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Why are you playing otome games? Anything special bout them?

(Oh another ask!)

Hello there Anon-chan! (Mind if I? ^^) 

Hmm, a bit of a story. Ever since my rl friend asked if I played Mystic Messenger, I was in a boredom phase in September. When I decided to try it out, Mystic Messenger hit me with so many emotions. 

And I started making MysMes MMDs cuz they were a meme at the time, and @ameri-lie ‘s videos really fired me up in a way XD. She really puts a lot of effort into them, and I thought I’d try to improve as well.

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I swear it was a freaking thrill ride of emotions during those 55+ days I was playing MysMes. Damn Cheritz, you’re good at doing these kinds of things.

Then I wondered if there were other games like this, so I swung by the App Store and looked for some. That’s when I found Cybird’s Ikémen series.

I mean, how can you not go (✨O✨) over Iriasu-sensei’s art???

At the time, I started MMDing and making models, and I kinda made a challenge for myself to see if I could assemble similar looking characters in PMX editor using materials that I can find on the internet, and possibly release those models.

And that’s how I stepped into MidCin.

I’m literally screenshoting all art I see in the game (but my storage is suffering 😂)

I was also trying to get the hang of Tumblr at the time I started playing MidCin, and before I knew it, I stepped into the MidCin community on Tumblr. 

I remember how I first got to know some people in the community when I was scrolling through Cybird’s Tumblr, and I saw some fanart by Kaki-senpai, and was intrigued immensely (bless her godly art). Before I knew it, I was scrolling through her blog until I came across a post about “Midnight Valentine”. I decided to join in the festivities because of what I challenged myself to do when I got MidCin. ^v^ Everyone was really supportive, and they offered me help when I needed references and stuff to make the MMD models. Yes, Midnight Valentine commmitee, I’m talking about y’all ;) . 

@oh-my-otome was my writing partner during the event(holy her writing is 👌👌👌), and she does a really amazing blog, I learn a lot from reading her research and theories on stuff, and she really does help me out a tremendous bunch! She even did this entire suitor modern outfit post that blew me away!!

So I decided to base the models off of her ideas and the ones from 100DaysPrincess that @lustfullyleocrawford told me about.

(Casually saves 100DP pics for future referencing lol)

It was a really joyful experience to be with the Midnight Valentine Committee! I want to do another event with everyone tbh XD.

Then at one point I got stuck in the game because I didn’t have enough bells for an item and I had to raise up the bells I got through Princess Lessons XD.

So in the meantime I downloaded another Cybird game that I’ve been wanting to check out for a while, Destined to Love.

Christ, I was feeling Gintama vibes when I saw the suitors’ names.

Decided to play the game, screenshotted the art (😂), and I’m wanting to draw up a comic that I’ve wanted to do for a while ever since I started on a route.

I really liked how much Cybird did their research on the Bakumatsu Era, and I found myself mesmerized and inspired just after playing the prolougue. (Currently putting together a Bakumatsu inspired vid now lol)

Come to think of it I still need to check the app once in a while because I get busy at my workplace and I haven’t really checked the games that often ;-;. I still have to check up on how many bells I need left before I purchase whatever item I need to get to the next chapter.

Funny thing is I enjoy the game more without the kink, -casually skips through all ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)- cuz I just cry everytime when MC plays bottom. (Don’t uke, be seme MC XD)

So what’s special bout otome games? I met a lot of really nice people, made friends with them, got inspired, rode on a roller coaster of emotions, got new art senpais :3, andtheres just so much more. 

Anon-chan, I’m so happy you asked! It was really nice to look back at my experience playing otome games! I hope my speech answered your question lol.

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