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Food day at work: i ditched my normal snacks. I brought in peanut butter cream cheese dip and apples. But mmm, smores brownies and strawberry shortcake.

Never been happier to go over calories. Salad for dinner tonight, but worth it.

Imagine...Dean Making Excuses To Be Close

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Request: I’m so glad requests are open! Can you write one where Dean and the reader are together and she buys a new body lotion and it smells really fruity ( you can chose which fruit it smells like) and Dean just follows her around and makes excuses it to be close to her because he really loves how it smells, something fluffy and funny?

Pairing: Dean x reader

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Baby Talk [a Barry Allen/Sebastian  Smythe imagine]

a/n: idk i just…thought of it…im sorry

“We should have a baby.”


“But, think about it, babes, we could have a little Y/N or little Bas or little me wa-”

“No.” Sebastian presses, crossing his arms over his black and white barcode tank top, fingers gripping his biceps. His mossy green eyes glare between you and the speedster, silver necklace dangling just below his pecs. “I don’t want a kid, okay?” he frowns, huffing out a breath of air, causing the necklace to move.

When you notice Barry’s shoulders slump, you bite your lip, mindlessly playing with faded purple ‘good vibes’ shirt. Sighing, you sit on your legs, placing your palms on your knees. “Seb, you know Barr really wants a baby…” you start, unsure of where you are going to say next. “But we don’t wanna upset you…” you gesture with your hands; Barry nods.

A frustrated grunt escapes the Warbler. “Then baby me!” he sneers, light blue boxers swinging against his thighs when he moves. Barry’s eyes widen at your boyfriend as he goes into a coughing fit. “Don’t get to choked up there, B.” Sebastian sneers in a dry tone. “If you guys want a baby…” he gestures to himself.

Sucking in a breath, Barry clutches the end of his red shirt, pulling it so the undone buttons at the top show more of his pale skin. “I really want a baby, Sebastian! I have since Flashpoint.” he all but whines, scrunching his eyebrows together as he leans forward, hands clasped together. Oh no, he brought that up; you rub your forehead. Here comes the argument….

“You mean the place where I wasn’t with you and Y/N?” Sebastian bites, necklace heaving with his chest. Barry frowns, suddenly feeling guilty when you mumble a little ‘Seb…’. “You two had a baby…without me… I wasn’t even-” he laughs bitterly, “I wasn’t even in the picture.” he shrugs, looking at you with sad eyes.

Standing up, you cup his sun kissed cheek, thumb gently brushing underneath his eyelid. “But, you are now.” you mutter, knowing Barry is behind you. “I love you so much. It’s not the same without you.” Barry hums in agreement. “And if you really don’t want to have a baby… well, we’ll figure it out. Okay?” you ask, brushing back the strands of his light brown hair, watching his lips twitch.

A soft breath escapes the speedster’s pink lips. “I’m sorry, Bas, I just…. Thought it’d be nice, you know?” Barry grabs his waist, sandwiching you between the two tall boys. “But, if you don’t want kids, Y/N and I… We’ll take care of it; we’ll take care of you.” he mutters as you sneak your hand up Sebastian’s tank top, fingers grazing the skin of his back.

Sebastian bites down on his lower lip hard, tilting his head back, adam’s apple bobbing. “Mmm… daddy… princess… please take care of me.” he pouts, batting his eyelashes; Barry and you suck in a breath.

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*tosses Twi in to cuddle the smol and stoke his crush problem*

     Vigil yawned and reached over, grabbing the nearest person or thing to cuddle. That just so happened to be Link. One too many brownies tended to do this to him. The other had walked in, most likely unaware of his state, merely prompted by a text requesting ‘alppe π.’ When he didn’t immediately move to look over to Link’s arrival, the other came over and sat next to him on the couch, asking if he was awake. That’s when Vigil sat up and slung his arms over Link’s shoulders, his face pressed against it.

     “Mmm.. You smell like apple pie.”

Imagine Dean’s reaction to your pregnancy craving of pie with seriously odd toppings...

Word Count: 682

A/N: I love writing Sweet and Fluffy Dean. Thanks for this request! I hope you like it :)

“Dean,” I whispered. “You awake?” Dean didn’t move, so I poked at his shoulder. “Dean?” He woke with a start and sat up quickly.

