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Body Talk

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Genre: Comedy and Romance

Warnings: None

Summary:  Dead bodies are the least of your worries this morning.


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You groaned, sitting up to look at the digital clock across the room. 3:02.

“Goddamn it.” You muttered before throwing the blanket off of you and making your way to the kitchen for a glass of water. You were having a particularly saucy dream about your boyfriend before you woke up. Why did sex dreams always end before you got to the good part?

You made the glass of water, thinking about when Jason would be home. Hopefully soon. If he wasn’t to beat up from his vigilantism this evening maybe he could help you reenact that dream.

As you leaned against the counter of kitchen, taking a sip from your glass, you heard a quiet click come from across the room.

You looked up to see none other than your boyfriend, crawling through the fire escape window and dragging a giant black body bag behind him. You silently watched as he pulled it in, letting it hit the floor with a thump. He locked the window and pulled the curtains across it.

Jason turned back around, pulling off his helmet and running a hand through his hair. He stood, staring at the giant black body bag for several moments and sighing. He stepped over it, rubbing his eyes as he made his way in your direction.

He looked up and stopped when he saw you standing there, in nothing but his oversized t shirt and a glass of water in hand. He smiled sheepishly at your raised eyebrow.

“What’s in the bag?” You casually asked, taking a sip of water. For some reason he looked so tantalizing right now. Damn that stupid dream. He licked his lips and looked away.

“Not a dead body.”

You giggled at his demeanor. Normally you’d be more pissed that he brought his nighttime activities home. When you had began to date it was made clear that you wanted nothing to do with his vigilante life, unless of course, you were patching him up.

“Mmhm. Baby we’ve got to work on your lying skills.Try to sound more convincing. What’s in the bag?” Jason just stood there, awestruck that not only at the fact that you were taking the situation so lightly, but that you were also seemed to be flirting with him.. He looked back and forth before answering.

“Definitely not a dead body?”

You giggled once again, rolling your eyes at him. You made your way over to where he stood and gave him a kiss on the cheek. You leaned up to whisper in his ear.

“The quicker you get rid of that body the quicker you get to touch mine.”

You pulled away to see a grinning Jason. He pulled you up by the waist to give you a quick kiss and a light squeeze of your ass.

“I’ll be back in twenty minutes babe.”

And with that he set your feet back onto the ground and made his way back to the big black bag that was taking up half of your living room. With a skip in his step he grabbed the straps and made his way back to the fire escape window.

“Be back in fifteen and I’ll make it worth your while.” You called, giggling when you heard a “challenge accepted” from a muffled voice outside of your window.

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Bims moans starting at rather deep and growly progressively getting higher pitched until its whines and whimpers. Pushing himself to see how many times he can cum in a row with just the pillow and when you video chat him that night, hes just so blissed out and overstimulated that his sentances are nowhere near coherent

“Mmmm, mmhm, yeah baby, I just…miss you, fuck, that was good, wish you were here with me, come home to me soon? Love you so much, sweetheart.”


You sat in the living room with Juice and Jax, discussing how to go about things. “So how far along are you?” “Two months.” “And how long have you guys been together?” “Seven months.” Jax looked over at Juice. “You love her?” “Yes.” Juice answered without any hesitation and you smiled at him. He looked over at you and smiled back before looking Jax in the eyes again. “I love her. I don’t want to keep hiding this shit anymore. I want to have her and my baby in my life and not have to be sneaking around. I know you’re not happy that I kept our relationship from you and I’m sorry but I love her and I’m not going anywhere, especially not when she’s carrying my baby now.” Jax continued to look him in the eyes, searching for any trace of lying and found none.

Jax looked over at you. “You love him?” “Yes. I love him Jax.” Jax looked down and shook his head before standing up. “I can’t do shit about it now. You’re already knocked up.” He walked over to you and put his hands on your tummy. “Does it kick around yet?” “Not yet. It’s still too early.” He pulled his hands away and poked your tummy with his finger. “Still squishy.” “Fuck off Jax.” You both laughed and he kissed you on the head before looking back over to Juice.

“You better start thinking about how you’re gonna break the news.” You interrupted. "Actually I was planning on waiting until I was a little over 3 months. I don’t want to get everyone in hysterics and then something goes wrong. Once everything is checked out and going well, then we’ll tell everyone. I promise.“ “You better. Otherwise I’ll do it for you.” “I will.” Jax nodded and walked away from you and Juice. “I’m gonna head out. I would tell you to keep your hands to yourself but,” He motioned to your body with his hand. “I’ll call you later sis. You. I’ll give you 2 hours to hang out here, talk about this shit in private, then I want you at the clubhouse. We got Church later.” Juice nodded and followed him to the door, locking it behind him.

He came back and walked with you to the kitchen, letting out a huge breath. “I can’t believe I’m still alive.” “Barely.” You pouted and reached up to touch his face. He had a cut above his eyebrow and one on his cheek, his eye already going purple underneath. He also had a huge bruise forming on his side where the doorknob had hit him when Jax slammed it open and into him. "So you’re really pregnant with my baby?“ "Mmhm.”  He smiled and got down on his knees, pressing his mouth to your tummy and leaving a couple gentle kisses before looking up at you. You smiled and smoothed your hand over his head, feeling the fuzziness of his Mohawk.

He smirked at you and grabbed your hips,wrapping his fingers around the elastic band of your shorts and starting to pull them down. “Really? We literally just got busted.” “Exactly. No more hiding.” You rolled your eyes and he stood back up, lifting you and setting you on the counter in front of him.


You were sitting on the couch in he clubhouse, watching the guys play pool when Juice missed an obvious shot. Tig pointed the ball out to him right after he finished taking his shot and Juice cursed. Everyone laughed as he grumbled, knowing he was going to lose the game now. Sure enough, Happy took the final shot and sent the 8 ball into the side pocket. Jax walked up to Juice and punched him on the shoulder before looking over at you. “You better hope that baby comes out a little smarter than his old man.”

