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Magic Fingers

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  This is for my 2K drabble celebration.  The prompt was “Shit! Uh, I think we broke it.”  Requested by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and also @scorpiongirl1

Beta’d by @for-the-love-of-dean.  Thanks girlie!

Word Count:  1195 (I know, it’s supposed to be a drabble.  It got away from me.)

Warnings:  SMUT, language 

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Tagging the squad at the end cause this ended up a one-shot.

Magic Fingers

“Oh my god, YES!”  Dean drops his duffel bag and crosses the motel room in two long strides and flings himself across the bed.

Sam groans.  “Oh god, NO.”

“What?” you question, certain that you are missing some private Winchester conversation.

“Magic Fingers,” Dean answers, digging in his pocket.  

“NO WAY!  I’ve heard of Magic Fingers, but I’ve never actually seen one.”

“Get your ass over here.  And bring quarters,” Dean says, patting the empty space next to him on the bed.

Rummaging through your pockets, you produce some change and climb onto the bed next to Dean.  

“Your life is about to change forever, sweetheart,” Dean says, taking the quarters from you and depositing one into the metal box next to the bed.

The bed immediately begins to vibrate. Leaning back against the pillow, you imitate Dean, arms folded over your chest, eyes closed.

You hear Sam huffing around the room. “I’m gonna go to the library,” he says.  

“Fine,” Dean replies. Sam closes the door, leaving you and Dean to enjoy the magical vibrating bed.  

“This is amazing,” you murmur. Dean grunts in agreement. The vibrating seems to move your body slowly, closer to Dean’s. Eventually the bed stops moving. Dean sits up and drops another quarter in the machine. The vibrating starts again and he flops down on the bed again.  This time he’s close enough that you can feel the heat of his body next to yours.  

Were you attracted to Dean? Hell fucking yes. The two of you had a made out a few times, bodies pressed together, tongues tangled in the corner of some dive bar after a hunt. Timing had always been an issue. There had never been an opportunity to take things further. And on some level, there was reluctance. Would it change the dynamic of the team? Hooking up with hunters had always been disastrous in your experience.

As you drift in a blissful state of semi consciousness on the vibrating bed, you idly think about making a move. When Dean moves his arm so that it brushes yours slightly, your body become hypersensitive, every nerve on fire. Was it an accident? Was he thinking the same thing? He doesn’t pull his arm away, the vibrations of the bed causing your arms to brush against each other every so often. You feel the bed dip as he rolls on to his side, facing you. His large hand lands on your forearm, gently stroking circles with his thumb. You hold your breath for a moment, then exhale slowly before rolling to face him.  

“This okay?” he asks. You can hear in his voice that he wants to be certain. And you know that he’ll back off if you tell him to.  No questions asked.

“Yes,” you whisper. Dean leans forward and stops just shy of your lips. Your heart is hammering in your chest, trying to break out of your ribcage. You can feel the heat of his breath ghost across your lips before he presses his mouth to yours. All those sloppy, drunk bar kisses leave this one in the dust. His lips are soft and plush and taste faintly of chapstick. His hand moves to your hip, leisurely running up your rib cage. You moan against his mouth, allowing him an opening to slip his tongue past your teeth. Dear god, he’s thorough as he sweeps your mouth with his tongue. All the heat in your body pools low in your abdomen.

He pushes you onto your back and straddles your hips, pushing your shirt up and over you head. Off come his shirt as well. He bites his lip and closes his eyes as you run your hands over his broad chest, up over his shoulders, down his well muscled biceps. Leaning over you, he spreads his palms next to your head and captures your mouth again. His hips press to yours and you can feel his impressive length against your core. The gentle pulsing of the bed moves you slightly back and forth against his cock. A large hand finds your breast and cups it, kneading and squeezing. Pulling down the cup, Dean rolls the sensitive nub between his thumb and forefinger. He grinds his hips against you in time with the rolling of the bed.

Breaking away from his mouth, you moan as the pressure builds between your thighs. Dean grins, cock sure and pleasedd with himself at the moan and presses harder in response.  “Oh…god…oh…shit,” you murmur as he grinds shamelessly against you. “Fuck, Dean…ah!”  Your hands flail about searching for purchase. Your fingernails dig into the flesh of Dean’s lower back as the waves of pleasure crashed through you, smashing you to bits. The orgasm leaves you a panting, quivering, gasping mess. Dean ceases his grinding and pulls his hips back to give you a moment to recover. The bed stops shaking at the same time.

