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What I Think of Miraculous Characters
  • Marinette: badass bug
  • Alya: hot chick
  • Adrien: nerd
  • Nino: even bigger nerd
  • Nathanael: babe who can art
  • Alix: she's beauty, she's ace, she'll punch you in the fucking stomach bc it hurts more like that
  • Kim: too tall for his personality
  • Max: embodiment of gay and I love it
  • Rose: the nicest lesbian ever
  • Juleka: never?speaks?
  • Ivan: would probably like my chemical romance
  • Mylene: so smol
  • Chloe: a hated character who I definitely don't have a tiny crush on
  • Sabrina: a carrot who smiles evilly
  • Lila: *deep breath in* this bitch
  • Aurore: me honestly
  • Mirelle: I don't know if I'm spelling these names right but hey I love Mirelle she's spoken like one word
  • Manon: a cartoon version of my little cousin
  • Nathalie: the saviour of everything
  • Gabriel: fuckingpieceofshit
  • Mme Bustier: I admire her ability to handle her class
  • Sabine: best mum ever
  • Tom: look at his moustache
Notable people who haven’t been akumatized yet

Warning: spoilers abound!

  • Mayor Bourgeois
  • Alec
  • Prince Ali
  • Gabriel Agreste (…)
  • Nathalie
  • Principal Damocles
  • Mme. Bustier
  • Mme. Mendeleiev
  • Tom Dupain
  • Sabine Cheng
  • Nadja Chamack
  • The Butler
  • Gorilla (thanks, @guardianoffrost!)

That’s all I can think of for now; I’m sure there are a few important ones that I missed!

Catholic AU

(This could probably also work for other religions as well with only a few tweaks, but I’m Catholic so I’m just going with what I know.)

It’s about time for Adrien to start Confirmation lessons, and he wants to be Confirmed. And as much as Gabriel would like to just hire a private tutor for his son just like he does for everything else, you just can’t do that. Nope, instead he has to go to church once a week and interact with kids his age. Cue…

  • Adrien being absolutely smitten by Nino, a boy in the 12:30 rocking guitar Mass (the one where you clap and sing Hillsong songs rather than older, more traditional ones) choir, only to learn that he’s actually dating Alya, the girl who helps to run the Youth Ministry website along with their social media.
  • Mme. Mendeliev and Mme. Bustier as the teachers for their class.
  • Damocles as the person in charge of Youth Ministry.
  • The Quantic Team (and Theo) as teen leaders and/or guest speakers at retreat.
  • Them talking about LGBT rights in the Church and all of the kids calming down because “thank the Lord things aren’t as bad for us as they are in other forms of Christianity.”
  • The Dupain-Chengs catering for church events.
  • Everyone staying up way too late and eating way too much sugar on retreat. Especially Adrien, who doesn’t have to stick to his diet because, after all, retreat calories don’t count. (One of the guest speakers at my 2nd year retreat said that it’s a proven theological fact.)
  • Chloe having a major conversion moment during Adoration and she goes to Confession ASAP, in which she apologizes for everything she’s done. Then she goes and apologizes to everyone as part of her penance, and they (more or less) forgive her because that’s what you’re supposed to do.
  • Hawk Moth as the grumpy priest that no one really likes (and thus no one’s dad).

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