You laughed but stopped immediately when Tig’s head snapped over. “What baby? You pregnant?” “No.” You looked over at Jax nervously and he smiled apologetically. “Oops.” “You are! You’re pregnant.” Chibs suddenly appeared from outside. “Who’s pregnant?"  "She is.” Tig pointed at you and Chibs’ eyes widened. “Are you really?” “…Yeah.” You leaned back against the couch defeated when you heard Happy’s raspy voice. “Wait, Juice is the dad?” Everyone’s eyes turned to you and you were about to ask them to leave it alone when Juice walked up. “Yeah. It’s mine. She’s mine.” “The baby or her?” “Both. We’ve been together for a while. They’re both mine.” You watched silently, waiting to see what the reaction was.

“Well god damn, congratulations brother!” Tig walked up and roughly grabbed Juice by the cut, bringing him in for a hug. Chibs came over to you and grabbed your hand, kissing it with a smile. “Congratulations sweetheart.” You smiled and thanked him as Clay and Gemma walked in. “What’s all the commotion?” Everyone stopped talking and looked over at you. You swallowed and stood up. “Well, uh. I’m pregnant.” Gemma’s eyes widened and both her and Clay spoke at the same time. "By who?“ You pointed over at Juice and he smiled nervously.

Gemma’s eyes filled with tears while Clay’s jaw dropped. She quickly made her way over and hugged you tightly. "Oh I’m so happy. A bit earlier than I wanted but still.” You pulled back and looked at her. “You knew? About me and Juice?” “Of course. I knew weeks ago. I went to your place and saw his bike out front. I walked in but I heard you two a little ‘busy’. So I left. Guess you were making this little one here!” She smiled and put her hands to your tummy while you blushed and looked to Clay. He starred at you for a couple more seconds before starring at Juice. “I need to sit down.”

You laughed and Gemma let go of you, before she ran to Clay, jumping into his arms. “We’re going to be grandparents. Again.” He finally smiled and the tension disappeared. They were hugging and talking while everyone else started hugging you and Juice, Chibs and Tig already arguing over who would be the godfather.

Silence (BTS Jungkook x Reader)

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Warning: smut, dirty talking, it’s smut so there’s sexual content wow

Words: 1159
i love writing about jungkook, it’s odd, i need to write about my namjoon more, but here, enjoy some light sin compared to my other fanfics

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Good (95line Smut)


“Y/N, who’s better looking?”

“Of course, she’s going to pick me over you.”

“You can’t even reach her!”

“She’s shorter than me!”

“Doesn’t look like it now, does it?”

“Could you two stop?!”

They both looked at you, seeing you clearly annoyed with them both. They were both your best friends, all of you the same age and those two have been more than friendly with you.

Two days ago, you were sleeping in your usual, a shirt with your underwear covered by it. Taehyung slept over on your couch and you were reaching for the cereal.

“Let me get that, Y/N~”

He took it with ease and handed it to you.


“What, no thank you?” He had you cornered against the fridge. His eyes scanned you and you flicked him.

“Thank you, weirdo.” You stuck your tongue at him and grabbed a bowl. The milk was on the counter already and Tae got behind you.


“I’m just getting my phone off the counter.” He whispered in your ear and you looked for his phone. Conveniently, it was right in front of you but he pressed against your back more as he reached for it.

“Got it.” He whispered again before moving away from you.

“Yay! I made more money, Y/N~”

“S-Such a tease, jeez.”

“What was that, Y/N?”

“Nothing, hmph.” You poured your cereal, blushing a little about what happened. He was watching you, looking at you from head to toe. He loved you, of course since you were his best friend besides Jimin. Lately you’ve seemed more like a woman than a girl he was friends with.

“So pretty..”


He hugged you, longer than necessary and left quickly. It didn’t register to you until Jimin started acting the same with you.

Yesterday, you were having dinner with Jimin like you usually did. He was himself for the most part, joking and flirting with you a bit.

“Y/N, you’re gorgeous.”

“What did you do, Jimin?”

“What, I can’t notice my beautiful best friend?”

“Not if you’re still you.”

“That hurts me, Y/N.”

“But what’s with the sudden compliment?”

“Maybe you don’t hear it enough, so I wanted to remind you.”

He was shy about it afterwards and you kissed his cheek. He held his cheek, looking at you bewildered.

“You’re so cute, Jimin. Are you shy?”

“N-No. Do you want to dance?”

You blushed this time, shocked at his sudden demand. He held his hand out to you and you took it.

“Follow my lead, Y/N.” Your bodies were close and his hand was lower than it’s supposed to be.

He looked at you, biting and licking his lips like you were a delicious meal that he was going to devour. He spun you, and held you close.

“Do I make you nervous, Y/N?”
He whispered in your ear before dipping you. He leaned in and you covered his lips.


“I can’t help it.” He kept his distance, not trying to flirt with you and just being platonic with you.

“Y/N?!” They both called you, pulling you out of your memories.

“I want you both.”


“Let me have you both…” You kissed Jimin first, unbuttoning his shirt and grabbed Taehyung’s crotch.

Your hand rubbed against his growing hard cock and you could feel Jimin’s hand reach under your shirt.

You broke the kiss, taking off your shirt. They both stared at you before grabbing onto your breasts.


Tae unhooked your bra and they both sucked on your nipples. Tae twisted and squeezed while Jimin licked and bit.

“Your skin’s sweet, kitten.”

Taehyung kissed you, while Jimin kept sucking on your nipple. Your tongue swapped saliva with his and you bit on his lip teasingly.

“You’re so wet, kitten.” Tae’s hand was down your underwear, rubbing and sliding his finger against your clit.

“Wanna taste, Kitten?” You saw the clear substance on his fingers before he plunged his two fingers in your mouth. You licked off the taste of you from his fingers and he took them out.

“I wanna to see how pink her clit is..” He pulled down your underwear, your legs already spread apart for him.

Taehyung took off his pants along with his boxers, showing you his size. You touched him while he kissed your collarbone, sure to leave hickeys on your skin.

“Taste..” You moaned as you felt Jimin’s tongue on your clit. He licked you fast, and slurped on your clit. Your free hand grabbed his hair as he continued to lick you. His finger slipped in amongst his licking, making you moan more and Taehyung smacked your ass a little.

