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I really have a problem with how selfish Mme Giry has become in Love Never Dies. After both reading Phantom of the Opera and watching the original musical, it’s clear that she is very loyal to the Phantom, for his sake, not her own. Her rants about how Christine has messed everything up for her and Meg is just not right- in the book she is shown as a sort of mother figure for Christine, not much of one, but a mother all the same. Her character would never have become so self-centered without a much better explanation than any that is given in LND. It is an entirely unbelievable change, and was probably the least realistic thing about LND, and that’s not even counting how Christine went back after choosing Raoul and had a kid with the Phantom, or how  Raoul, who is kind of a boss in PotO, just became a drunk, also with no good explanation. 


New principal cast of “Phantom of the Opera” West End, Sept. 7, 2015:

John Owen-Jones (Phantom), Celinde Schoenmaker (Christine), Nadim Naaman (Raoul), Michael Matus (Monsieur Firmin), Lara Martins (Carlotta), Christopher Dickins (Monsieur André), Jacinta Mulcahy (Mme. Giry), Alicia Beck (Meg Giry) and John Ellis (Piangi).

Not depicted: Emmi Christensson (alt. Christine until June 2016), Lisa-Anne Wood (alt. Christine from June 2016), Ben Forster (principal Phantom from February 2016).

PotO 30 day challenge - day 3

3. Favourite minor character:

MME. GIRY!! The tight-lipped, black-garbed ballet mistress is a textbook example of an ensemble darkhorse (get thee to TVtropes if you don’t know what that is) and certainly a more mysterious character than even the Phantom himself. By the end of the show, we know a lot about the Phantom, and interestingly enough, a lot of this exposition comes from Mme. Giry herself, yet when the curtain falls we know just as little about her as we did when we first met her - all the show did was raise more questions. She evidently knows a lot more about Erik than she lets on, and the explanation she gives to Raoul only covers the half of it.


Additionally, I love the way she runs the men who run the opera house, doling out the Phantom’s orders and demanding silence with sheer badassery and that freaky-awesome cane of hers. And in the final scene, her willingness to show Raoul where Erik lived when she felt he’d finally gone too far shows that she’s helping Erik of her own free will and isn’t just a mindless follower of his, as, you could argue, Christine is.


Miranda Richardson’s performance in the movie was faultless, multi-faceted and sublime and still the best out of all the others I have seen. I remember seeing in the ‘making of’ of the movie, how she says she wanted complete freedom in her interpretation of the role, and I’m so glad she did that because it makes all the difference.


Playing Carlotta/Christine and Madame Giry

  1. Marilyn Caskey: Carlotta on Broadway 1989-92, Mme Giry on Broadway 2001-07
  2. Rebecca Spencer: Carlotta in Hamburg 1991, Mme Giry in Las Vegas 2006-08
  3. Kimilee Bryant: Carlotta in the US Tour 2008, Mme Giry (u/s) on tour and Broadway (also Christine in Basel, Toronto, US Tour and Broadway)
  4. Nicky Adams: Christine in the UK Tour 1995 and in West End 2003-04, Mme Giry in West End 2009-10
  5. Kelly Jeanne Grant: Christine in the US Tour 2008-10, Mme Giry (u/s) on Broadway 2011, 2015-16

Not depicted: Rebecca Eichenberger, Carlotta on Broadway 2001-03, Mme Giry on Broadway 2016. Also, I went by those who’s been principal in at least one of the roles.

A discussion that The Phantom of the Opera and madame Giry should've had in the first place:
  • The Phantom: Umm..hey Madame. Forgive me, this is a bit awkward, but I think i'm in need of some advise in a matter.
  • Mme. Giry: Which kind of a matter would that be, my dear Phantom?
  • The Phantom: Well I kind of like this girl and I'm not sure how to approach her.
  • Mme. Giry: Ah but this is excellent! Who might be this lucky lady?
  • The Phantom: Well, she might be the one you kind of consider as a daughter. Beautiful Christine is the one I desire.
  • Mme. Giry: Well in that case I expect you to behave yourself very well and show respect, because I do care about her too. I'm the one who showed your compassion in the first place, remember?
  • The Phantom: Yes, ma'am and I really do appreciate your past act of kindness.
  • Mme. Giry: Good. Well then, listen very carefully. I know you can be a bit manipulative sometimes, but if you really love a girl, you let her use her own brain.
  • The Phantom: Watch it, woman! Who are you calling manipulative?!
  • Mme. Giry: *sight* Well, "Angel of music", lets move on. Love songs and some candles are romantic...also you could try and impress her with your fascinating magic tricks. That might please her, just avoid being a drama-queen. We've already got Carlotta to play that part.
  • The Phantom: A drama queen?! Oh please, give me a break! Hmm some candles you said? I think I'll manage that.
  • Mme. Giry: And please remember: Christine is a pretty girl and i have no doubt that she'll gain some admirers especially after entering the stage. A bit of jealousy is cute, but try and avoid over-reacting. For example: Do not say such things like "Your chains are still mine" or "My power over you grows stronger yet". Understood?
  • The Phantom: *unclear muttering*
  • Mme. Giry: Most girls also find that killing people is a huge turn-off. I'm sure you can sort out your disagreements with people by other means (even if they were intolerably irritating). No messing around with hangman's nooses except for maybe some innocent performance purposes.
  • The Phantom: Fascinating. I'd better write that one down. Would you consider a giant swamp-shaped bed as a romantic purchase?
  • Mme. Giry: Umm well that indeed sounds kind of sexy, but for Christ's sake, do not put her in that on a first date.
  • The Phantom: What if she faints and I have to put her somewhere comfy to sleep?
  • Mme. Giry: Why would she faint on a...Oh nevermind.
  • The Phantom: And I could hide inside her father's tomb and sing to her! And I definitely have to bring a horse under the opera house so she could ride it in the corridors. I've got a secret door inside her bedroom so I can watch her without her knowing and find the perfect moment for my very first appearance!
  • Mme. Giry: ...
  • Mme. Giry: ...
  • The Phantom: ...
  • Mme. Giry: Sit down, please. I'll put the kettle on.