           “What is it, Y/N? You okay?” Dean’s green eyes were cloudy and worried.

           “I’m fine. I’m just…hungry.”

           Dean relaxed back into the bed and rubbed a hand lovingly across my slightly swollen belly. “Little man needs to eat.” He smiled at my stomach as he spoke.

           “Yes, he does. Sorry to wake you up.”

           “I don’t mind. What do you want?” Dean was already out of bed, pulling on his jeans. Since we found out I was pregnant, Dean had been amazing. He was always making sure I was comfortable, protecting me, never complaining whenever I asked him for crazy favors.

           “I really want a pie. Apple.” My mouth was practically watering just thinking about it.

           “Mmm, apple pie. I’ll get an extra so I can have some with you,” He laughed.

           “Get whipped cream.” I added.

           “Of course. What, do you think I don’t know how to eat pie?” Dean teased.

           “Get some Twizzlers, too.”

           “To eat later?” Dean seemed confused by that request.

           “No,” I said. “I want to put them on top of the pie. Get some Reese’s Pieces too. Oh! And some Oreos that I can crumble into the whipped cream. And maybe some Starburst. And Hot Tamale candies.” What could I say? Pregnancy was weird.

           Dean was looking at me with an eyebrow raised and a disgusted look on his face. “Y/N, I love you, but I don’t know if I can let you do that to a pie. It’s just wrong!”

           “Pleeeeeeease, Dean. I want all the candy. On an apple pie. You can sacrifice one pie for the sake of your son, can’t you?”

           Dean crawled onto the end of the bed and laid his head on my stomach to speak to his son. “Someday, I will teach you the right way to eat pie.” He lifted my t-shirt to kiss the small bump, sending shivers through me.

           I remembered how nervous I had been to tell Dean that I was pregnant. It was never in our plans. Our lives were too dangerous. But Dean had surprised me. Our son wasn’t even born yet, and Dean was already the perfect father. I had never been happier. Dean and I both deserved a little joy in our lives.

           Dean returned later with two apple pies, whipped cream, and every kind of candy and cookie the 24 hour convenience store had. He was nice enough to deliver it to our bed, and he watched in horror as I mashed every bit of it on top of my pie and dug in, not bothering to cut it into slices. It was exactly what I wanted.

           As I ate, Dean looked at my pie. “I’m so sorry.” He said. “If it were me, I would treat you like the classic, perfect thing you are. Simple, without all that crap on top to ruin your perfection.”

           “Seriously, Dean? You are apologizing to my pie?” I had to laugh. He looked so cute, with his short hair sticking everywhere, sleepy-eyed but happy. I watched as he ate, his full lips distracting me from my own snack.

           After a few bites, Dean gave my pie one final glare before reaching over and taking a bite with all the candy and cookies on top. I watched as he ate, frowning as he tried to decide how he felt about my pie.

           “I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but it’s actually not that bad.” We continued eating until the pie was almost gone. I stretched back into my pillow as Dean took our leftovers to the kitchen. When he returned, he fell into bed, arm falling on top of me, his face buried in my neck. I smiled and snuggled closer to him.

           I had almost drifted off to sleep when Dean spoke again, his lips moving against my skin. “I feel like a traitor to my favorite dessert, but Little Sammy had a pretty good idea tonight.”

Cosmo x Taloupe Ice cream

Today was exceptionally hot in Inkopolis and most inklings were spending their time mostly cooling themselves than participating in turf wars. Both Orange and Jonquil’s team found this situation as perfect chance to have some more practice time before the upcoming Rank battle, but of course the other inklings wanted to relax more in the shade than ink their butts off. Luckily Taloupe suggested taking breaks in between every few rounds which every one agreed was a good idea and began to practice around Hammerhead Bridge and Urchin Underpass.

“Okay guys, lets take ten. You all did really great out there,” says Orange as she lowers her splat charger. It was rather a close call on the map showing the underpass but it seemed the lime green team won by a few points.
Most of the group went on ahead to the soda machines to grab some refreshments while two male inklings were still packing up their weapons.
“Hey good game out there Taloupe! Those were some pretty good shots,” the magenta eyed inkling praised as he helped adjust the orange haired named Taloupe. “O-oh thanks! You did really good out there too, Cosmo” he replied back showing equal praise.  