“Let’s take it to the bedroom, kitten.” Taehyung lifted you to the bedroom, dropping you on the bed. They simultaneously took off their shirts, you licking your lips at the sight.

They laid down next to you, your hand reaching for both their cocks.

“You want my cock, kitten?”

“Or mine, baby?”


“As you wish, baby.”

Taehyung spread your legs, prepared to eat you out and Jimin lined his cock in front of your face. You pumped him, taking notice of his size not in comparison of Tae’s.

“Shit, T-Tae.” He added a finger inside you while slurping on you. His pace was faster and rougher than Jimin’s and Jimin wasn’t letting you forget to put his cock in your mouth.

You sucked him off, hearing him moan your name. He pushed your head, trying to make him feel more of your mount and you let him. He pulled out of your mouth to straddle you.


He grabbed your hands, making you hold your breasts as he slid his cock between them.

“So soft, baby.”

Your saliva helped him slid between your breast easier and Taehyung was relentless on your clit. Jimin held back, not wanting to cum before you did.

“T-Tae!” You came on his tongue, the stimulation too much for your body to handle.

“You do taste sweet, kitten. Time to return the favour.” Jimin got off you, switching places with Taehyung.

“Mhm.” Jimin teased you with his tip before pushing himself into you. Taehyung put his cock in your mouth, muffling your moans.

You all moved almost in unison, Jimin continued to slam into you while Taehyung used your mouth. Your tongue wrapped around his cock, taking every inch deep into your throat.

“Shit, Y/N.”

“She’s so tight around my cock, it’s like she’s sucking me in.” He kissed your stomach, keeping his pace steady inside you. You pumped Taehyung while you sucked on his balls.



Jimin rubbed against your clit, making sure you cum before he does. You moaned against Taehyung’s cock and he made your hand continue to pump him.


“Cum on my cock, baby.”


You came, screaming out his name. He pulled out, quickly switch places back with Jimin. He came inside your mouth, his cum hot and sticky.


“Swallow it all, baby.”

“All fours, kitten.” You got on your hands and knees.

T-Tae!” He pushed himself all the way inside you, hitting your g spot immediately.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.”

He pounded into you, making you scream his name. He kissed your back, while your voice strained itself moaning his name.

“Oh holy shit, T-Tae.”

“Just like that, kitten. Say my name.”

Jimin kissed you, muffling your moans and you took every inch of his cock in your clit.

“Cum for me, kitten.”

He squeezes your little nub, making you moan out his name. Jimin squeezed on your nipples, they were extremely sensitive after an orgasm a few minutes prior.

“T-Tae.” You came, your body collapsing on the bed as he came on your back.

“You were so good for us, kitten.”

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Hi! I was wondering if you could do little!dan and daddy/Dom!Phil. Thank you!! :)

-dan crying because his daddy isn’t paying attention to him, “d-daddy?” dan says as he comes inside the room phil was in, phil is doing paper work and he didn’t know dan was in little space.

-phil turns around to find dan crying holding his teddy bear in his hand. phil runs to dan “baby, what’s wrong?” phil asks as he caresses dan’s cheeks. “i needed you, but you weren’t in bed and i got scared” phil hugs dan tightly “i’m sorry baby i had to some work”

-”what can i do to make you forgive me?” phil asks as he carries dan to their bedroom. “cuddles?” dan asks grinning. phil lays dan down on their bed and he lays behind him, he places his hands around dan’s waist and pulls him closer. 

-”i love you baby” phil whispers into dan’s ea. dan feels himself shiver and phil smirks.

-suddenly dan grinds down against phil, hoping that phil gets the idea of what he wants. “mmhm baby what are you doing?” phil asks as he grips dan’s waist tighter. “what do you think i’m doing daddy?” dan says smirking

-phil is on top of dan grinding their clothed crotches, “da-daddy faster please” dan says bitting his lip. phil craches their lips together, as he presses themselves down farther.

-”daddy i’m close” dan moans out, “then come baby, come for daddy” phil says and seconds later dan comes with a loud moan, phil following soon after.

-phil cleans themselves and lays next to dan. “i’m sorry for not being there before” phil says. “don’t worry, you’re here now with me” dan says as he puts his face on phil’s chest. “i love you phil” dan says sleep taking over him “i love you too dan”.


Soap C.H.

Command M.C.

Experimenting A.I.



WARNING: smutty smut smut, sub!Luke, princess!Luke, pain kink, sex toys…

Anybody wanna take me to church? (not the hozier song ok, but thats a great song tho)


Many people believed Luke was either vanilla or dominant in the bed room, oh but they were wrong. 

Date Luke Hemmings for a year and you start to open up, he had his kinks and so did I… But Luke’s kink wasn’t just some pain or fem-dom kink, he wanted to be dominated.. Just with a bit of a twist…

I got home from work, a bit later than I expected. I usually see Luke on the couch, playing a game or watching t.v., but he wasn’t there.

“Luke, babe I’m home!” I yell through out the house tiredly.

When I don’t hear anything I put down my bag and take off my coat, walking upstairs to our shared bedroom.

“Luke?” I say as I open the bedroom door.

What I wasn’t expecting was my boyfriend to be laying in our bed wearing nothing else but a pair of pink lace panties, his cock rock hard and with a shiny metal ring around it. He looks up at me with his innocent  baby blue doe eyes, biting his lip ring inbetween his teeth as he grips the sheets tightly in his hands.

“Princess, have I kept you waiting?” I ask seductively, unbuttoning the first couple of buttons of my blouse and walking to the end of the bed.

He nods, looking me in the eyes as I give him a warm smile.

“You didn’t touch yourself did you princess?” I ask softly as I walk along the side of the bed, combing my fingers through his hair when I sit beside him.

He looks down anxiously, his face turning a light pink as he lets out a small whine.

“Princess, answer your daddy.” I command, grabbing his jaw and making him meet my gaze again.

“I’m s-sorry daddy, you t-took so l-long and I couldn’t take it anymore…” He says nervously as I move my hand down his neck and chest, caressing his thigh.

“Did you cum?” 

