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Two-Tails- They have a incurable weakness for tea and cake.

Moss Spirit- These tricksy cat-like creatures hunt in family groups by weaving illusions of luxurious feasts, and surrounding the area, sleeping still as stone. The moment a creature is lured in to taking a bite of the fake food, the spell is broke, and their eyes open as they leap onto their quarry without mercy.

New Moon Two-Tails- It is said that the very first Two-Tails were crafted from the primal magics within the Thornfens by the first Swarm Queen, the revered Cocoon Mother, as her personal companions.


So ary had the idea of the third one being a swip swap using drops from the other two. I likes it~! 

Also bonus (from talks with ary, who could not get over her worry on how they would walk on the ground):

((ps I adore my roommate))

Love Knows No Bounds

This is not meant to offend anyone. Everyone can have a firm grip on their sexuality but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to experiment. Please do not take offense to this work of fiction.

“I’m done with men, seriously. They’re all assholes!”

“Jungkook, sweetie, you’re a man.” You soothed, bringing your friend a cup of warm tea.

“Why did he think that breaking up with me over text message was going to be easier on me? God he’s such a dick!” You walked over and rubbed his shoulders, trying to calm him down.

“He is a dick, but you’re just letting him win by getting mad honey. Everything will work out, okay? Want to go to a club tonight? We can go and you can flirt it up with all the hot guys there. I’ll lure the straight ones in.” You smiled.

“Can we just have a movie night in, noona?” He asked, looking up at you with his puppy eyes.

“Of course! What do you want to watch, anything in particular?” You asked as you bent down to open the movie cabinet, looking through all of the plastic cases.

“Mmm, maybe a horror movie?” Jungkook said, almost laughing while he said it. Your head whipped around around and you glared at him with everything you had.

“Jungkook, you know I hate horror movies! I won’t sleep for weeks!” You whined. Jungkook crawled down onto the floor with you and interlaced his fingers in a begging position.

“Please, noona? I’ll sleep with you, we can cuddle all you want. Please? Can we please watch a horror movie?” He begged cutely, resembling a little bunny who wanted lettuce.

You sighed and looked down, “Fine, fine. A horror movie it is.” Jungkook smiled and jumped up in excitement.

“Thank you! You’re the best noona! Let’s watch Shutter Island.” He said excitedly, going to the kitchen to grab popcorn. You just chuckled at his childishness and put the movie in without complaint.

Soon you were both cuddled onto the couch eating popcorn and shaking from the fear. And also from watching Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo on your screen.

“Jungkook I hate you so much…” You whimpered as another horrific scream came over your screen.

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Empty Boots is a SNK modern AU fanfic by lenoir-whittlethorn. Main pairing Levihan, appearances by other SNK characters. Rated M for graphic depictions of gore, violence, and other scary things.

Levi is a war veteran missing a leg and suffering from PTSD but when he takes in two strange homeless kids, he begins to question if those empty boots should be filled at last.

At this point, EB has hit four chapters (and one mini chapter), and I got hit with the sudden urge to draw everyone now that most of the key players have shown up. There’s a lot of things going on here and there’ll be a full write-up here ‘cuz I’m a dork.

Btw, I do chapter images for the fic but as of this post I know almost as much about the plot of EB as the rest of you guys so this isn’t “official” EB art, haha.