Its been about a few months since Cosmo and Taloupe began dating and each moment has been wonderful both on and off the turf lanes. 

“Wow I swear to Cthulhu thats its getting hotter by the minute. Hopefully Jonquil will call it quits on practice,” says Cosmo. His partner nodded in agreement. Taloupe looks up from where he sat and notices a vendor selling some frozen snacks. “How about we get some ice cream, that could probably help us beat the heat,” he suggests rising up with some cash. “Sure that’s sounds good. Let me come with you.” The two walked up to the vendor and ordered their their choice of snack; a chocolate and mint ice cream for Taloupe and a green apple burst popsicle for Cosmo. Just as Taloupe was going to pay for their order, the jellyfish vendor politely declines the money and putting it on the house.

Elated, both Cosmo and Taloupe thanked the jellyfish as they drove to the next vending area and walked their way back to the bench they were sitting on several minutes ago. Taloupe tooken only a few bites off his cone when he stumbled over an up-rised pavement, causing his ice cream topple onto the hot sidewalk. Quickly by instinct, Taloupe tries to catch it with his empty hand but ended up with mint flavored cream smeared all over his hands. His partner stared at him with a sympathetic expression as they sat back down on the bench, handing Taloupe a napkin to wipe some of the cream off.

“Here I’ll give you mine” Cosmo offers as he extends his hand holding the frozen goodness while slightly blushing lime green. Taloupe also blushes back and shyly accepts but remembers his hands are still sticky from what was left of his ice cream. The green inkling couldn’t help buck chuckle, “Hehe… Don’t worry, I’ll hold it for you Taloupe and hurry its starting to melt.”
“Ah. Thanks Cosmo.”

The mandarin haired lad leans his head close and carefully starts licking the dripping apple flavored syrup that flowed about midway on the popsicle and some that was already on Cosmo’s knuckles.

While he savored the olive skinned’s snack, Cosmo mind began to slowly wander as he watched his handsome boyfriend tasting his popsicle; from looking at every detail of his face from chin to the tip of his yellow tipped tentacle to… rather lewd thoughts. Cosmo felt his face heat up and flush pure lime green as he imagined Taloupe doing some similar to his own popsicle, then if his face can turn any greener, stared at his companion start nibbling the top of the icy treat.

He couldn’t admit that the past few months with Taloupe have been full of pure fun and love, but like any other squid boy (or Daisy who is an exception) at his age, he wanted to take it a step further. He want hold Taloupe close. Cherish him. And ravish him to the point he’ll call out his name in ecstasy.

Yeah just like that.

“Cosmo? Hey Cosmo are you okay?”

Cosmo snaps back to reality and blushes green as his tentacles. Taloupe stared at him in confusion and concern. “Are you okay? You look a little flushed.”

“O-oh! Sorry Taloupe, it must be the heat getting to me! Y-yeah that’s probably it!” He stammers with the half witted excuse. Taloupe nods with slight uncertainty but looks down at Cosmo’s hand with surprise. “O-oh squid, I’m so sorry Cosmo I ate your share!”

Small tears began to peek at the edges of the citrus boy’s eyes over the tiny guilt but Cosmo just chortles. “Don’t worry I can still have my share.”
Just as Taloupe was going to question his statement, a pair of lips met his parted mouth, causing him moan in astonishment and then politely returns the guesture. He lightly moans as Cosmo’s tongue began to explore every inch, savoring the taste of apples.
For what felt like hours, they pull back for air with Cosmo licking his lips. “Mmm sweet apples.”

“C-Cosmo!” stutters Taloupe covering his blood orange face with his hands in coyness and then notices something between the crack of his fingers, his face now suddenly on fire. Now perplexed, Cosmo follows his best friend’s gaze and was his turn for his face to be set ablaze. Rapidly he shuffles his hands between his legs, “I-i-it’s not what you think! Oh codfish! I’m sorry! I-its just that you looked so hot…. I… I…”
He couldn’t finish his sentence as Taloupe gently placed his hand on this flushed cheek. “Don’t worry. I-in fact, t-t-to be honest I sorta feel the same,” he softly stammers, “M-maybe after practice, perhaps we c-can head to your place… If that’s okay.”

The plum eyed lad faces cools down and smiles sweetly, “Sure.”