“N-no daddy.” 

“That’s good princess, but you still broke a rule and now you have to be punished. Whip or paddle?” I ask as retract my hand from his body and walk to our closet.

“Whip.” He mumbles

“Speak louder baby, daddy can’t hear you unless you speak clearly.” I say while going through the box of “toys”.

“Whip.” He says louder, a small whimper forming at the end.

I grab the whip, but decide to bring a few other toys as well…Walking over to the bed as Luke watches me, I place the items on the mattress and he looks at the toys with a glimmer of excitement in his eyes.

The items I brought include of course the the whip, but also a vibrator and a butt plug…

Luke looks at me and I give him a smirk.

“Turn over and put your ass up princess.” I command, Luke immediately obeying.

“You look so good in your panties baby boy… My little princess is so good for his daddy.” I praise him, rubbing his bum and sliding off the thin fabric.

I quickly get up and grab a bottle of lube from the box that’s filled with our “toys” and come back to Luke with a bottle of lube.

“Tell me if you want me to stop, ok baby.” I say to Luke, dropping my role as daddy for a moment so I can make sure this is pleasurable and not painful for him.

He nods and mumbles a quick ok as I open the cap for the lubricant and rub it on his entrance and on the butt plug.

“My princess looks so pretty, such a good boy. To bad he has to be punished.” I say after I put the plug in him.

“Daddy, how many are you going to do?” Luke asks in a more kid type tone, acting innocent and driving me insane with desire for his cock.

“How many do you think you deserve?”

“I-I don’t know..” He mumbles.

I give his ass a small slap with my hand, that makes him jump and let out a small shriek.

“You know I don’t like it when you mumble, now tell me how many spankings you deserve?” I command.

“I’m sorry daddy! H-how about t-ten?” He whimpers out, gripping the pillow in front of him and holding it close to his chest.

“Ten it is princess.” I whisper in his ear, standing in my place at the end of the bed with his ass in full display in front of me.

I take the whip and hold it firmly in my right hand.

“Ready baby?”

“Mmhm, please daddy. Spank me.” He says

I move my arm and wrist in a quick motion, the whip slapping against his bum

I continue this 9 more times, the whole time Luke has been muffling his moans and whimpers in the pillow he was holding along with thrusting into it a little bit.

“You did good princess, now turn over.” I say, putting down the whip and picking up the vibrator.

He turns over and looks at me, his face as red as his bum. His hair is no longer in the perfect styled quiff, its now scattered along his forehead wet from his sweat.

I turn on the toy and see Luke’s face perk up from the buzzing noise.

I climb on the bed and straddle his waist, his naked cock rubbing against my clothed center.

“You want daddy to take these off?” I ask, putting down the vibrator and pulling at my half way buttoned up blouse.

“Yes daddy.” Luke replies, licking his bottom lip and slipping his lip ring imbetween his teeth.

I slowly lead my hands to the buttons of my blouse, teasing him by taking my clothes off at the opposite pace I knew he desired. 

“Daddy, please go faster.” He begs

“I’ll go as fast as I want, you don’t get to tell me to go faster.” I whisper softly, taking my blouse off fully and throwing it to the floor. I reach behind my back and teasingly slide my bra off of me. Luke stares at my bare chest, mouth practically watering as he lets out a small whimper and leads his hands to the two mounds. 

“Daddy, you’re so good to me.” He says with a moan.

I stand up on the bed and take off my pants, along with my underwear. Luke looks at my dripping core and lets out a sigh as he closes his eyes with a smile.

I return back to my position with his cock rubbing against my now bare center, the vibrator still buzzing off to the side. I reach over and grab it, placing it on his throbbing red tip as he moans with little high pitched whimpers.

“You like that princess?” I ask, rocking my hips back and forth on the base of his shaft.

“Daddy, t-that f-feels s-so g-good.” He says, throwing his head back with a long whine. 

I stop moving my hips and take the vibrator away,lifting up a bit on my knees so I can grab his cock and circle his tip on my clit. We both let out moans and whimpers from the friction as I place the vibrator on his balls.

“Daddy, I’m gonna cum!” Luke yells out, high pitched moans and squeaks.

“Hold it.” I command

“B-but I-I can’t!” He whines

“You hold it or you won’t get to cum for a month.” I threaten

“Please, please, please daddy!” He yells out, him breaking into sobs from the immense pleasure.

I stop what I’m doing and he lets out a harsh ‘No!’

“Daddy, please let me cum.” He begs

I crawl over him and place a kiss to his lips, whipping away a few tears that were falling down his cheeks.

“You ok baby?” I ask

“Yes, please just fuck me. Let me cum.” 

I reach down between us and line up his cock with my entrance, sinking down all the way to the hilt.

“You feel so good princess.” I praise as I move up and down his shaft

“Daddy, you fuck me so good.” He moans out, placing his hands on my waist.

I continue rocking my hips against his, getting faster within every second. I ride Luke at a rapid pace, him thrusting up into me as he mumbles my name and daddy with his moans.


“Yes princess?”

“Can I please cum?”

“Yes, cum with me baby boy. Show me how good I make you feel, how you’re my little slut.” I say, clenching around his cock as I let out a small whine.

I scratch my nails down his chest and he lets out a long moan.

“Cum.” I say, both of us reaching our climax as I continue riding out our highs.

After we finish, I slip him out of me and lay down next to him. 

“Thank you daddy.” Luke mumbles as he lies down on his side, facing me.

I give him a small smile before I remember that I might want to take something out of him.

“Luke, let me take out the butt plug before we go to sleep.” I say with a giggle, sitting up and pushing him a bit so he rolls over.

He moves and I carefully slide the toy out of him, little moans of displeasure and quick breaths coming from him.

“There ya go!” I say as I toss the plug on the floor and lie down with Luke, holding him as the big spoon as he nuzzles his face into the nape of my neck…


I wanted to do something different and make y/n be called daddy, I’m sorry if it wasn’t really your thing, I just wanted to make each of the sub smuts different and also I know that there might be people who read these and are gender fluid… I hope you all enjoyed it though!! Love ya my beans! XXxxx

Project Paint- Artist!Luke smut


Word Count: 2000

For just the smut and no story, skip straight to the asterisks. 


