mmm blue

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Your son does have blue hair! But there is some purple in it, so people can see it as either purple or blue.. personally as I stated before, it's blue with purple in it too. Like blue-purple

Mmm yeah! :0

anonymous asked:

Misaki wearing Saruhiko's coat *~*

Imagine this like a version of the boyfriend shirt, Yata walking around the apartment he and Fushimi share in nothing but Fushimi’s coat. Like they’re living together and are dating and happy and everything and also of course enjoying a nice physical relationship too. One day Fushimi comes home way late and he’s still in his uniform, all slow and exhausted and Yata decides to fuss over his stupid overworked boyfriend a little. He reheats Fushimi’s dinner and has to half feed it to him and somewhere in the middle of trying to get him to eat the vegetables they end up making out. Despite his exhaustion Fushimi’s super into it, just leaning into the kiss and pawing at Yata and all but dragging him into the bedroom. Yata’s a little worried about Fushimi being too tired for sex but Fushimi makes it pretty clear that no he would like this now thanks and Yata’s perfectly happy to indulge him. They end up having really intense desperate sex, like throwing their clothes all over the room and they can’t keep their hands off each other and by the end they’re both worn out and cuddling on the bed.

So then the next morning Yata wakes up a little stiff and probably cursing himself because he didn’t even bother to get up to put the leftovers away and now the food’s going to be ruined. He starts looking around for his clothes, figuring he’ll just pull on what he was wearing last night for now since he doesn’t really feel like digging around in his drawers. He can’t find where half his clothes are though and he sighs and mutters a little about stupid sex-crazed monkeys. It’s a bit chilly in the apartment though and he doesn’t want to walk around naked so in the end Yata just grabs Fushimi’s coat and pulls it on. He’s not all that thrilled about wearing a Scepter 4 coat but at least it’s warm and it kinda smells like Fushimi which Yata has to admit he sort of likes. So Yata ends up wandering around the apartment wearing nothing but Fushimi’s coat, cleaning up the remnants of dinner from the night before and then starting breakfast. It’s around this point that Fushimi wakes up. He’s still half asleep so he pretty much just pulls on a pair of pants and drags himself into the living room, which is when Yata greets him. Fushimi looks up sleepily and then suddenly he’s like staring because he’s suddenly realized that Misaki is walking around wearing his coat and only his coat. Yata gets a little self conscious like what it was there and someone threw my clothes who knows where. Fushimi recovers enough to tease Yata about wearing the coat of a Blue clansman but when Yata’s like okay fuck this I’m taking it off Fushimi just like leans on him and tells him to leave it on for now, Fushimi’s enjoying the view.