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hhhhahah sweats nervously, here u go friennnds (•﹏• ๑ )💦💦


“Now, where are those pesky members of the hamon tribe…?”

((Oh man oh man guys this fusion event seems SUPER NEATO~ I’m not tagging myself into it, because I think I’m bending the rules a bit, but it seems super fun and you should check it out if you haven’t <3))
((In the meantime, I’m kicking my fun off with some PILLARMAN FUSIONS, oh my. Will there be more fusions tomorrow? PROBABLY~))


A springer spaniel tail and feathers appreciation photo set

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why girls loved goku so much


((well this is my opinion. probably other girls don’t like him for the same reasons?)) 

Anyway for me it’s very simple. 


look at dem muscles asdfasdf  like holly sh8t boy can bench press planets ok son  mmm 👀👌🔥💖

2. His hair is spiky and cute /// I could run my fingers all over them. I love boys with spiky wild hair 😚 . ((and he has cute thick boyish eyebrows)) K

3. He’s funny, energetic, kind, gentle, cool dude to be around with, but can also get down to business when he needs too. 

4. He’s a fucking farmer. I like farmer boys k. 

5. On top of being hot he’s just very cute looking and does a lot of cute things without knowing…. he’s those kind of guys who are so friken adorable you just want to kiss them in their cheek 

5. He’s a martial artist! I like guys who can do kung fu 😍

6. Kids love him and he’s good with kids/ looks adorable with them…

7. I love that he doesn’t like to give up and always tries defeat what ever challenge he is facing. 

8. He can be your good boy or he can be your bad boy 

9. He likes to travel / explore places/ is very adventurous -which is also what I like in a guy 

10. His smile is a ladies killer ok. 

There I’m done now lol.

Sex with Chris would include

-Him practically worshiping every inch of you

-Him whispering the dirtiest of things into your ear

-Hella Teasing

-Could be rough as fuck

-Could be sweet as fuck

-Calling you babe or baby

-”Fucking beg for it ,slut.”


-Dom AF (Don’t get me started)

-would always make sure he wasn’t hurting you.

-Occasional spanks

-”mmm fuck,baby”

-Hair pulling

-Major Hickeys (From the both of you)

-Hella fluffy cuddles afterwords

I am in need…


@createdbytinyaddiction Here you go lovely :)

7. You’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because I think about kissing you all the time.
39. A: Babe, I’m not grabbing your boob, I’m grabbing your heart.
      B: That’s my right boob though.
      A: Babe.

Today was a rough day - you woke up very early in the morning, because Wanda asked you to help her with her training and you basically spent the whole morning with her, but the result was worth it.

“Thank you for helping me today ______, I really feel more confident now that you showed me those techniques” - you smiled at Wanda and gave her a quick hug, reassuring her it’s all good and that she did great, despite the difficulties in the beginning. “Don’t forget we’ve to go at Tony’s apartment around 10 o’clock tonight” - you told her, while heading to the showers.

Tony planned this little “event” last week and you were all going. It’s not something unusual for him and besides, his parties are always so much fun.

You quickly skipped towards the showers and took your clothes, glaring the shower head because it spat some cold water on your head and it made you slip and almost fall on your butt.

It was so hot outside, so the water felt refreshing and nice.
“Where the hell is the shampoo?”- you mumbled to yourself, with a pout. Furrowing your eyebrows, you remembered earlier today when Steve walked past you with a smirk and smelled odly familiar and somewhat…flowery? 

So he used your shampoo and didn’t even have the dignity to put it back on it’s place. Unless he used all of it! Well, then you’ll use his cologne instead of your deodorant, or even better - his razors.

You chocked on some water in your laugh and glared at the shower head for the second time, just when, apparently all the warm water had run out and you suddenly turned into in ice cube “What the hell is wrong with this water?!”


“So _____ where’s the lover” - Tony asked, giving you a glass of margatita. You took it and brought it to your red lips - “I don’t know, havn’t seen him all day. He’s probably hiding, because he used all of my shampoo and knows I’ll have my revenge on him soon or later”. 

You laughed with Natasha for a while, she talked with you about Bruce and his obliviousness about her flirting. But then you felt two strong arms wrapping themselves around you and sqeezing you from behind and then a nose nuzzling in your neck.

You turned around and looked at the mischievous man you love, whose smile sped up the rhythm of your heart instantaneously.

He bent down, obviously for a kiss, his hand ready to cup your cheek, but in one swift motion, you just took the glass of whiskey from Clint’s hand and placed it in Steve’s (no need to mention Clint wasn’t thrilled about it, but oh well, he’ll find himself another glass.).

You twirled aroud your man, and looked at him as he took a sip from the glass, then placed a hand on his chest, trying to look all seductive, with a little side smirk placed on your cherry lips.

He tried to catch you in his arms, but you were faster. Reaching out you ran your hand through his silky, blonde hair. “Wow, isn’t your hair shiny and soft”- You said half smirking at him, half trying to pull off a serious face. 

“Captain America showering with a flowery shampoo and walking around with glitter in his hair, mmm so sexy!”- you exclaimed, desperately trying to hold back the laughter and waved your hand in front of your face, as if you needed some more air, because of how sexy he was.

Steve however just looked at you in such amusement and then put one arm around your bare shoulder, swinging his glass, which was in his other hand. “Well babe, I think we both have to come to the conclusion that everything looks good on me, even your shampoo.”

You couldn’t help it and you just laughed at his cheesy comment, but just as you looked up at him to strike back with a comment of your own, you felt his hand getting dangerously close to your brest, brushing against it a few times and then just casually grabbing it. Yea. Captain America just grabbed your boob, in front of everyone, no shame at all.

You raised your eyebrow and just looked at him again “Did you just squeeze my boob?”  - your voice sounded like you were in such disbelief and at the same time such amusement, like who is this guy?
He looked around, kind of as if thinking what to say and then smiled from ear to ear Babe, I’m not grabbing your boob, I’m grabbing your heart. - “That’s my right boob though”
He brushed off your comment with a swift motion of both his hands and a little mischievous smileBabe.  

You shook your head and just brought your hand to your face, laughing in your palm “How are you such a dork Steve Rogers?” - his eyes glittered with excitement and he leaned down a bit and then…ticked you. 

Yes he did. Yes he did.

You gasped for air and jumped a bit in the air, stumbling on your heels and almost falling, for the second time today, but he caught you and bent you down, just like in the old romantic movies. “ You’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because I think about kissing you all the time.”

Oh no, this man and his sweet, cheesy lines get you every time. You just chuckle and blush, you can’t even look away from him, from his smiling face, from those blue, bright, capturing eyes. You bite your lip and stare at his orbs and with a wide, happy smile you ask- “What are you waiting for then?”