It’s my birthday!!! Surprise! Lol Im 38. Go ahead… Mmhmmmm. I’ve heard all the old fart jokes today lmao lmao…

Story time… Left is day 1 vs right of day 355, today, of my weight loss journey. Shirt 4xl to 2xl. Well some rare brands are still 3x. Pants/slacks 62 to 46. Belt 64 to 48. No confidence, depressed, tired, bleek… Vs… shit loads of confidence I never knew I had, mostly happy Lol (damn job), energetic, and hopeful for the future. And it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine and unicorn glitter farts; It all wasn’t always a downwards trend. It wasn’t tear free. It wasn’t stress free. I had gains too. Points where I wanted to just give up. Quit. Just stop. No one cares. Why bother!

Point is… Don’t stop. Don’t give up. And that’s right, no one cares! Be honest with yourself. No one cares. The only 1 that should care about you is YOU! Dont live, feed off of others. Do your own thing! And.. So what if you have a 2+lb gain this week. The weight loss journey is like driving on the interstate. You’ll make up for lost time… Just kick it into over drive now or later after a little break. You WILL get there. I’m proof of that. Just believe in yourself. Give yourself mini goals. And 1 realistic major goal. My 1 year was -100lbs. Obviously, I passed that! -138!!!! Just… 1-2 pounds a week. That’s all. The rest will follow. Do it on you own time. Your own goals. Your own rules. Don’t be an expert. I’m not an expert. Never stop learning. Play with your body. Learn. Explore yourself. Try new things. You will be great at it. Trust me! Just believe in yourself. Accept your flaws. Keep moving forward! Like the Marines say, “embrace​ the suck, and keep fucking moving!”

I’m gonna have some chocolate cake… Because I can! *Cheesey smile* 😛 y'all have a great night! Muah 🍀😘😜♥️

Lots of ppl are talking about getting blindsided w their aspects in the extended zodiac, and like I got the aspect I always thought I would be…but the thing w heart is that the description is basically “you’re self-obsessed and spend a whole lot of time analyzing yourself and others,” so I’m stuck between being a lil smug for getting right and like, affronted about the fact that the description’s callin me out for it haha 

I also would love to see another poll on the distributions of aspects/moons and how many ppl got what they thought they would…it seemed skewed before, so maybe with the quiz it evened out some? Or maybe instead it’s skewed towards a different set of aspects haha it’d be interesting to see 

Fall! yay fall

is coming! mmhmmmm yes! get readyfor that pumpkin spice,! those orange leaves! a cool breeze ! and a brand new season of,,! Andi Mack!!!
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zodiacs as things I’ve said while watching BoM

Aries: turn it off(reprise) idea: Gangnam Style

Taurus: does it mean “no worries” for the rest of our gays?! God I wish

Gemini: yo so if Brigham Young has a clit nose. Could he just. Headbutt stuff. And like. 👀👀

Cancer: McKinley, those are some terrible coping techniques. You aren’t Mendel Weisenbachfeld stop trying to be a bad psychiatrist jc

Leo: reblog if you’re both a continent AND a tribal woman who doesn’t wear a bra

Virgo: since when is leaving your friend worse than necrophilia dear god Kevin have you been listening to Bad Psychiatrist Connor again

Libra: how is Ben Platt so beautiful though. If I saw him in person I’d probably have to drink like twelve cups of coffee to cope too

Scorpio: why have Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer when you can have Brigham the Clit Nosed Circumcision Attemptor

Sagittarius: Kevin is so anxious can someone get him a fidget spinner or something please

Capricorn: what if General Butt Fucking Naked wore a large poster that says “CENSORED” for the whole musical. It’s not too late. Who wants to sign my petition.

Aquarius: Baptize Me is like one of those Christian songs that sound really innocent but if you listen to the words it’s like “Jesus is inside me. Ohh yeahh. Mmhmmmm.” Wtf guys

Pisces: what if somebody makes binders that look like those sparkly vests. Then you could use it as cosplay. Also you wouldn’t have to hide it with larger shirts because most would think it’s some sort of dancewear/“fashion is weird, man.” Binders that disguise themselves by being obnoxious. 10/10 would recommend

Seek, and You Shall Find- Chapter 6

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FF Master List

The day dragged, as days so often do. No rest for the weary, and Jamie was just that: weary. The unusual heat of the day drained him, and left him a sweaty disarray.

