MMIE | Seven and Hope

The young silver haired woman sat on the sidewalk, waiting patiently for her date to arrive. It wasn’t serious or anything, but she was still wondering who it was and where they were taking her. She decided to wear black shorts, a white tank top with an unbuttoned red and black plaid shirt with leather boots. Hopefully the date was extremely fancy or anything.

“Where are they?” She slowly grew impatient from her nerves, crossing her legs and looking around for any signs of her date. 

Hopefully they’re not disturbing or weird, she thought to herself.

Match made in Eiyu || Neliel x Maka

Neliel strolled happily to the Senryaku house, her simple mint green dress flying behind her. During Wendys stay for dinner, they had planned on hooking up Maka and Soul, their first ever mission as matchmakers. She was excited and giddy. She was a sucker for romance and she knew that her mischievous side of her was dying to be free to do the meddling.

Neliel opened the doors of the Senryaku house and made her way to Makas dorm. Once she arrived she knocked on the door and patiently waited for the door to open.

“Hey Maka-chan!” she greeted when the door opened, “Can you please help me with something? It’s an emergency.”

I'm late because shut up.

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Prishe was in the ruins of the old Tavnazia, fighting off some monsters that had appeared nearby. This is just what she needed, the narrator said sarcastically. Heading out from the stronghold for a little rest, and she gets ambushed by a few flans, without being prepared. At least she had her magic, but she was running out of energy fast.

A romantic evening by the moonflow. [MMIE; Tifa]

The sun was just about to set; giving the surrounding area the perfect mood. The moonlilies were just absolutely gorgeous in this season; beautiful purple flowers that literally sat upon the water. Pyreflies floating too and fro as they pleased; the perfect scene for a date.

Tidus was somewhat nervous; this was the first time he’d been set up on would-be a blind date. A short sigh left his lips, he could only imagine what kind of girl she could be. From what he understood, she was a gorgeous, dark haired brunette; Tidus always had a thing for girls with dark hair, and dark eyes to match.

Picnic basket in hand, he waited for her by the bank of the moonflow. Via com-sphere, he told her how he was dressed; nothing fancy, just his usual garb: the yellow short jacket he usually wore, accompanied by his casual black overalls, and arm protector –just in case there were any sort of fiends on the moonflow today – so Tidus could potentially show off his fighting skills for her.

Fingers mindlessly tapped the wooden edge of the basket; inside were some foods Tidus had one of the hypello help him cook; some pasta, chicken, and broccoli, accompanied by a bottle of wine. Such a lovely occasion called for excellent food to go with it, of course.

“Shes late..” he mumbled. Of course, it was only by a couple of minutes that seemed like an eternity.

How to draw the Jojes.

Step 1. Give up completely

Step 2. Get a new layer and draw it as fast as you can, dont even spend 10 minute on it because you dont care

Step 3. Nice eyebrows joeseph, where do they even go

now it is the physical embodiment of the dub, great job