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On the lookout for Vocaloid related blogs!

With this blog here getting an extreme makeover really soon, I decided that I’d like to compile a masterlist of other Vocaloid blogs! I think there’s a lot of us here in the fandom, but not many of us communicate at all! 

I am looking for blogs that post at least 90% Vocaloid content. It doesn’t matter if it’s MMD model downloads, art you make, art you post that other people make (although properly sourced art is really, really appreciated), ask blogs, roleplay blogs, music blogs, etc!
Here’s the current list, as you can see, it’s really lacking.

If you would like to be on this list, PLEASE TELL ME. All I ask is that you post fairly frequently (once a week or more) and if you do post any nsfw that I can label it on the list so people know!

Please, do not hesitate to ask to be added, the more the merrier! (feel free to either message me either on this blog or on my personal)