One thing kept his mind occupied through the trials of his work: dinner. No, not just dinner, although he was sure it would be delicious if Mrs. Fitz had a say in the matter. No, it was dinner with Mistress Beauchamp that kept running through his head.

Perhaps they would talk and laugh together. Perhaps he would walk her to her room. Perhaps he would kiss her hand goodnight.

And perhaps not, but the thought kept him outwardly spritely despite his exhaustion.

A small, deep part of his mind, though, scolded him for being a fool. He only met this woman four days ago, and here he was, swooning over her like young lassie.

But, a wise man knows himself to be a fool…


“Jamie? Jamie, lad? JAMIE!” Murtagh’s dark face peered over the fencing, impatience written in his eyes. “I’ve been here fer a guid 5 minutes. Where’s yer heid?”

Jamie liked to think he hid his emotions well, but even he could not stop the flush that crept up his cheeks. He turned away, brushing out Donas’ fur. “Nowhere.”

“Lies. I ken ye better than anyone, and I ken exactly where yer heid is. Under the skirts of a certain sassenach.”

Jamie dropped the hay. “Murtagh..”

“Am I wrong?” The silence was answer enough for him. “She’s bonny enough, despite Randall’s best efforts. But it’s no a guid idea to get tangled wi’ someone like that.”

“Someone like what?”

“A sassenach, for one. A sassenach that ye just met days ago, imprisoned by the British army.”

Jamie walked up to him, boots stomping in the overgrown grass. He was a good head taller than Murtagh, but, even so, his scowl was intimidating. It made Jamie feel like a child again. “I was imprisoned by the British once. Wrongfully, I remind ye.”

“Aye. But yer a Scot. Look at them wrong, and they’ll have ye in ropes. But… she’s English.”

“So?” Jamie asked, petulantly.

“So… they dinna just arrest their own without some sort of cause. A grievous crime, or some such.” Jamie didn’t answer. He didn’t have anything to say. “Think about it.”

“She’s no dangerous,” Jamie blurted.

“Perhaps. Perhaps not. Who can say? Did ye happen to notice the ring on her finger? But no mention of a husband to send her to?”

And it’s a fool that thinks himself to be wise…


Murtagh’s words wrapped tendrils of doubt around Jamie’s mind. How could he be so sure? He knew her even less than Jamie did!

No matter how he tried to convince himself, the doubt still remained, sticking in his brain like a cocklebur. He almost didn’t return to the hall for dinner.


But, he did. Searching, his eyes immediately found Claire, a bright light in the orange fire glow. Without a thought, he began toward her.

She seemed startled to see him, but nonetheless pleased. “Jamie! Please sit. Sit!” She motioned to the empty space beside her. “Are you alright?”

Was his worry so apparent on his face? He fixed his face into a mask, one of carefree contentment. “Aye! I’m fine, Mistress. A bit tired, is all.”

“Long day, then?”

He took a bite of stew. “Mhmm. Very hot, too.”

“Yes, it was quite lovely. I spent most of my day outside.”

He had almost forgot. “How was yer meeting with Colum, by the way?”

“Oh, well–”

She was interrupted by a dark figure appearing in front of them. He looked back and forth between the two of them before letting out an undignified  “Hmph,” and sitting down.

“And hello to ye too, Murtagh.”

His mustache twitched. “Hmph.”

Claire pivoted, turning slightly away from the two men. That conversation was over.


“Let me walk ye to yer room.”

“Are you implying I’m drunk?”

“Nay. I just want to see ye safe. Many men would be happy to meet an unsuspecting sassenach in the dark.”

“Quite the gentleman.”

“When I want to be.”

Jamie and Claire began the winding journey up to her room. Of course, Jamie did want to see her safe, but he also wanted to keep talking to her.

“Your godfather doesn’t like me much, I noticed.”

“Murtagh doesna like anyone much, even me… How did ye ken he was my godfather? Did Mrs. Fitz tell ye that as well?”

She giggled, a symptom of her slight intoxication. “No, no. I heard you call him goistidh once.”