“Hey love squids! Breaks over, back to practice~!” Daisy hollers while waving for their attention. The two inkling rise up from their spot and jog over to their designated teams, already pumped for practice.

The next day.
“Yo Jonquil I noticed Cosmo getting so fidgety in practice,” giggles Daisy, “I bet it was because Taloupe was looking at him with ‘the gaze’.”
Jonquil places his hand under his chin and chuckles. “So that explains why you battled so poorly yesterday, Cosmo." 

Cosmo jumps in his seat, remembering yesterday.


Ahhh ohmygosh I never felt so giddy in my life! thanks @tamarinfrog @searching-for-bananaflies for your consent! I hope you like the drawing too! 

I’m gonna go take a dip in Squid Hell now

I’ll show you - Dean Winchester

Request: Aw lovely :) Can I then request something where you live in the bunker and are really close with the guys, especially with Dean. Usually when they are on a hunt, he calls you every day but one time they’re gone and you dont hear from them for a few days. You’re terribly worried and when they then come back you jump into deans arms telling him how much you missed him and then he takes you to his bedroom and shows you his feelings for you and how much he missed you :) I hope this is okay :)

Note: I wrote this one together with admin Venora so sorry if it took me a while to put it online :) I really didn’t feel this story for some reason so all credits go to her for coming up with the story and the ideas! All I did was add little bits here and there.

Warnings: SMUT!!!



For the thirtieth time that day I dialled my best friend’s number. Why wasn’t he picking up or didn’t he call me back? I had tried Sam’s number too, only to be greeted by his happy voice telling me to leave a message after the beep. It had been like that for the past two days and I was starting to get worried now. They were supposed to return from the hunt three days ago and it was nothing like them to keep me in the dark. Sighing I stood up from the couch, making my way towards the kitchen. I decided to bake a cake. I had to keep busy. Hopefully it would prevent me from losing my mind completely. As I started to collect the ingredients for the recipe, I were startled by the sound of my phone. My heart jumped a little as I picked up the device, only to see Bobby Singer’s name appear on the display.

“Hi Bobby.” I spoke, not so happy as usual. I was glad he called though, hoping maybe he knew what the boys were up to. However, my hope soon faded as Bobby told me he was worried about them too.

“No, I haven’t heard from them either, I thought maybe they were with you…” No they weren’t…

“Okay, thanks for calling… Bye.” Disappointed, I tossed my phone onto the table. I guess I had to be a little more patient… When it was time to put the cake in the oven I took a magazine and sat down at the kitchen table. It wasn’t long before my eyelids got gradually heavier. I fell asleep, the smell of apple pie filling the air.  


When I woke up the smell of the pie was even more present. Mentally cursing myself for falling asleep while having something in the oven, I recalled a noise that had woken me up. It had sounded like a key turning in a lock… Shortly after that I heard a familiar voice.

“Mmm, smells like apple pie.” I jumped right up and ran straight to the hallway where Sam and Dean were taking of their boots and jackets. Quickly checking them for any bloodstains or other injuries, I got a little angry.

“I see you’re not dead or badly injured, so why was it so hard to give me a call?” My voice sounded irritated, even sarcastic, but the tears in my eyes couldn’t hide the fact that I was relieved to see them safe.

“Hey Y/N, I missed you, babe.” Dean was the first one to speak, his voice thrilled me and the fact that he called me ‘babe’ caused a blush to appear on my cheeks. I had been living with the Winchesters for 2 years now and Dean had been flirting with me constantly, much to Sam’s dislike. I loved Sam like a brother, but Dean, oh my god, I loved him in such a different way. The older Winchester put his arms around me and gave me a tight hug. The familiar smell of whiskey, spicy aftershave and a little hint of leather filled my nose as I had never felt safer in a person’s arms. Letting go of Dean I greeted Sam too.

“Sorry we couldn’t return your calls, but we didn’t have cell phone reception in that little town.” His voice sounded sad, obviously regretting the lack of contact.

“You guys had me worried sick, I even cleaned the house to avoid thinking of all the cruel things that could’ve happened to you.” A bell rang, reminding me off the cake. Running back towards the kitchen I immediately got it out of the oven.