“Shit!  Uh, I think we broke it,” Dean jokes. You giggle as you reach for the button on his jeans.  “One sec, sweetheart.” He reaches over and drops another quarter into the machine.  Shimmying out of your shorts, you watch as Dean removes his jeans and boxers. Your eyes widen in appreciation. Dear lord, this man is genetically blessed.

Reaching a hand between your bodies, you wrap your hand around his length.  He closes his eyes and moans in response. Guiding him to your slick folds, you rub the tip up and down your slit.  Inserting the blunt head into your pussy, you release your hand and he pushes into you with a groan, stretching you, filling you completely.

“Jesus,” you rasp. “Fuck me, Dean, need you so bad.”

Dean doesn’t hesitate, pulling his hips back and snapping into you. Every muscle in his glorious body tenses as he pushes and pulls. You meet every thrust, your ankles hooked around his waist. He nips at your neck, sure to leave a mark that his brother will notice. When his teeth scrape your earlobe shivers cascade down your spine.  

His breath tickles against your ear when he whispers, “You’re so fucking beautiful, (Y/N).  Wanted this forever.”

His words send you over the edge into a sea of pure ecstasy. “Oh god.  Fuck…Christ…Just like that…oh…oh…Dean!” Your entire body goes rigid as you pulse around his cock.

Dean lets out a guttural sound when he feels you clamp down hard on his thick cock. “Fucking Christ,” he says into your shoulder, before biting down on the skin.  He shudders, his thighs shaking, as he cums inside of you. The hot liquid fills you, spilling over and pooling between your thighs.

Dean remains inside of you, growing soft while he catches his breath. You lazily run your fingertips up and down his back, coming slowly back to earth, the bed still humming away.

Dean’s lips find yours again, swollen and plump. He rolls off you and pulls you into the crook of his arm. He nuzzles your hair and inhales. “Mmm. That was awesome.”

“Mmm,” you murmur in response as the Magic Fingers lull you into a blissful sleep.

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Alcoholic beverages in ASOIAF

Hi, @smarsupial! I’m a mod of @asoiafuniversity so I briefly saw your submitted question in the inbox today before another mod handled it per the FAQ. If I recall correctly, you were asking about the last line of my “drugs in Westeros” post, where I say most people just have beer and wine – and you wondered if there was/why there isn’t any mention of harder drinks.

It doesn’t appear that distillation has been discovered in Westeros yet – at least not hot distillation, as in a “still” for making whiskeys and similar distilled beverages. Cold distillation, the sort that turns apple juice into applejack, hasn’t been defined as such, but there are taverns that serve “fearsomely strong” cider, and people get quite definitely drunk off of it, so evidently some Westerosi know how to do it. (You’d think there’d be more reference to things like icewines and ciders in the North, what with their harsh winters, but no. We’ll see I suppose.) They do have fermentation at least, which is how they get wine and beer and mead and hippocras, and may be how they make strongwine. (Strongwine is fortified wine, which in our world is made usually by adding brandy to wine, but if that were so in Westeros then brandy would be mentioned a lot more frequently than once in Essos. So it’s probably from over-fermented grapes.)

But generally it seems stronger distilled alcoholic beverages are only made outside of Westeros. The ship from the Summer Isles that Sam takes to Oldtown is carrying casks of spiced rum and blackbelly rum. As the Summer Isles appear to be somewhat more technologically advanced than Westeros (their ocean-crossing swan ships, maps, bows, etc), and considering that the culture seems to have been inspired by the Caribbean, it’s probable that the rum is made there. Other ships (non-Summer Islander) carry barrels of black tar rum for the sailors to drink, which I would guess is low-quality exports from the Summer Isles spread to the rest of the sea-going world, who have actually come to enjoy it. The Summer Islanders also used to trade palm wine to the Valyrians, but as that’s just fermented palm sap, it was probably prior to their discovery of distillation.

Other distilled alcohols – there’s firewine, which tastes like burning. Its origin may be Tyrosh, which also makes pear brandy. And there’s green nectar from Myr, which might be an ingredient in the “iced green drink smelling of mint” Tyrion sees in Volantis. Or it could be the green is from the pale green Volantene liquor that doesn’t have a specific name. Another non-specifically named alcohol is the spiced liquor drunk in the marketplace of Qarth. But these drinks of the Free Cities and further east of Essos are rarely if ever imported into Westeros, I’m afraid.

Anyway, now you know how to go around the world of Ice and Fire with alcoholic drinks. Hope that helps!

