10/娘。ムービー モーニング娘。 17年目も さあ、いこうか。

CR: crimsonshreddr
“Gone is the Morning Musume。 you once knew.

We’ll improve both ourselves and idol world.

It’s an evolution resulted from 16 years long process, not the change that happens abruptly.

10 girls who met by chance to become the 10 girls of destiny.

We won’t give up on becoming the cutest and the coolest.

We’ve become strong enough to carry everyone’s expectation.

The girls who admire that era, are now trying their best to surpass it.

We’ll always stand up no matter what, both in life and idol world.

To stay freshest.

To be the best.

To be the most beloved.

It’s still way too early to decide if we’re finally back to our finest time yet.

Shall we go, then?”