*Dean pov*

I walked in behind Y/N. She had put on some gloves and bent down to get the pie out of the oven. All I could do was stare at her nicely formed ass prominent in that pencil skirt. The way her hair fell over her shoulders made my mind drift off to less innocent thoughts. Sam, who knew all too well how I felt about her, saw me staring and punched me on the shoulder.

“So, who wants a slice?” Her voice sounded so familiar and I often imagined it whispering sweet nothings into my ear.  I had to be honest with myself, Y/N was so much more than just a friend to me. Sure, she was always there when I needed her and she always patched me up after a hunt went wrong. But lately I’d been having these dreams about her, the kind that were a little inappropriate to be honest. They caused me to look at her in a totally different way and the fact that she was constantly flirting with me didn’t help either.

Y/N pov

Time passed and both brothers told me about all the vampires they had hunted down. Sam was the first one to go to bed that night, leaving me and Dean alone, the older Winchester decided to take a bath. I cleaned up the kitchen and made my way to my bedroom. Completely exhausted from the constant worry and frustration I really needed a good night’s sleep. Just as I was about to doze off a silent knock on the door brought me back to consciousness.

“Come in?” Dean entered my room, immediately making his way over to the bed, sitting down at the  end of it. I was a little confused as to why he was in my room, but I wasn’t going to complain. His bare torso reflected the light, still a bit wet and damp from his previous activity. A towel was loosely draped around his waist. His hair spiky and wild, my eyes soon shifted towards his anti-possession tattoo. Only when he started talking to me I realised how shameless I had been staring at him.

“Y/N, you have no idea how much I missed you.” His voice sounded hoarse and a little shaky.“

“I missed the way you look really sleepy and cute in the morning, I missed having you around and I missed the way you always pull pranks on me and Sammy.” He moved his face closer to mine. I felt his warm breath tickle on my skin.

“But most of all, I missed watching your pretty ass walk by me, the way you always tease me and flirt, even when Sam is around… The way I would try to touch you as much as possible, without you even noticing it.” The mood changed quickly as little sparks of chemistry sprung between the two of us, turning me on instantly. His full lips were now really close to mine and encouraged by his words I decided to close the distance. The kiss was tender at first, but soon enough it became intense and lust filled. The feeling of his lips and  tongue against mine gave me goose bumps. I never wanted this moment to end, but unfortunately we soon needed to take a break, both trying to catch our breath. Dean saw this as an opportunity to start kissing and nibbling at the sensitive spots on my neck. He made sure to leave a mark in the process. I couldn’t stop a soft moan escaping my lips as I slid my hands over Dean’s chest. His muscles tensed as he leaned back to look me straight in the eyes.

“I’ll show you how much I missed you.” The words sent shivers down my spine. He literally left me  breathless… His voice even lower than before and his eyes, which were once a bright beautiful green, grew darker by the second. Gathering all my courage I brought my lips close to his ear.

“Show me good.” Dean, who had been sitting in between your legs up until then, pulled at them causing you to lie flat on the mattress. He leaned over you, his body now deliciously close to yours.  I ground my hips against his, no longer being able to contain myself. I needed more, now! As I felt his manhood grow even harder the freckled man teasingly patted me on my arm.

“Trust me, I’m gonna take care of you, just be patient, Y/N.” Being patient was easier said than done. I had been dreaming about this for several months now. If this unexpected reality was even a little close to the contents of my dreams this was going to be heavenly. Dean helped me remove my shirt, immediately opening my bra, wasting no time on formalities. The cold air colliding with my skin caused me to shiver underneath his strong form. Screw my dreams… This was a thousand times better! As his warm hands softly massaged my breasts, the sensation of it caused me to become more aroused with every passing second. All that time he never took his eyes off me, the bright green orbs encouraging me to relax. His hands teasingly slow travelled down to my pyjama shorts. Playing with the hem of it, he closed his mouth over one of my now stiff nipples. My eyes fluttered shut as my breathing became heavier. A wet trail of open-mouth kisses travelled down my body, right up to my thigh, where he teased me even more.

"Dean, please.” My voice was nothing more than a slight whisper, but it did seem to encourage him. He pulled down my shorts and hipster and immediately ran a finger up my sensitive folds.