  • Baby Holmes: *sprawled on the sofa; bored* Daddy?
  • Sherlock: *working* Mmm?
  • Baby Holmes: Can we watch the bee movie?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *drops a test tube* There's a movie about bees?
  • Baby Holmes: Err, well-
  • Sherlock: *excitedly rushes to the sofa* Go on, then. And we've been watching those princess ones.
  • Baby Holmes: *rolls his eyes*
  • *LATER*
  • *baby Holmes' bedroom*
  • Molly: *tucking in her son* So, did you enjoy the bee movie?
  • Baby Holmes: *casually* No.
  • Molly: *confused* Oh. Then, why did you want to watch it with your dad?
  • Sherlock: *opens the door; speaking rapidly* A colony of bees can contain between twenty thousand to sixty thousand bees, but only the one queen bee. Superior. A bee’s wings beat one hundred and ninety times a second, which equals eleven thousand four hundred times a minute! *points* Hamish, honey is good for you. It's the only food to contain pinocembrin that is an antioxidant that improves brain function. Eat some. I've estimated that it would take one thousand one hundred bee stings to produce enough venom to be fatal *gestures* Molly, remember the White case? Widow claimed it was an accident. There are nine hundred cells in a bee’s brain, nine hundred more than can be found in Philip Anderson *approaches and ruffles his son's hair* Goodnight, son *kisses his forehead* Molly, in the bedroom when you're ready *leaves quickly*
  • Baby Holmes: *grins* Daddy really liked it.
  • Molly: *smiles*

This will forever be my most favorite performance by Grant Gustin though

I Do ~Dan Howell Imagine~

Hello humans! Here is another Dan imagine as requested! I hope you like it! :)

*Not My Gif*

I flattened out the front of my dress and looked into the mirror. I took a deep breath and tried to calm down, but my heart was racing
and my stomach was filled with butterflies. My best friend was beside me fixing little details on me.
“I can’t believe I’m about to do this.” I breathed out.
“You’re not backing out are you? You can’t back out!” She said frantically.
“No! I’d never back out..I love him so much. I’m just so nervous.” I said as I put my hand on her shoulder, calming her down.
I think she was more nervous that I was and it was MY wedding day. She sighed in relief and smiled brightly.
“This is going to be amazing..” She said in awe as we looked into the mirror together.
There was a knock on the door and Y/BF/N ran to open it. I looked at the door through the reflection and saw Phil walk in. He looked
at me with a huge smile on his face.
“You look amazing!” He exclaimed as he hugged me.
“Thank you Phil.” I replied sweetly.
He pulled away with his hands on my shoulders.
“It’s time.” He said with a smile.
I felt my heart drop to my stomach as I stared at him.
“You’ll do great!” He exclaimed, trying to calm me down.
I nodded and smiled, trying to shake away the nervousness.
“Ready?” Y/BF/N asked me.
I smiled and nodded.
She handed me my bouquet, then walked out of the room with Phil. I opened the door and walked out of the room. I watched as the last
of the brides walked down the aisle. I walked over to the huge doors and looked into the room. All of our family and friends were
sitting on both sides of the room, looking up at me with huge smiles. I looked down the aisle and saw Dan staring at me in awe. He
looked absolutely amazing. The music started and I slowly walked down the aisle. I smiled at everyone, but my eyes didn’t leave Dan’s.
I saw tears in his eyes as I walked, which caused tears to form in my eyes. When I got to him he smiled at me.
“You look beautiful.” He whispered.
A tear fell down my cheek before I could reply. I laughed a bit and wiped it away. The priest smiled at the both of us and started the
ceremony. During the ceremony, I saw a couple tears fall down Dan’s cheeks.
We said our ‘I Do’s’, then the priest finally said. it.
“You may now kiss the bride.” He said.
Before I could process the thought, Dan had grabbed my face and kissed me sweetly. Our family and friends all cheered and clapped as
we kissed. We pulled away and smiled at each other.
“I love you so much.” He said.
“I love you too Dan.” I replied.
He smiled and took my hand as we walked down the aisle together.
Later on that evening, Dan and I were in the middle of the room having our first dance as a married couple.
I laid my head on his shoulder as we danced.
“You know, I was so nervous about getting married earlier, but when I saw you…you made it feel so easy.” I whispered.
“Mmm, I am pretty awesome.” He said with a smile.
I laughed a bit as we continued to dance. I lifted my head up and looked at him with a smile.
“You are awesome.” I replied.
“Only because I have you.” He said sweetly.
I smiled and leaned in, placing my lips on his. I pulled away slowly and stared into his eyes.
“I love you Daniel James Howell.” I said sweetly.
“I love you too Y/N Y/L/N.” He replied with another kiss.

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