Luke sat on the cream velvet sofa and watched Y/N’s latest interview again. 

“Tell us about the paint project with your boyfriend, Luke” the interviewer, Katherine, continued the flow of questions. Luke smiled when he saw Y/N’s face light up but frowned at the mention of his name. “We’ve seen images but what is it all for?”

“Well someone close to Luke and I, I’m sure they won’t mind me saying, had a cancer scare recently. They’re alright now and we’re all relieved but Luke and I got talking about raising some money for some research and he’s very creative and these ideas aren’t anything like his original pieces. We were just talking about what would get people buying and donating when Luke came up with the idea of paint parties which we’re currently organising and to go with it he put together body parts and bodies in paint”

“Photos of you?” Katherine was almost accusing Y/N of a wrong doing which caused Luke’s blood to boil repeatedly. 

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In a society where hybrids are supposed to only mate with their own kind or humans, kitty!Kurt and puppy!Blaine are a cause of some stir up. 

It started out as flirting that both knew should never go further than that. 

Of course it went further than that. 

The excitement that their first kiss caused lasted for two days and then started the questions ‘what will people think?’ and 'how could this ever work?’ and 'your dad doesn’t actually own a shotgun, right?’. But after all the questions had been asked, they kissed again and they decided not to care. 

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Getaway (Taehyung smut)

*This feels like it needs a part 2~*

It was your own little getaway. Just you and him. The breezy sunny days enticed you both, leading to the craziest ideas you could ever dream of.

Tonight was different, your attitudes were different even the air you breathe in felt different. There was tension, it dawned on you that it’s been a while. You blushed thinking about how intimate you’ve been with him.

You were sitting on a single seater, deluged into thoughts of how he would touch you. His hands ghosting over your body, your incapability to escape moaning his name. He would devour you with his tongue before you could feel his cock slid into you.

He was big, filling you up inside with his cock. You would wrap your lips around him first, loving the sensation when his cock hits the back of your throat. He would be gentle with you, never wanting you to feel any pain, only pleasure.


“Yes, Tae?”

“What are you thinking about? Your face is all red like a tomato.”

“I-I um.”

“Was I doing something to you?” His time changed, his playful demeanour becoming more seductive. He moved closer to you, your eyes darting away from his and his hand pulled your chin.

You looked at him, his eyes showing you he was starting to lose himself. You placed your hand over his and looked at him willingly. It would be best for both of you if you could just confess your growing neediness.

“I-I want you.”

“Now, was that so hard, baby?”

He untied the knot of the robe you were wearing, nothing but a night gown underneath. He licked his lips before letting his hands pull down your sleeves, his touch leaving a tingling sensation in your skin.

“I’ve been waiting for so long..”

He slipped the straps off your shoulder, kissing from your shoulder down to your arm. He pulls you up, making you stumble into him. He kisses you slowly, the pace being torturous and you wanted to speed up things.


“Yes, baby?”

“Be r-rough, please?”

“As you like, baby.” He took your words to heart when he pushed down on the bed. He got between your legs, kissing your inner thighs. His lips comes up to your collarbone, his hands pulling your breasts out of your night gown.

He was harsh against your skin, biting hard only to lick over his rough bites. This process repeated all over your body, his lips brushing over your stomach.

“Sweet, oh so sweet, baby.”

His hands clasped your breasts, pinching
the nipples.


“You like that, baby?”


His mouth sucks on your nipple, as the other hand plays with the other. He nibbles your nipple softly, just wanting to hear your reaction. His bite gets harder and he licks against your nipple.

“T-Tae, don’t tease.”

His knee was rubbing against your panties, soaking your underwear with the wetness of your clit. He played with you, wanting to hear you beg for more until he moved back down between your legs.

His finger poked you, the sound of your moans increasing and he tortured you with his index finger. He pushed aside your panties and got closer to your clit.

He breathed on it, making you squirm a little. His arm held you down and he continued to tease your clit. Little licks and his finger brushing against your hole.

“I didn’t know you like rough sex, my kinky little baby.”

“D-Don’t say like that.”

“We’ll see if you have anything to say after I’m done with you.”

He took the plunge, two fingers drove deep into your clit. His fingers went deeper, pumping into you hard and fast. He licked your clit as well, your hand immediately grabbing his hair.

His name constantly escapes your mouth, making him hum and cause a vibration on your clit. You bit your lip, embarrassed at how much of a mess he was making you. He pulled out, smacking your thigh and looking at you.

You moved towards him, your head in front of him as you pulled down his boxers. Grabbing his cock immediately, you pump him. Soft moans escape his lips and you start to lick him. Your tongue licked every part of his cock, kissing along him afterwards.

He pushed your head onto his cock, wanting to feel his cock inside your mouth. He didn’t hold back, using your mouth and tongue to pleasure himself. He lets you suck him off, your licks more short and sweet.

“Shit, baby.”

You removed your mouth, playing with his balls a little before kneeling on the bed like he was.

“All fours, baby.”

You positioned yourself in front of him, feeling his tip just teasing your clit. His shaft rubbed against you, making your knees weak.


He pushed inside you quickly, his whole cock pushing inside you. His hand rested on your ass, as he thrusted into you. You work your hips, making to feel more of him inside you.

“You’re such a dirty girl, baby.”


His thrusts were voluptuous to you, making your body want more. His pace was steadily increasing with every thrust, both of you out of breath. His hand pinched your nub.

“A-ahh T-Tae!”

“Cum for me, baby.”

Your body followed his command, you came and your upper half collapses into the bed. He still thrusts into you until he came. He pulled out and you lie down in exhaustion.

After just resting for a bit, you both shower together but too exhausted to continue in there. Your head was on his chest, just in his boxers and you in your underwear.

“You’re so beautiful, baby.” He kissed your head. You trace his torso and talk to him freely.


The morning sun beat down on you both and you wake up, oddly refreshed.


“Ye-” He hit you in the face with a pillow and you hit him back. You chased him around the room, claiming to get revenge.

