What about a heavier weight class for women? Most franchises top out at 135 for women–with the exception of Invicta which has featherweight at 145–and can go as low as atom weight at 105. Just musing here, but why not create a weight class for bigger women? The amazonweight class. Tall women, stocky women, and, my guess, crazy knockout power. How awesome would it be to see Brienne of Tarth (yes that’s a GoT reference) or her counterpart explode in the ring?

I bet these women would impress us. I bet these women would silence the people who think that no WMMA fighter could beat them. It might be a powerful step for MMA. I love the tiny, spry girls who have fire in their blood, can truly scrap, but I do crave an intimidating she-hulk who will make male spectators piss their pants or worship at her feet. I think we’re ready for an amazonweight.

xoxo Jade Fox

Racist wanted to save his confederate flag while being rescued by Black man during hurricane evacuation

Derrick Lewis, a professional MMA fighter from Houston who waded into treacherous waters in the city this week to help hurricane victims, including one man who he says was stranded with his family and toting a Confederate flag.

“I picked up one guy and his family, his wife ― he just kept apologizing to me, because all he really had was his clothes, and he wanted to take his Confederate flag,” Lewis told MMAJunkie on Monday. “He wanted to take that with him, and he just apologized and said, ‘Man, I’ll sit in the back of your truck, man. I don’t want to have my flag inside of your truck like this.’’

Derrick is a good man because….
We decided to post this today not for the heaviness of it, but to celebrate the strength and character of all of you who, with all that was stacked against you, have made it through another year.
You’re Not Dead Yet, and all that you’ve been through has made you that much stronger for what’s to come. All the best, and Happy New Year.