since the beginning

remember the first time we spoke? it was way back when, like i know we always talk about it but it just somehow amazes me all the time. lets take it back to payless when i was looking for mint chocolate chip ice cream. the “frozen toothpaste” LOL!  i never saw that we’d end up here today but i thought we’d become really close friends like really really close because we knew each other for the longest time. but that night on FB when you ask’d me to message you & i was like “im messaging you…” & you were like “text me” & then gave me your number … that took me by surprise. then it turned into a call & then the conversation carried on to the next day. you went to the beach with your family & you were eating chips while we were on the phone and stepped into like a burnt pile of burnt wood & you burned your feet. then you ask’d if i wanted to come to the beach with you. it was so out of the ordinary, but it was cute because it gave me butterflies about you. then like we got used to texting and i’d greet you goodmorning & you’d do the same. ahhhh - those were the days i knew i had something to live for. And then it carried on to how you were like so how do you know my nina Shirely ? & i was like ohh you mean MY nina shirley ? hahahaha. those fights with you were the craziest. Then one day i saw a picture of you and daenna when we “WERE” close, you guys had a picture at mcdonalds and i was all like why didnt you guys take me, and stuffs & ask’d for you guys to check me, then you were like when & i never responded. but you had the guts to say “when can we kickback” & i was like whenever your free and you just ended up telling me that you wanted to hangout one night & we’d stroll. We ended up in Merizo at Nina Shirely’s house (: *sigh i remember all this like it was just yesterday. but during the time we were riding down to inarajan at the turn of Wolford Heights in malojoj i was thinking to myself like “im really riding with MALCOLM AGUREO” like who would’ve thought! ‘cause i sure didnt. but it was a wonderful feeling, no lie.

then the days got closer to me leaving for PIFA and i was so twisted about leaving. like we just started to get to know each other and i was leaving for a period of time & i had to leave already? i was so torn between going. FOR REAL! but i knew i had someone to come home to. just the night you slept with me & took me to the airport i knew i strongly felt for you. YOU’RE DIFFERENT! it wasnt hard for me to see that (: LOL, remember our first kiss? im laughing so hard right now as im writing  this - how you were so nervous about asking for one! it was so cute* gossh, i can still feel the tension and the nervousness coming from you. i was so shock’d myself because i knew you were just waiting for me to say something. the “GRANDS CAFE” is the spot baby. LMFAO! you cuuutie. then we talk’d about getting into a relationship & how i wanted to wait til i came back because i wanted to make sure you were ready. but you kept insisting that you were. remember? & then the night i was back there swimming in the Jacuzzi , you whatsapped me the cutest message ever. “So please don’t wait, be with me now i really like you” & i was like “are you asking” then you were like “yes, i really want you mine” & then i was like “then i can sure be yours” it was the sweetest moment in my life. it was like the feeling of a kid being brought to Disney land. then we established each other with two different time zones which was the 24th there and the 25th here on guam. so i ask’d which time zone we were accounting for and you said GUAM time, thats when JessieLee & Malcolm were established. September 25, 2012

Happy 6 months to US.
Even with us being miles and miles apart, two different time zones ain’t got shiii* on us. its been hard but it will only get easier as the time flies by. idk what this kind of lifestyle is all about but I’m slowly learning. its very challenging yet a great experience. Not only because I’ve never done this before, but to have a better half to completely trust along the way makes this adventure even more worth the while. I love my man for all that he does, all that he is doing and all that he has yet to succeed. I’m proud to be where I am today, we stand at half a year together & many more years to come, but a lifetime to fulfill ((: like really the nights have gotten shorter and my days feel a lot longer. which is fine because throughout the day looking forward to hearing his voice makes me feel like there’s always a reason to look forward to something. “for one so BIG, he seems so strong…” because “you’ll be in my heart” matter of the fact is I love my Soldier & there isn’t a thing in the world that could change that. muuuuuuuuah*