“T-Tae?” He caught you, locking your wrists with his hands.

“Marry me.”


“Marry me, Y/N.”

(thank you for the nice) based off of i’m not the only one by sam smith 

gif credit (even tho i’m pretty sure the owner is someone else but idk who so i’m sorry :/)

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Mine (Yoongi Smut)

*I went a little overboard hehe~*

It was white and light, a snowflake. You loved the snow, seeing every snowflake fall from the heavens, each one is its own shape. You walked happily, enjoying the weather when you bumped into a chest. You moved back to look at the stranger. His blonde hair almost covered his eyes and you were intrigued by how handsome this stranger was.

His eyes were harsh but, he was looking at you in sheer curiosity and you blushed when your eye met.

“I’m so sorry, I should have watched where was going and-”

“What’s your name?”

He was forward with you, not letting the blush on your cheeks lessen and you shyly answered him.

“I’ll remember that, Y/N.” He smiled at you and scratched the back of his head.

He walked off, your eyes watching his shadow getting farther away from you. It was another reason why you loved the snow.

It couldn’t get out of your head, the way he smiled at you. He found you again, this time making sure you don’t forget him. His name, his number and a day that you spent with him. You saw sides of him, his caring side, his funny side, and his cold side, he was a man with complex layers. He was a puzzle to you, you were still missing pieces of him but you love the image he had.

You loved him. It was just simple to you then but now it’s not.

“Y/N, open up!”

You rushed over the door, opening it to reveal a now mint haired Yoongi. He entered and sat on your couch, eating from your bowl of popcorn.

“Oh, my idol best friend found time for me?”

“I took off time from my nap to come to see your annoying self. Seems nothing’s changed.”

“Ha ha. How’s being rich and famous?”

“Better than your life.”

“My life is pretty amazing, okay mint chocolate.”

“You’re a part time writer that works two jobs to bring in real money. I’m pretty amazed that you function still, if that counts.”

“Enough to about my life, did you find a girl that would put up with you?”

“No, but you put up with me.”

“That’s because I knew you before your ego grew 3 thousand times larger.”

He scoffed at you, but you were being serious. He always had an air of confidence around him, making you extremely shy around him. You always thought maybe he would see you in a different light but now you would be surprised if he even saw you.

He’s on the rise to stardom with his group, BTS. You were excited when he first told you he was going to debut. His passion of rap is a flame that can never be extinguished. Now, his heart can be shared with his fans.

With this new exposure to fame, he has countless women that would do anything to call him hers. You already lost the race before you could even start.

“Look, I’m sweet, rich and handsome. I have my reasons, little Y/N.”

“Whatever, mint chocolate.”

“What about you, any boys that are blind enough to ask you out?”

“You chase them away.”

“Me? What wimps.”

“No, they think I like you or something…” You mentally hit yourself for saying that and his expression changed.

“At least they know what’s good for them, not trying with you.”

He moved closer to you, your legs touching each other. You gulped, confused about his sudden change in attitude.

“What do you mean? Yoongi, you want me to be alone?”

“I’ll make you mine. Only mine, Y/N.” He kissed you, his lips being rough with you.

You immediately kissed back, letting the feeling of his lips take over your senses. He took short little breaks from your lips, only to kiss you again roughly. He pulled you into his lap, only breaking the kiss for a moment.


“I love you, Y/N.”

You wanted to hear this words spill out of his lips, every time you saw him. He was staring into your eyes, reassuring you that he wasn’t playing with you.

“Make love to me, Yoongi.” With that, you kissed him. He deepened the kiss, his hands rubbing your back a little. Your tongue explored his mouth, feeling every inch. He pulled away and he throw off his jacket to start.

Clothes began to pile on your floor and you grabbed his hand, continuing on your bed. His hands reached for your hips, pulling his hand down your underwear. His hand touched you, making you gasp a little.

“It’s your first time but you’re so wet, baby.” He smacked your ass a little before using his other hand to massage your breast. His lips pressed against your collarbone, and you grabbed his hair lightly.

His hand pulls your breasts out of your bra and teases your nipples with his fingers.


He hummed against your skin, hot breath hitting your skin and making you moan a little. His hand was on your clit, rubbing against your underwear and twisting a sensitive nub down there.

“Where do you want me, baby?”

“Y-Yoongi.” He was still rubbing against you, only harder to make you say where you wanted him.

“Tell me, baby. Where do you want me?”

“Between my legs, eating me out.”

He took no time pulling his underwear off you and breathed against your exposed clit.

“I want you to do something for me, baby. Will you do it?”

You nodded, wanting him to eat you out faster and he laid down. He signaled for you to get on top of him. Your clit was into of his face and yours was acquainted with his growing bulge.

You gripped him and slowly pumped him. He moaned against your clit and you continued to use your hand. You lubricate his cock with saliva and take him in your mouth.

Your tongue wrapped around him as his tongue and fingers played with your clit. His fingers roamed inside you, stretching out your walls.

Your moans were muffled by his thick cock and he used it to his advantage. His fingers were almost all inside you and your body was getting hot.

“D-Don’t stop.”

He went faster in response, making you scream out his name. He pumped into you, making your body only get hotter than better.

“Oh god, Y-Yoongi.”

He pulled his fingers out, gave your clit one last lick before smacking your ass again.

“Move off me, baby.” You got off him and he grabbed you. You were facing him and he kissed you before entering in you.

Your moans were momentarily muffled in the kiss before you pulled away, holding onto him.


“Are you okay, baby?”

“Mmhm.” He was big, making you feel like he filled you up inside.

“You can move n-now.”

His thrusts were fast, deep and rampant. Your breasts bounced to the pace, and you were uncontrollably moaning his name.

“You’re so tight, Y/N.” He whispered into your ear, still thrusting into you relentlessly.

Your mind was in jumbles, and you bit your lip to control yourself a bit. Hearing yourself lose your self control as he pounded deep inside you made you blush.

“Don’t hide your pretty moans from me.” He thrusted into you harder, making it harder for you.

You bit into his shoulder, making a little bruise there. He moaned lowly as you planted kisses on his neck.