“You’re so wet for me, babe.” He moved his head in between my legs, lying flat on his stomach to gain better access. The mere sensation of his hot breath lingering over my clitoris could have made me come right then and there, but I tried to supress the intense feeling, not wanting this to end so soon. I felt one of his rough fingers softly slide into me, quickly followed by a second one. Curling them every time, making sure he hit my sweet spot just the way I liked it. Soft moans and whimpers left my lips as Dean looked up at me with a satisfied smirk. Suddenly my eyes flew wide open as his tongue teasingly licked my sensitive spot. I could already feel my body tumble towards the blissful edge, ready to go over. Dean must have felt it too because he removed his fingers and licked my clit one last time.

“You taste amazing, honey.” His voice was nothing more than a dark rumble in his throat and my body loved every second of it. A soft blush forming on my cheeks, I pulled him in for another kiss.

“Dean, I need you, now!” Removing the towel from his body, I threw it onto the floor, revealing his hard on. The mere sight of it instantly turned me on even more. Dean moaned softly as I took the tip of it in my hand, gently stroking him at first, rapidly increasing my speed. He looked absolutely stunning above me, his lips slightly parted and swollen from the kissing, a layer of sweat covering his body and his eyes closing with pleasure. In this moment everything about Dean was perfect. Much to Dean’s dismay he placed his hand over yours and softly pulled it away.

"You really have to stop or I’m gonna come right now.” A small smile appeared on his lips and I couldn’t help but smile back at him, kind of proud about the fact that I had such an effect on him. Dean opened my legs once again and positioned himself right where I needed him the most.

“You sure you want this?” I was a little confused about this question. Did it seem as if I had doubts? Was there anything about my body that made him think I didn’t wanted this? Nodding in agreement, I felt him slowly slide into me. The sensation was overwhelming and had me throwing my head back onto the cushions. He filled me up fully and perfectly. Dean allowed us both a moment to adjust ourselves, before moving in and out of me agonisingly slow.

“Dean, faster.” I wasn’t able to compose complete sentences anymore, but he got the message and increased his speed right away. Lifting up my body, I wrapped my legs around his waist, trying to meet his hips with every thrust he gave me. His fingers were softly tugging on my hair now as my toes started curling. I was so close I could almost shout out with pleasure. Absentmindedly I started to trace several scars left on his body, digging my nails into his shoulders. Dean noticed and brought a hand in between our bodies, teasing my already sensitive clit, causing me to moan out his name with every thrust. That was all I needed and I felt the tight knot in my stomach explode as waves of pleasure consumed my body. The feeling of my walls clenching around him was sufficient to send him over the edge too. The otherwise silent and serene room now being filled with loud moans and gasps. We both tried to hold onto that moment for as long as possible, but when it was over Dean collapsed next to me on my mattress. Feeling cold by the sudden loss of physical contact I moved a bit closer towards Dean, resting my head on his chest. After a few minutes of calming down I turned my head to face him.

“I’m glad you’ve missed me that much, but don’t you ever leave me that worried again.”


Padraig had ended up in this weird new world. If he was guessing right, everyone here was a pony and he was the only human here. He hadn’t been spotted yet and was not sure what would happen if he was. He deicded to take a break and rest at a tree. He reached up and took a bite out of a apple. 

“Mmm! This is good!”

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Hmm how come when people talk about image manipulation it's only about how harry isn't always veggie god yoga man? I wanna hear about how louis /is/ sometimes veggie god yoga man! He's got good skin and a nice body, that has to be a part of him. Grumbling/tired louis munching on an apple headed off to go box harry in the gym -- that is something I want to think about

TBH louis has never struck me as a gym-going man. or if/when he DOES go to the gym, he is definitely the type to complain the entire time about how he is LITERALLY dying and he can ACTUALLY feel his soul departing his body with each torturous footfall on the treadmill. i think he gets most of his exercise doing the things he really loves, i.e. football and harry. he has like…beautifully golden and clear skin though, so there’s gotta be some healthy food going in that body of his. whether he eats it willingly or not, i can’t say. but i DOUBT sarah lets him get away with junk food all the time. lou snapped the sarah’s kitchen menu the other day and it was like chicken curry with a rice and veggie stir fry and a fresh tuna salad and a spaghetti dish. and we all know that harry loves to cook, so for as often as they probably order takeaway, i’m sure he also stuffs his boy full of tasty and healthy food when they’re home. and of course louis often indulges harry, going on runs with him and doing yoga together (louis only lasts, like, 20 minutes tops though because he gets all fidgety y’know…but…he tries, that’s what counts) AND i feel like as much as louis says juices and the like OFFEND HIM, harry will go to grab one out of the fridge only to find one missing and he’ll ask louis about it but louis has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about, nope, not a clue. juice? as in fruits and vegetables? that’s offensive. he’s offended harry even asked him, tbqh. harry won’t mention that louis’ teeth and tongue are stained a deep pink. he’ll just grin and lean in to kiss away the little stain of dried juice at the corner of louis’ mouth. pulling away with an, “mmm beet and apple? a hint of celery maybe? nice choice, babe.” louis still vehemently denies the whole thing, hasn’t got a clue what harry’s on about, but he maybe doesn’t put up quite as much of a fight when harry wakes him up for their morning run the next day.

