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(ノ´ー`)ノ  August said I should post these so woot.  These be my Kino edits for the night haha.

ahh, Konpeito underwear and pirates. Just how I wanted to spend my Friday night //shot. (btw, pirate kino is taken from a cd cover of rejet’s zenryoku series)

I’ll go try to find my pile of shame and sit on it (´;ω ;`)

Juuzou gif process

Process gifs of the late Juuzou graphic I made for his birthday. Forgot to record some parts, but I hope this helps anyone in seeing what goes on in making this or curious in trying it themselves. Thanks to those who watched me do the Photoshop part in my livestream!

1) Original image from the Tokyo Ghoul illustration book (zakki)

2) Cleaning, redrawing, separating body parts in Photoshop

Cleaning, redrawing, and separating the main body

(if you’re on mobile, you can slide your finger on the gifs back and forth to see the frames and moe Hanbee more clearly)

Continuing with the head, eyes, and hair

Resulting pieces:

3) Movements in After Effects 

Moving the pieces and adding the color and text (certain parts were intentionally omitted from this time lapse; sorry for bad quality lmao)

Extra adjustments (forgot to record where I change to a bluer scheme and take out the paragraph)

4) Result + comparison (total time: way more hours than it should’ve been tbh)

Check out the final gif posting here! ヾ(´▽`) ✧

I’ve got this feeling, this suspicion, this conviction
Something’s shifting
And I’m lifting up my feet to take the step
I’m ready now
To let myself change colours with the leaves
Let the wind come shake me down
Deliver me closer to the ground

Turncoat - inspired by Sworn to the Sword and the Pink Diamond theory.

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“Clark must be using all his strength to get Bruce to smile.”

~My friend’s comment when I posted this on my FB. 

(✿ ◕‿◕)

Thank you, school for teaching me to photomanipulate. Your lessons will never be in vain.


Blair and Pandora (by @merry-go-sims) cosplaying Game of Thrones!