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Now is the time for those who want to get into Illinois’ new medical marijuana business.

Starting Monday, the state’s Medical Cannabis Pilot Program will accept applications from those wanting to cultivate and dispense medical marijuana.
They’ll have just two short weeks to submit a lengthy application, which is due by Sept. 22. Competition could be fierce since the medical marijuana movement is gaining traction across the nation.
Illinois legalized medical marijuana in January.
The state only will give licenses for 22 cultivation centers — one for each Illinois State Police district and the Illinois Tollway — and 60 dispensaries, said Melaney Arnold with the Illinois Department of Public Health. At this point, she’s expecting the number of applications to be double, if not triple, the number of licenses that can be granted.
“We will get to look through the applications we receive and go for the best ones,” she said, not knowing how soon the licenses might be granted.

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For the times when whipping up a batch of marijuana brownies is inconvenient, a few drops of this cannabis tincture under the tongue or in a glass of water is a quick and effective alternative. Though alcohol based, you will not be taking any shots. This fast acting tincture packs a punch.

Kitchen Tools

Blender, coffee grinder, or food processor
Bowl or quart size measuring cup with pour spout
Mesh strainer
Cheese cloth
Scale for measuring marijuana
Small funnel
Quart canning jar with lid
Brown or blue tincture bottles with droppers
Estimating Dosage

Just 5 to 10 drops on the tongue or in a glass of water will do the trick every time. Be sure to test each batch of fresh cannabis tincture just a few drops at a time until you are familiar with the potency. Remember that any substance enters the bloodstream more slowly through the mucous membranes than through the lungs. Ultimately the potency will depend on the cannabinoid density of the marijuana you use to make the tincture. Cannabis tinctures can be made from leaf, trichome rich trim or manicure, buds of any quality, as well as kief and hash. If you are trying to maintain a consistent strength over time with different types of marijuana, have the crew at SC Laboratories check out your cannabis first. They can test the level of cannabinoid present so you know what you are working with.

Use the following estimated amounts of cannabis for each pint or 500 ml of distilled spirit.

Leaf – 3 to 4 ounces
Trim – 2 ounce
Trim Smoke and Bud – 1 to 1 ½ ounces
Kief and Hash – 6 to 8 grams

Measure the amount of cannabis you plan to use and grind it with the blender, coffee grinder, or Cuisinart to about the size desirable to roll a joint with. Shoot for pieces not more then about 3 mm but certainly not a powder either.
Decarboxylate the cannabis. If you are unfamiliar with this, here is an article on decarboxylating to help you figure it out.
Add the cannabis to the quart sized canning jar and pour a of pint of vodka over it.
Seal the lid tight and shake the jar a few times then place it in the freezer. Once or twice a day remove the jar and shake vigorously for a few seconds before returning it the the freezer.
After about 5 days most of the cannabinoids should have dissolved into the alcohol. Set up the cheese cloth over your strainer and place the strainer over the quart sized measuring cup. Remove the jar from the freezer and carefully poor the contents over the cheese cloth to strain out the plant matter.
Once the alcohol has passed through the cheese cloth into the measuring cup, fold the edges of the cloth around the marijuana and twist the cloth to remove any further alcohol.
Use the small funnel to fill your dropper bottles with the cannabis tincture. If further filtration is needed, you can place a coffee filter in the funnel to catch any plant matter that managed to pass through the cheese cloth.
Filled tincture bottles should be kept in a cool dark location.
Alternative Method

I usually use Belvedere Vodka because I usually have it on had, but in a perfect world I would use Everclear for my cannabis tinctures because of the high alcohol content. In reality, it doesn’t matter as long as you use a liquor that is at least 80 proof–40% alcohol. The higher the alcohol content, the faster the cannabinoids will be extracted.

If for some reason the freezer is not available, the same method can be used to make tinctures in the refrigerator or another cool dark place. You will need to wait a month instead of five days, still shaking the jar once a day.

Source: Marijuana Growers Headquarters

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