“Po'Zole” Continuing on a series of pieces that bring together some of my cultural traditions with my influences/interest coming up … I stuck a little closer to the source material (original version painted by Jason Jagel and designed by Jeff Jank) one of my favorite album covers! And since MF ’ S theme was food I kept the theme going …. on my altar be sure to place some pozole with extra limes+Hominy! Eme Efe #oscarcisneros #tutiendaazteca #diadelosmuertos #mexicanfolkart #dayofthedead #chicanoart #calacas #oakland #mfdoom #mmfood

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.: DOOM Inks :. Here’s the original rendering of the MF Doom piece.  There are some qualities I prefer in this one that, I feel, got lost in the colored version.  A piece I may revisit the coloring of in the future -

You can see the colored version here: