Interview by Steven Bushong

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest performers My Mouth Is The Speaker just signed with Escapist Records and will soon release their third EP. Since forming in 2008, the indie-punk quartet has successfully released two EPs and a full-length, attracting critical acclaim, including being nominated for Absolutepunk’s “Absolute 100” and featured as unsigned talent in Alternative Press Magazine.

We asked singer and guitarist Daniel Palmentera to share some thoughts with us about the festival and his band. This is what he said.

I’ve heard a new record is in there air. Please tell us three song titles, and then rate those songs from one to ten on the heartbreak continuum (one being a one night stand that never called you back, ten being about the love of your life getting run over by a garbage truck).

You’ve heard correct. We are nearly done tracking our 3rd EP! As far as the songs go:

“Your New Apartment” … 7

“Worst Case Scenario” … 8

“You May Be Coy, But You Ain’t No Fish” … 7

The fourth track, “No Light Pollution,” is really the only happy song on the EP.

Your performance at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is a definite reason to be stoked. But what artist or band is getting you all excited?

Definitely really stoked about WMC Fest. Much love to our pal Jesse Sloan for asking us to play. SO many great bands all day. Most of whom are good friends of ours, so I imagine there will be a lot of shenanigans. Not to mention, Braid is playing.

My Mouth Is The Speaker started in 2008. How the hell do you keep a band together?

There have been ups and downs, and a few lineup changes. We’re close as friends, and we have a writing and recording process that seems to be working for us. It’s all about communication and working with people that are on the same page as you. We have a lot of fun.

If you, Daniel, were stuck at a single concert for the rest of your life, in which only three bands kept playing forever and ever and ever, which three bands would not drive you to insanity?

I’d have to say Glassjaw, The Starting Line and Weezer (circa 94-97). If you ask me next week, I’ll probably say 3 different bands.

So, what’s up with the Northeast Ohio music scene – is it maintaining itself, dying or exploding with awesomeness?

I like to think that these passed few years have been a great time for the Northeast Ohio music scene. A lot of talented musicians and songwriters in this region, and it’s a pretty tight knit community. There are always shows happening.

Good work getting signed to Escapist Records. What’s that mean for the future of My Mouth Is The Speaker?

Thank you very much! We’re beyond excited to finally have a legit release. Hoping to have a 7-inchof the EP pressed by the end of the year. Outside of that we’re hoping to tour when we can, keep writing songs and grow as a band.

Keep up with My Mouth Is The Speaker on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and stream their music on Bandcamp.

Give ‘em a listen: My Mouth is the Speaker – Your New Apartment


Check out a rough video of My Mouth Is The Speaker’s new song Your New Apartment. Look for more from this up and coming Ohio band as they have been generating a buzz in the indie rock circuit. Lead singer Danny Palmentera’s powerful voice and the bands infectious riffs, you are sure to hear more from this quintet in the near future.




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