“F-Fuck, Y/N.”


You started to nib on his ear as his hand moved to play with your swollen clit.

“God damnit, Yoongi.”

Your body was getting hot again as he continued to play with you. His fingers squeeze your little nub and you scream out.

“Cum for me.”

His voice triggered you and a wave of pleasure ran through you. Your back arched against his hand and he thrusted sloppily in you before coming.

You got up slowly, and went to the bathroom. He followed behind you closely and his hand touched your torso.


“I’m ready for round 2, baby.”

Coming Out (M - Jungkook)


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Word Count: 1,437 words



“It’s 2 in the afternoon, get up.”


“I want to go to the store with you.”

“I’m pretty sure you won’t get lost, Kookie.”


“I like the bed, it’s comfy.”

“I like you, your chest is comfy.”

“Yah!” You hit with a pillow, even in your sleepiness, you still saw his cute smile. You were pretty tired from the night before, kicking your boyfriend’s ass in Just Dance.

“Come on, Y/N.”

“Kookie, please~”

“When I get back, your lazy ass better be out of bed.”

“My ass is not lazy, it’s cute.”

“It would be cuter if you weren’t so lazy.”

“Out of my sight, you rude child.”

“You love me.”

“Go to the store, meanie.” He tried to kiss your cheek, you resisting him and he got on top of you. He held your arms down while peppering kisses on your face.


“Let me kiss you.”

“No!” He kissed your nose and you started giggling, ticklish on your nose.

“Baby~” You let him press his lips against yours, slowly kissing him back. His lips were fresh like mint but sweet like chocolate. It was so easy for you to get lost in his lips, kissing for prolonged periods of time without even realizing it.

“Jungkook. Store.”

“Right. I’ll be back.” He pecked your cheeks before getting over you and skipping out the door.

You cursed the effects he had on your body. He set your body ablaze, leaving you to deal with the tingly sensation between your legs.

You rubbed your thighs together, senselessly hoping it would pass or hold off until he came home. It wouldn’t cease, only intensify with the thoughts you were having.

You thought about his soft lips pressed against your smooth flesh, slowly creating hickeys all over your neck. He would kiss behind your ear, nibbling on the love before retreating to your collarbone.

He knew how much you love there, dressing it with hickeys before his hands would cup your breasts. He would hungrily watch your mouth form a slight o shape while his fingers twisted your nipples. You would feel him plant kisses around your breasts, between them before finally sucking on one of your nipples.

His fingers would play with the other, not wanting to leave the other untouched.

Your hands slipped between your thighs, your finger slowly stroking against your panties. A wet patch began to form as you continued to taunt yourself with the thoughts of him.

The ghosting of his hands on your skin, pressing into your skin gently and gripping your skin. His nails would dig into your hips before he made his way between your legs.

You kick off the covers, revealing your smooth legs and brushing your own fingertips against them. You returned to your wet panties, slipping them down and directly touch the wet fled of your pussy.

You stroke the surface in search of your clit before you found it. You moaned, slightly arching your back at how sensitive your clit felt. You abandon your clit, instead plunging two fingers inside you. You immediately bit your lip and thrusted them faster. You closed your eyes, imagining his fingers inside you instead of your own.

The slow stretching mimicked Jungkook when he would finger you. The words he would taunt you with played over in your head, making you pump your fingers faster.



“You called?” You froze, opening your eyes and seeing Jungkook on the ottoman in the bedroom you shared.

“Jungkook, I thought you were going to the store.”

“I was, then I remembered I hadn’t asked if you wanted anything. But now I know exactly what you want.”


“Tsk tsk, Y/N. You remember the rules, baby, don’t you?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes..daddy..” He smirked, your voice small and soft while you muttered his name. You watched him, his body crawling over to you and he grabbed the hand you used to finger yourself with. He sucked off your juices, his tongue swirling around your fingers.

“You broke a rule, baby. What happens when you break a rule?”

“I get punished.”

“Good.” He flipped your over, lifting up your ass and giving himself a perfect view of your wet pussy. The shirt you wore could barely stay on your lower half and you felt his hand smack your ass.

“Count it.”

Two. His hand offered no mercy, making you press forward into the mattress.

Three. You moaned into the covers and almost yelled out the number. You held your breath as his slaps increased and became less spaced out.

He kept going, enjoying the whimpering that the mattress muffled. You rose from the mattress, pressing your hands down and letting your moan out into the air.

“This is what you wanted, didn’t you?” He plunged his slender fingers into you, pumping them roughly. He made sure his fingers push deep inside you, every whimper or moan his indicator.


“You couldn’t even wait for me, you just had to touch yourself, huh?”

“I-I tried..”

“That’s why you had your fingers buried into your pretty little pussy, huh?”

“I-I didn’t mean to..”

“Of course you didn’t, but you did it anyways.” He delivered another smack to your ass, his fingers still buried deep within you and he added another.

“Did it feel this good, baby?”


“You better not fucking cum.”

He was determined to stretch you out, almost having his whole hand inside you but stopped himself. You whined at his stoppage, knowing he wasn’t going to let you reach your climax before he goes.

His hands rested on your ass, not wanting you to move and you felt his tongue slowly lick against you.


“Are you telling me what to do, baby?”

“N-No, daddy…”

“I thought so.” He pressed his tongue against you once more, controlling your squirming by your hips. You bit your lip, afraid you’ll scream out. He brought you to the brink, so close to your orgasm that you could almost feel it before stopping.

“You taste so sweet.”


“Please what, baby? Use your words.”

“I-I need you-ah..” His tongue flicked against the flaps on your pussy before he spread them open to search for your clit.

“D-Daddy..p-please-fuck me..”

“Was that so hard?” His tone was full of mockery but he hastily removed his pants. You wigged your ass for him, earning yourself a light smack before you felt his hard cock resting on your ass.

“Is this what you want?”

“Y-Yes, daddy.”

“So needy, baby.”

“Punish me more~”

“Such a naughty little girl too, huh?” He teased you more, rubbing his tip against your hole before he entered you. You wailed out as his cock filled you up and he waited for you to adjust. His thrusts were agonizingly slow and he wanted to hear you beg.