I Need You Back

Requested by simplyfandomposts

Request:This takes place in season four after Dean gets back from hell.The reader has become super shy and doesn’t trust anybody except Dean because he was all she had before he died and after he comes back she gets super emotional.

Warnings: Fluff – i don’t think this is supposed to be a warning :)

Pairing:Dean x Reader

Characters:Reader, Dean, Bobby

A/N:I hope you like it.I changed it, just a little…This is the first fic i post.I want to know what you think about it guys. I don’t know if the title is good.I didn’t check the text very well, I’m sorry about the wrong spelling.

The last month was terrible.Dean was gone and all you could think of was him You didn’t a have a place to go and Sam was nowhere to be found, so Bobby offered you to stay at him.You hardly accepted because Dean was the only one you trusted,but knowing he was like a father to him you accepted.

Dean was the most important person in your life, whenever you needed him he was there for you and you for him, he was your bestfriend.Sam was your friend too, but yours and Dean’s relationship was more special, you two were inseparable.

You two met on a hunt when you were 18 and he was 22.You were hunting the vampire that killed your family.He was too powerful but Dean killed him.If It wasn’t him,now you would be dead.After you told him you were hunting alone he offered you to come with him.Since then you became best friends and with time you started to develope feelings for him.Everytime he would smile at you or hug you and hold your hand to show he was there when you were feeling down you started to feel the butterflies.

The first time realized you were in love it was a simple night at a motel, his dad was in another town for a hunt and you were with Dean and Sam.His little brother was sleeping, you and Dean wanted to take a walk because you couldn’t sleep.

When you arrived at the park it started to get cold, Dean noticed you were shivering and gave you his jacket.You didn’t accept at first because you didn’t want him to get a cold because of you but he insisted and you took it, feeling the smell of leather and Dean’s perfume, you smiled.You two sat on a bench and he put his arms around you making you blush and your heart started to beat faster than normal and your palms were sweaty.That was the moment you realized you were in love with your best friend.

But now you would never have the chance to tell him how you felt and that made your heart brake thinking of the many times you had it.You were afraid he wouldn’t feel the same and didn’t want to ruin your friendship.

All day you were staying just in your room.You were a mess, every night when you tried to sleep, all you could think of was Dean and praied he will come back.In the morning you would find your pillow stained in tears from the previous night.

You didn’t get out of your room, just to get something to eat and go to the bathroom, the rest of the day you would spend reading or sleeping.


Now, it’s been four months since Dean went to hell, a month ago you started to get out of your room more often and take walks but you became more shy than usual.Today you woke up and your pillow wasn’t wet from tears, to your surprise.This is the first night you really slept well, dreamless and without tears feeling this day will be better.

You changed in some comfy clothes and got out of your room.After you got out of the bathroom you go in the kitchen, usually Bobby was there to greet you every morning but instead you found a note saying he went to an old friend to help him on a hunt and that he’ll be back in two days.

After you made something to eat you put on a jacket and a pair of boots and went out taking the car you worked at to repair.You went to the park remembering the days you and Dean would take long walks just to get your mind of the rough hunts.
You sigh as the memories were coming one by one.You close your eyes and shook your head.You don’t want to remember because it hurts knowing you’ll never see him again.

You go to a store to buy some supplies.When you got all the things you needed you remeber one more thing, the apple pie.Your and Dean’s favorite.

