my mad fat diary meme × favorite quote: “You see yourself as a fragile thing. Like a little broken bird sloshing around in a bottle. But if you trust me, if we trust each other.. you’ll be all right. Because, basically, I think you’re a pretty tough cookie.”


1x06  It’s a wonderful Rae Part II  (3/3)  + doodles

I just want to tell everyone the truth about me. Um…in the spring, I was admitted to a mental home because I kept trying to hurt myself. I’m actually mad. And I do really weird things […]. Um…And, I keep a diary…of all my thoughts. And most of the time, I don’t even think about what I’m writing. Like when I write about my friends…when they make me angry. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t love them. And, you know,I write a lot about boys. I fantasise quite a lot about, um, doctors, teachers, actors, pop stars, any man that I’ve come in contact with anywhere, really. But…Well, some more than others.


1x04  Don’t Ever Tell Anyone Anything  (5/5) + doodles

Buddy? Buddy. This is not good. You are at the very brink of the border of the friend zone. You’re at the checkpoint. So what do I do? You need tension, you need to do something drastic. You need to make him see you in a romantic way. I’ll come to the party. I’ll pretend to be your ex-boyfriend.