“Daddy, please..harder.” You pushed yourself down on him, making your hips touch and he hissed at your actions. He gripped your hips, finally thrusting into you at his usually fast pace. You screamed his name, your hands gripping the sheets tightly and his hips were ruthless.

“You like being punished, don’t you?”

“Y-Yes, I do..!”

“So fucking dirty.” He spat and you took the pounding he was giving you. His energy fed off your cacophony of sounds, savouring every moan, whimper and whine that escaped your lips. He pulled out, flipping you over so he could watch your sinful expression as he rammed into you with his cock.

He kissed you, his tongue wasting no time to explore your mouth. Your moans were swallowed up by his lips as if they were rich nourishment. He pulled away, tossing off his shirt to expose his beautiful torso. You eyed his body as if it was a masterpiece sculpted by God himself.

“Shit. You feel so fucking good.”

“Please…cum..” You breathed out, wanting so desperately to release the inevitable rush of your orgasm. His hips never stopped, continuously thrusting into you and you crossed your legs around him. Your arms flew around his neck, digging your nail into his bare skin as the bed rocked along at a rhythmic pace.

You felt his climax approaching by the sloppy inconsistency of his thrusts and he powered through to his orgasm. He pulled out of you, his cum leaking into the condom and he tossed into the rubbish bin. He pushed his fingers inside you again, his thumb rubbing on your clit until you hit your orgasm as well.

You two lied next to each as heated messes, heavy panting and you glazed upon the messy sheets.

“When does the store close?”

~Admin Blake

Breakfast (Namjoon Smut)

You woke up, the sheets no longer covering your body and you reach for clothes. You lazily slipped into your boyfriend’s shirt, and walked out the room.

He was still sleeping, enjoying the little break he had with you. You reach for the cereal box on top of the fridge and it was lighter than usual.

You looked inside and noticed it was empty out completely, not a single crumb was left. You went back to the bedroom quickly to straddle on top of your boyfriend.


His snores got oddly louder and you squeezed his nipple.

“Ow, ow. Okay, I’m awake. I didn’t know you were a sadist, baby.”

“S-Shut up and get dressed.”

“You sure you don’t mean undressed?”

“I’m not joking, Namjoon. We’re going grocery shopping.”

“Y/N, please no.”

“You ate my cereal, Namjoon.”

“I know, baby and I’m sorry. But take me anywhere but the place.”


“I can’t believe you brought me here.” He was whining about it like a little boy, pushing the cart behind you.

“Joonie, I need a strong man to carry my groceries. Or maybe I should ask Jimin..”

“Hell no. But can’t you just get your groceries delivered?”

“Namjoon. Can you stop complaining, you put yourself here by finishing my cereal box.”

“It’s not my fault that your cereal is delicious. Not as delicious as you, though.” He whispered the last bit in your ear, in response you hit his chest.

“S-Shut up.” You picked up produce, buying apples and oranges. You picked up cabbage, celery and tomatoes before going through the aisles.

“Baby, the cereal aisle.”

“Oh, right.” You walked down the aisle and stopped in front of your favourite cereal. You reached up for it, getting on your tippy toes until Namjoon grabbed it.

“White lace, huh baby?”

“N-Namjoon.” He clearly saw your panties, now more hungry for your body than earlier.

“Did you want to make me angry, baby?”

“I just-” He gave you no more time to speak and he pulled you to the back of the store where the washroom is. He left the cart there, and pulled you in along with him.

“N-Namjoon.” He bent you over against the sink, looking at yourself through the mirror.

“That’s not my name, baby.” He smacked your ass rather harshly and you moaned.


“Yes, baby.” He pulled off your skirt in record time, leaving him to see how wet you made your panties.

“What a naughty little girl, soaking her panties when I barely touched you.”

“D-Don’t say that, daddy.”

“But you’re so wet, baby girl.” His hand was touching your clit through your panties, making you moan loudly.

“Quiet, baby. Do you want everyone to hear you?”

You bit your lip, as he continued to probe at your clit and he watched you struggle to hold yourself back.

“Do I make you feel, baby.”


“That’s not an answer.” He smacked your ass again, the pleasure outlasting the pain.

“Yes, d-daddy” You breathed out before going back to holding your moans.

He pulled down your panties, displaying your wet clit for him. He spread your legs more and he put two fingers into you. You wanted to moan out his name but you managed to hold back.

“I wonder how good you taste, baby.” He sucked on your clit, not letting you have it easy. You wanted to scream out for the intense pleasure but you knew what would happen next if you did.

“So fucking good, baby.”

He pumped his fingers hard inside you, making sure to stretch you out and you were about to let go when he removed his fingers.

You turned around, watching him lick the taste of you off his fingers. You got on your knees, ready to return the favour.

“Good girl, you know what to do.”

You undone his belt and pulled down his pants. You pulled his boxers down with your teeth and looked at his cock.

You kissed it while pumping him. You sucked on the head while pumping him with your hand.

“Fuck, baby girl.” He muttered under his breath and you took him in your mouth. You looked at him innocently as his face didn’t hide how you made he him feel.

“Your mouth is the best, shit.”

You bobbed your head, letting all of his cock feel your tongue. You licked the shaft while pumping him in between sucking him.

He murmured your name, giving the motivation to suck him off better. You could feel him come close and you pulled away.

“My good little girl. Tell daddy how you want him.”

“Against the sink.”

“Bend over, baby girl.” You nimbly bend over and he stood behind you. He took no time skidding himself inside you, making you gasp for air. He thrusted into you like a jackhammer and you moaned out his name.

“Watch yourself, baby. Watch as daddy pounds into you.”

You hummed in response, remembering to keep your moan quiet. The sound of skin slapping and his low groan fill the room and you feel yourself getting closer to your high.

“F-Fuck, daddy.”

“Cum for daddy, baby.”

He fondled your clit, you biting your lip to stop yourself from screaming out his name.

“D-daddy.” He kissed down your back while you came. You clenched around him, making him cum inside you afterwards.

“Are you still hungry for cereal now, baby?”