i still think that the white haired dude being she li’s older brother would make a lot of sense, it’d explain why she li is already involved in that world and also his interest for jian yi

it would also make a great contrast with he tian: the two of them already have opposite color schemes - with he tian having black hair and grey eyes (that sometimes turn black), and she li having white hair and golden eyes - and i always felt like the reason why he tian is now living in his uncle’s apartment and doesn’t get along with his brother anymore is because he doesn’t want to be involved in the mafia, unlike she li who embraces that path

we also had guan shan thinking that he tian was the same as she li at the beginning, while in the end he found out that despite the ostensible similarities, he tian is actually quite the opposite, so it would make sense to me to keep up with this contraposition between the two

Don’t know what to write? That’s ok. Start writing an unbroken stream of consciousness that devolves into a depressing monologue. Slap quotations around it and pretend it was a fictional character in your story who said that.