“Ahh, that’s right. The sassenach with the Gaidhlig.”

She nodded carefully. “Mmhmmmm.”

“How did ye come about that, anyway?”

Her eyes narrowed, fingers twitches in concentration. “Well, my parent died when I was very young. No, it’s okay,” she interrupted when she saw his mouth open. “I don’t remember them much. My uncle raised me, and he lived in Scotland. He said I must learn the language of the people. At least some of it. He died when I was 16. My husband taught me the rest. He’s a teacher, knew a lot about Scotland.”

“And where is yer husband now?”

Sorrow clouded her face. “Oh. He… he died. About a year ago.”

Murtagh was right. She had a dead husband. But he couldn’t think about that now. All he could think about was the woman in front of him, tears dripping from her eyes. “Oh, I’m so sorry, lass…”

He crushed her to him, hoping to keep her together with sheer force of will. “Thank you.” He voice was muffled by his coat. “There was… nothing to be done about it.”

“What do ye mean?”

She pulled away, cheeks reddened. “It was… his heart just gave out. I couldn’t save him.”

“Of course not, lass. No one could have.”

She didn’t look convinced. “Perhaps not.”

“I didna mean to bring up a sore subject. Ye should get yer rest.”

Claire seemed surprised to be at her door. “Yes. Thank you for… everything.”

“No trouble, lass.”

“You say that a lot. That it’s no trouble.”

“And I suppose it isn’t.” He bowed his head slightly in her direction. “Goodnight, Mistress.”



Jamie knew that the awful things Murtagh predicted about her weren’t true. At all. She was sad, and broken- hearted about her departed husband. No one could fake that, no matter how impressive their acting may be. And Claire was no actress, her face a glass window to her mind.

We are all but fools in love.

“Spencer we shouldn’t do this. Not at work”
You whispered to him as he ran his hand along your thigh.
“But I want you….right here and now.” He breathed onto your neck and kissed you lightly. His lips made you shiver and let out a gasp of air.
You felt is arms wrap around your thighs and hoist you up onto his waist and your back against the wall.
His lips pressed onto yours and made you moan.
“Shhhh you have to be quite”
Reid chuckled as you covered your mouth with your hand.
He placed kisses along your neck and down to your breasts, playfully biting your left breast.
You moaned louder and moved your hips into his crotch.
Spencer moaned into your breast trying to stay quite.
His fingers lingered at the bottom of your skirt. Teasing you like he always does.
You whined in complaint and moved your hips harder into him.
“Now look who wants to do it at work” Spencer smirked at you.
He lifted your skirt and pressed his hard crotch against you.
You reached down pulling at his pants and boxers, finally releasing his hard member.
You felt his postion himself at your entrance and slowly pushed himself inside you. Your walls clenched onto him and made you moan from the pleasure. “Fuck! Spencer!”
His hand covered your mouth as he pounded harder into you.
“I am about to-” Spencer releasead inside of you, making you cum also.
“Fuck Spencer…that…was amazing” You were out of breath.
Spencer let your feet touch the ground, tugging your skirt back to how is was.
He then pulled up his pants and gave a little laugh.
Spencer pulled you in for another deep passionate kiss.
“I suppose we better get back to work.” He sighed.
You huffed “ Damn work. I want to continue this.” You pointed between you both.
“Well…” Spencer grabbed your waist. “Why don’t we continue this..all night…after work?”
Your grin widened and you kissed his cheek.
“Well..I will look forward to that.”
You tugged on his tie kissing him again.
Your kiss was interuppted by a knock on the door.
Your eyes widened as you looked from Spencer to the door.
“Reid and Y/N…we have a case. And I swear if you have made a mess in there….please clean it up first.”
Your face went red as you heard Hotch walk away.
“Oh my god. We are so dead.”

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yumm, thanos is lookin DELISH I mean mmhmmm that's some shit right there โœŒโœŒโค๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘ŒYUp soME GOod shIT MMHMmMm  100%

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yumm, thanos is lookin DELISH I mean mmhmmm that's some shit right there โœŒโœŒโค๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘ŒYUp soME GOod shIT MMHMmMm  100%


Two: I’m in no mood for any of this bullshit. Go tell someone else about your freak fuck obsession for that steroid, grape jolly rancher.