A/N Part 2 of the “MC falls asleep on ____” Headcannons!!! V and Saeran!!

Part 1 HERE

-much love, mod cozy

- In preparation for an up and coming RFA party and since the both of you lost rock paper scissors
- You two were stuck at the venue organizing decorations and making sure everything was in order
- He was lowkey salty about it taking all day but also really happy because it’s all day with you this boy can never figure out how he feels
- You had just finished getting the last centerpiece on the table when you guys decided to go out to a quick celebratory dinner!!
- Well you decided saeran wrap just said “Ugh I’m hungry.” And hmphed
- You went to this cute little kimbap place and ordered your respective meals
- You two sat in the window and laughed and complained and made jokes about the people walking by and saeran actually smiled a few times???
- Not like a smirk or anything it was a super genuine super adorable smile???
- What???
- It was just getting dark when the both of you arrived at the train to get home
- You were sitting on the bench next to him and the rhythmic sound of the city eventually lulled you to sleep against your best efforts
- Saeran felt you lean your head on his shoulder
- “MC you’re gonna make us look like a shitty couple or something” he chuckled before realizing you’d fallen asleep and then promptly feeling pretty ding dang dumb for talking to himself
- After the initial feeling of idiocy, it sunk in
- One of his actual favorite people
- One that he may or may not be in love with
- Was currently asleep on his shoulder
- Shit he doesn’t really know how to handle this my dudes
- And the train is fast approaching but he doesn’t want to wake you shit shit shit
- Wraps you in his jacket and bridal carries you whilst praying you don’t wake up
- Accidentally hits your head on the side of the train a little ouch that isn’t helping
- Will use whatever means necessary to make sure you’re home and tucked into bed without being woken what a sweetheart (but don’t tell anyone)

- V was having his first gallery expo since he agreed to get the surgery and regain the sight he deserves!!!  If only It was cannon, fuck you rika
- He wanted you to come with him for it since he’s so nervous and happy and awwwe
- Y’all got all dressed up to go and met at a cute little café!!! The exhibit was set to open in an hour or two so you had some time to kill
- He kept snapping photos of you because he thought you looked gorgeous and wasn’t afraid to say it
- Platonically of course, kinda
- He highkey had a mega-crush on you though and I feel like he’s the type to unintentionally flirt with genuine compliments and the sort because he’s such a sweetie
- The gallery was gorgeous, duh, it’s V and he invited you to his house afterwards get your heads outta the gutter it was with pure intentions
- You were both chilling with some nice drinks (not particularly alcoholic) and snacks and he had this super lovely surround sound music system in his house
- Because he’s pretty fucking wealthy and hearing was one of only four senses a little while ago so of course he’d have a sound system
- And this really nice song comes on and you start humming along to it and V’s humming too and you both just simultaneously stand up a start dancing together and it’s so cute and dorky awwe
- You’re giggling and twirling and the whole thing is so fantastic
- He leaves for a second to refill your cups and you sit down on the couch
- And you close your eyes for a SECOND to reminisce but the long day took its toll on you and you accidentally doze off
- V finds you passed out on the couch and smiles the warmest smile that has probably ever been smiled
- Carries you to his room and tucks you in with a cute little smooch on the forehead
- Sleeps in the guest room because he’s a gentleman