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Are you anticap?

I consider myself neutral at this point.  After Kalia’s pregnancy, visiting SeaWorld several times with my pass in 2015 (and seeing Tilikum come out only ONCE), some observations during my marine mammal keeper experience, and Unna’s passing, I decided I wouldn’t pay to visit again. I am joining the military in the fall, so I will probably visit again, but i won’t pay for anything in the park.  I have withdrawn my support from Seaworld.  I am not actively against it, but i am not actively for it.  

Aries:  “Come at me bitch idgaf if you have a sword I AM THE TOUGHEST MUDDER OUT HERE”

Taurus:  is bleeding but is too stubborn to die

Gemini:  makes alliances but breaks them ASAP.

Cancer:  Survives until the last 5 remain and quietly takes everyone out

Leo:  Kills everyone just because they want the pretty crown at the end

Virgo:  Analyzes statistical patterns and forms bond with projected winner then proceeds to kill them in their sleep

Libra:  Talks everyone to death

Scorpio:  Murders everyone with no regrets whatsoever

Sagittarius:  Philosophizes a world without the games and is killed while doing so

Capricorn:  Runs themselves to death

Aquarius:  Puts on shades and waits because they are too cool

Pisces:  Cries