After you put all the things in the car your phone started buzzing.You got it out of your pocket and looked who was calling you.It was Bobby.“Hey,Bobby.” “Hey,kiddo.How are you doing.Found my note?” “Yeah I found it and I’m fine, I went to take a walk and buy some things.“You entered the car.“Good.I hope you’ll be fine till I come back.” “I’ll be Ok.Be careful Bobby.” “Sure.G'bye kiddo.” “Bye.”

You started the engine and arrived in no more than forty minutes.When you arrived you went in the kitchen and put everything in it’s place.
You thought it’ll be good if you’ll clean up a little.You washed all the dishes, cleaned up in the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.You finally finished to clean every room, but it was just one room who was untouched and you knew why.These four months you didn’t go in there, you couldn’t because that will make you feel more sad.But you entered, it was the first time you opened that door.

When you entered you saw one of his flannels on the bed.You sat on the bed taking it in your hands letting your head down on the pillow.You buried your face in it.His scent was still imprinted in the material and made you feel he was there with you.You felt the tears making their way on your cheeks and got up wiping them. You take your t-shirt down and put the flannel on you.

You get out of the room when you hear someone knocking lound at the door.At first you don’t want to go and open it because it could be a demon, but you got a gun and walked slowly to the door opening it with a lound bang aiming the gun at the person.When you look at him your knees start to get weak.“Wha…You-you can’’s not.You’re not him!“You screamed with tears in your eyes still aiming the gun at what you think was a demon."Y/n..It’s me."He raised his hands up looking at you."No, you’re not him.He is dead..he is dead..Why you came?Huh?Just to make me suffer more, it’s not enough that you took him away from me?”

“Y/n.I’m Dean,I’m alive and I’m not a demon."He got closer to you and you looked at him, he was bruised and sweaty."Get away from me or i’ll shoot!"You said trough gritted theets."At least let me show you and I’ll prove I’m not a demon."You didn’t respond."Please."You looked into his eyes, you missed those eyes but this couldn’t be Dean.It’s impossible.You lowered the gun and took a silver knife and holy water, looking at him you weren’t sure if it’s good to get closer instead he made a step towards you.Your heart was beating faster than normal and your palms were sweating, you had a strange feeling, but not a bad one.

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When he was closer enough he took the knife from your hand touching it with his fingers, you feeled something strange in your stomach at the touch.
He put the knife on his arm making a cut, nothing. Then he put holy water on the cut, again, nothing.You looked at him and he gave you a little smile."Dean…I"Now, the tears were running down your cheeks and you jumped in his arms."I told you."You heard the smile in his voice as he buried his face in your hair with his arms on your back.

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"I missed you Dean, so so much."You said trough tears and then looked at him and smiled.He took his from your back and wiped your tears with it stroking your cheek."Me too, sweetheart,me too."He smiled.

"I thought I’ll never see you again,Dean..I-I couldn’t…You were all I had.And after you…” “It’s Ok sweetheart.I’m here now,I’ll never leave you again.I promise."He kissed your hair and looked into your eyes smiling."I love you."He said slowly.For a moment you almost stopped breathing not knowing if you heard him good but didn’t question it and responded."I-I love you, too."You got up on your tip toes putting your hands on his scruffy cheeks kissing his lips.He wrapped his arms around your waist and took you closer.He was full of sweat and dirt but you didn’t care.Now, all your sadness dissapeard and was replaced by happines knowing he’s here with you again and that he loves you.

He smiled in the kiss." pie."He mumbled and you giggled."I have more if you want.” “Of course!"He smiled and put his hand at the small of your back kissing your cheek."First, you really need a shower."You put a finger on his chest."But.."You looked at him."Ok."He went to the bathroom when he turned round."That’s my shirt?"He grinned."Umm..Yeahh."You looked down."I like how you look in it."You blushed."Shut up..” 

After twenty minutes he got out and went to your room.You cut a few slices of pie and went to your room, when you entered you saw Dean just with a towel around his hips.“Oh!Sorry.."You looked down."I didn’t knew you were shy."He grinned and walked to you."I think this last four months changed me.You being gone..” “Y/n, look at me."You looked at him and saw the little smile on his face."I love you.I’m not leaving you again."He kissed your lips and you smiled."I still can’t believe you’re back."You put your hands around his neck and pecked his lips again."Come on, put something on you and let’s eat that pie."He smiled.”I love you,Y/n”