their respective families. Dean knew that was not an option with Cas; there was no way he wanted to be apart from him on Thanksgiving.

He watched Cas for a moment; his blue eyes were peaceful and his expression relaxed. He ran his fingers through Cas’s hair the wrong way, making it stick up in a way that Dean found adorable. Cas smiled and shifted so that he could look up at Dean. “What’s on your mind?”

Dean grinned. Cas always knew what he was thinking. He kept stroking Cas’s hair. “Thanksgiving’s next week, we gotta decide what we’re doing.”

Dean didn’t expect the look of relief that crossed Cas’s face. “Oh,” Cas replied softly. “I didn’t…”

“Wait, you didn’t think that…Cas. Of course I want to spend Thanksgiving with you. And every holiday. You just tell me what you have going on, and we’ll make our plans fit. It’s easy for us; we don’t have a lot of people so it’s easier to arrange.”

“I don’t have anything to do, Dean, so whatever you and Sam are doing is fine. My family hasn’t had Thanksgiving dinner together in years.” Cas thought that he should feel badly while saying such a thing, but he didn’t. He was joyous that he would get to be with Dean on the holiday; he had hoped for it, but didn’t want to assume. “I didn’t want to, you know, intrude on the family plans,” Cas continued shyly.

“Cas, damn it, you are family.” Dean became quiet for a minute. He was berating himself for not bringing up Thanksgiving with Cas sooner; he should have known that Cas would feel unsure about if he was welcome at their dinner. “You’re one of us now. I mean, it’s not a big gathering. Me and Sam and Jess of course, and Bobby and his wife Ellen, and usually their daughter Jo comes too. It’s nothing fancy, but we’re all together. I’m looking forward to introducing you to Bobby and Ellen.”

“I hope they like me,” Cas whispered. He was a little nervous about meeting people who were so important to Dean. Bobby had been like a father to Dean, and after he married Ellen, she had become part of the family as well. Cas knew that Dean thought highly of both of them. They had been encouraging of Dean starting his business, and of Sam going to college. What if they thought he wasn’t good enough for Dean?

“Cas. They’re going to love you. You know why? Cause you’re perfect.” Dean stared at the TV for a few minutes, trying to think of a casual way to reintroduce the topic of Cas’s family. He hadn’t talked about them a great deal, other than his sister Anna, and Dean didn’t know if that was due to Cas’s natural reticence or something else. Cas had been understanding of Dean’s family issues, and Dean simply wanted him to know that he would do the same.

“So your family’s not big on Thanksgiving?” Dean finally asked, not looking at Cas so he wouldn’t feel as if he were on the spot. “Or just too busy?”

“We see each other around Christmas. Usually.” Cas didn’t look at Dean either. “When my grandmother was alive, she always thought it was important to get together on all the holidays, but after she passed, we just don’t see each other much.”

“So what will the rest of your family do?”

“Well, Gabriel rarely takes time off, so he’ll be in LA, working as usual. Anna will spend it in New York, of course. Traveling is a little difficult for her because of her health issues, and her fiance’s family all live around New York, so it’s much easier for them just to stay put.”

“I see.” Dean nodded and rubbed Cas’s shoulder slowly. “What about your parents?”

“Oh. Mom and Dad are going on a cruise,” Cas explained lightly. His fingers gripped at Dean’s knee, then straightened again. “To Barbados.”

“That’s nice.” Dean continued petting Cas. “So are you all getting together for Christmas?”

“Not this year,” Cas mumbled. “My parents are going to Greece for 10 days, Anna’s spending it in the Hamptons–her fiance’s parents have a place there–and Gabriel is, you know.”

Dean looked down at Cas, who was by all appearances intent on the show they were watching. Dean knew better. He slid his hand under Cas’s jaw and tilted his head so that his boyfriend was facing him. “I’m sorry you won’t get to be with your family for the holidays.”

“It’s not a big deal, Dean. You and Sam feel more like family now than they do.” Cas looked up, his eyes suddenly wide, as if surprised by his own admission. He sighed. “My parents hadn’t been married long when they had us, and so when Anna was so ill, they were still rather young. It was a lot of stress and responsibility, not to mention the expenses. They are…relieved, I suppose, to be free of so much strain. This is like a second chance for them, and they like being carefree and able to travel. It’s understandable.”

“Understandable, my ass.” Dean had to remove his hand from Cas’s shoulder so that he could clench his fist without hurting Cas. He thought of how lonely Cas had been for so long, and how he had needed love and support. It wasn’t fair. “They’re your parents, Cas. That’s not how it’s supposed to be.”

Cas sat up and gently touched Dean’s hand, which currently had an iron grip on a sofa cushion. “Dean, it’s okay. That’s not the whole story. Truthfully, they’re rather disappointed in me.”

Dean felt like throwing up. “What the fuck, Cas? Who in their right mind would be disappointed in you?” He had to get up and pace around the living room. “You’re the kindest, most considerate person I’ve ever met, and you’re gorgeous, and funny, and you’re a…a fucking artistic genius! What kind of people wouldn’t be proud of you?”

Cas’s arms were suddenly around Dean from behind, and he was kissing the back of Dean’s neck. “Thank you. Thank for saying that.”

“It’s true, Cas. You’re the best person I know.”

Cas turned Dean around to face him, and looked him in the eyes. “My parents are disappointed in me for becoming an artist. They hoped that, with all the time I spent in hospitals at an early age, I’d become a doctor. Unfortunately, although I made good grades in math and science in school, I had no interest in studying medicine, and no desire to see a hospital again unless I had to.”

Cas stopped and took a deep breath. “Gabriel is so successful at his job, and I couldn’t compete with that. So then my parents hoped I’d marry a nice girl and settle down. Maybe have some kids. When I came out to my family, they were horrified. They’re pretty religious, and they were embarrassed to have a gay son.”

Dean pulled Cas close, and wrapped his arms around him. “I’m so sorry, Cas.”

“Thank you, Dean. But I know you’ve been through this, too, with your dad.”

“Yes, but Sammy was okay with it. And Bobby and Ellen said they didn’t care, long as I was happy. I’m assuming Anna and Gabriel are more accepting?”

“Anna told me she always suspected. And Gabe, he doesn’t mind at all. In fact, he told me if I ever came to LA he’d set me up with someone.”

“What about your grandmother?”

Cas’s face fell a little. “She never knew. We were always close, and she was very supportive of my drawing and painting, but she died before I told anyone in my family. I hope she would have accepted me, but I’ll never know.”

Dean rubbed Cas’s back and let him lean on his chest. “If your grandmother loved you like that, I’m sure she would have been okay. But Cas, anyone who doesn’t accept you for exactly who you are is an idiot, because you are fantastic.”

“Lucky is what I am. I found you, after all.” Cas dabbed at the corner of his eyes, and Dean pretended not to see.

“C'mon, babe. Let’s go lay down, and talk about what we want to cook for Thanksgiving. We can finish the show later.” Dean led Cas to his bedroom, and they nestled together under the covers, Cas’s back pressed against Dean’s chest.

“Mashed potatoes?” Dean whispered, pressing his lips to Cas’s hair.

“That’s a yes.”

“Cornbread dressing?” Dean nuzzled behind Cas’s ear.

“Yes again.”

“Green bean casserole?”

“Hmm. I’m not crazy about it, but I suppose we have to have something green. For Sam.”

“Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only days of the year that Sam isn’t a health nut. But I’m partial to it.”

“So another yes.”

“Mmm. Cranberry sauce?” Dean’s arm snaked over Cas’s body, and he captured Cas’s hand.

“Oh, you’re not gonna like this, but I prefer the canned kind over the homemade version.” Cas relaxed into Dean’s embrace.

“Don’t tell anyone, but I like the canned stuff too,” Dean whispered.

“How about dessert? Let’s each pick a kind of pie. I want apple.”

“I’ll have pecan, then. Two kinds of pie will be perfect.”

“What about Sam and Jess? Don’t they get to pick one?”

“They missed the Thanksgiving meeting. They don’t get a say.”

“I’m kinda glad they’re not here, Dean.”

“Oh, me too.”

Cas rolled over on his back and smiled up at Dean. “Now you’ve made me hungry. Do we still have brownies in the kitchen?”

“We do indeed. Bring ‘em in here.”

“Won’t we get crumbs in the bed?”

“Who cares. How often do I get to lay in bed and eat brownies with a gorgeous man?”

“Anytime you want, when I’m around.” Cas fluttered his eyelashes jokingly.

Dean swatted at Cas’s shoulder. “Get outta here, you dork. Bring me some brownies.”

Cas scampered down the hall, laughing.

Dean lay back against the pillows, perfectly content.

Oh my goodness. So yummy.

Spiralized zucchini with sharp provolone, pepperoni, red onion, olives, tomatoes, and artichoke hearts in pesto sauce.